The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Is the ‘Male Feminist’ Cuckold a Hoax?

Of course, somebody called my attention to the New York Magazine story by “Michael Sonmore” (obviously a pseudonym) who uses feminist arguments to rationalize his wife’s adultery in their “open marriage.” I commented briefly on Twitter but wanted to ignore the story because (a) yuck, and (b) I suspect the story is a hoax. Like […]

Feminism: Gender Competition and the War Against Human Nature

Freedom, prosperity and happiness require people to develop and encourage an attitude that can be described in five words: Voluntary cooperation for mutual benefit This is the secret of capitalism, the secret of democracy, and it also the secret to a successful career and family life. Selfish, envious people — those who view life as a zero-sum […]

What Feminism Is

“Feminism lies about domestic violence. It lies about rape. It lies about families. It lies about fathers. It lies about little boys. It lies about girls. It lies about women. It lies about history. “Feminism bullies. It bullies women who won’t toe the line. It bullies men who won’t toe the line. It bullies children […]

More Proof the Devil Is a Democrat: Satanic Group Supports Abortion

Planned Parenthood’s gruesome trade in dead baby parts is not the only evidence of the abortion industry’s ghastly evil: The New York-based “Satanic Temple” is filing a federal lawsuit against Missouri, claiming that state laws restricting abortion violate their “free exercise” of Satanism. The suit identifies abortion as an essential religious duty for Satanists. Missouri’s […]

Feminist Deletes Tumblr Blog That Accused Her Father of Incestuous Abuse

A Canadian feminist has deleted her Tumblr blog in which she accused her father, an instructor at Laval University in Quebec, of being a “pedophile and abuser” who had “sexually assaulted” her. Camille Freytag, 20, had spent months publishing accusations against her father on a Tumblr blog called “Lesbian Feminist Witch.” However, after an account […]

Is Roy Moore Wrong? And If So, Why?

The Left is having a tantrum over remarks that Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore made at a Baptist church Sunday: Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore told a church crowd on Sunday that the U.S. Supreme Court “destroyed the institution of God” by legalizing same-sex marriage. Moore, who made national news when […]

Communist Professor’s Daughter Is a ‘Lesbian Feminist Witch’ on Tumblr

UPDATE JULY 14: Feminist Deletes Tumblr Blog That Accused Her Father of Incestuous Abuse. * * * Feminist Tumblr is one of the strangest places on the Internet, a sort of online asylum where deranged women spew angry gibberish in what sometimes seems to be an organized effort to confirm the very worst stereotypes about […]

Jay Laze Gets a Lesson in Rhetoric (Or, How NOT to Debate a Feminist)

In 2013, Virginia Beach pizzeria owner Jay Laze gained notoriety by offering a 15 percent discount to customers who were exercising their Second Amendment rights. On his Facebook page last week, Laze commented on an article about an incident in Vietnam, where a water park offered free admission, leading to a mob scene in which “thousands” […]

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