The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Feminism as Psychological Warfare (Because @FFigureFBust Asked)

While monitoring online feminism, I noticed someone had RT’d @FFigureFBust, posting a cartoon with this feminist “joke”: Man: “You wear too much makeup.” Woman: “You consume too much oxygen.” Man: “It’s just my opinion, you’d look better withou–” Woman: “So would you. Without oxygen.” (pause) Woman: “F–k your opinions.”     This is a variation […]

‘Gender’ Madness: How Far It’s Gone

Michael Walsh at PJ Media calls attention to this video in which Joseph Backholm of the conservative Family Policy Institute interviewed students at the University of Washington about gender-neutral restrooms: Generally speaking, I don’t watch YouTube videos and seldom recommend them, but you definitely need to watch that one. At about 0:45, he interviews a […]

The Queering of Feminism and the Silencing of Heterosexual Masculinity

  “Women are an oppressed class. . . . We identify the agents of our oppression as men.” — Redstockings Manifesto, 1969 “We are angry because we are oppressed by male supremacy. We have been f–ked over all our lives by a system which is based on the domination of men over women.” — Ginny […]

Yes, ‘Gender’ Is About Sex

  Melissa Fabello will once again be the subject of my attention in a long post I’ve been writing this week, but her romantic holiday in Paris is something she has not bothered to explain at length, whereas we already have extensive testimony as to her “queer feminist” credentials. “Right now, today, as of writing […]

The ‘Male Feminist’ Problem

How many times must I say it? Never talk to a feminist: Guys: Learn to take a hint. Learn to walk away. If a woman tells you she is a feminist, say nothing and walk away. No feminist wants to hear what a man has to say, and life is too short to waste your […]

‘Obsessed With Sex’?

  A stunning incident happened earlier this month at a debate in Toronto over immigration. This debate particularly concerned the flood of Muslim “refugees” that has provoked a crisis in Europe. The proponents on the open-borders side of this debate were Louise Arbour, former UN Human Rights commissioner and Columbia University history professor Simon Schama. […]

Crazy #ShoutYourStatus Tweets Reveal What Feminists Want to Teach Your Kids

  Emily DePasse (@eld3393 on Twitter) calls herself “The Carrie Bradshaw of Herpes” — a reference to the protagonist of Sex and the City — and she’s teaching her beliefs to children at a private school in Baltimore. DePasse is a feminist who joined the #ShoutYourStatus campaign for Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Awareness Month, declaring […]

Dear ‘Nice Guys’

While scrolling through Feminist Tumblr today — yes, I read that crap, so you don’t have to — I read yet another denunciation of “nice guys,” which is actually a feminist synonym for loser, particularly a clueless loser who doesn’t know why he keeps losing. In order to rationalize his lack of romantic success, the […]

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