The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Feminism: The Final Solution?

Sally Miller Gearhart is a feminist and a lesbian (but I repeat myself) who as a professor at San Francisco State University in the 1970s helped develop one of the first Women’s Studies programs in the nation. For quite some time, I’ve seen a quote from Professor Gearhart posted in various places around the Internet: […]

Feminist Theory, Human Nature and the Punch Seen ‘Round the World

It’s all so calculated. She’s got a calculator. She’s my soft touch typewriter And I’m the great dictator. Two little Hitlers Will fight it out until One little Hitler Does the other one’s will. – Elvis Costello, 1979 Watching the video in which Ray Rice knocked out his fiancée (now wife) Janay, the thought occurs: […]

The Rocky Horror Parenting Show

Most parenting “trends” are bad. In general, as a parent, you should strive to be as old-fashioned as possible. Even if your children subsequently rebel against your authority — as, predictably, most kids do — you need to give them an actual authority to rebel against. And then you crush the rebellion like Darth Vader wiping […]

Lesbian Student Describes How She Was ‘Violated Physically and Emotionally’

This story shocked me. Sure, I understood how Lesbian Chic propaganda conceals the heartache, exploitation, abuse and violence that occurs between women. Yes, I realized that the “rape culture” rhetoric and angry lectures about “consent” were cynical political posturing intended to leverage the militant anti-male/anti-heterosexual ideology of radical feminism being promulgated by Women’s Studies programs […]

The Varsity Rape Team

Angel Mario Vega, 23, is a varsity wrestler for Minnesota State University-Moorhead and also, according to police, a rapist: Vega’s roommate reportedly told police he and Vega had invited the two women over for drinks, and they became intoxicated after playing some drinking games and losing to the men. Four other students on the floor […]

Is Rachel @Maddow’s Haircut Waging War Against Heteronormative Patriarchy?

“I’m a big lesbian who looks like a man. I’m not Anchor Babe and I’m never going to be. … I one hundred per cent believe that the reason I have not gone further in television is not only because I’m gay but because of what I look like.” – Rachel Maddow, 2007 “A lot […]

‘Our Deepest Feelings’

“Many of us who came to lesbian life in the 1950s greeted the . . . feminist movement in the sixties with exuberance and relief because it articulated our deepest feelings. What feminists were saying — about sexism, for example, about male chauvinism and double standards and inequality — touched precisely on those dissatisfactions that […]

Whose Agenda Is the Feminist Agenda?

“Every woman who remains in sexual relation to man is defeated every time she does it with the man because each single experience for every woman is a reenactment of the primal one in which she was invaded and separated and fashioned into a receptacle for the passage of the invader. . . . The […]

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