The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

The Queering of Feminism at Vanderbilt

“Heterosexuality . . . is a highly unstable system, subject to various slippages, reliant upon carefully constructed individual performances of identity, and dependent upon the exclusion of homosexuality for its very identity. One could say that queer theory normalizes homosexuality by making heterosexuality deviant. Homosexuality ceases to be the exclusive site of sexual difference.” — […]

What Feminist ‘Success’ Looks Like: A Sexually Transmitted Disease Epidemic

  Third-Wave feminism’s rhetoric of sexual “empowerment,” and the feminist crusade against “slut-shaming,” have incited reckless promiscuity, the results of which could have been easily predicted: More cases of sexually transmitted diseases were reported last year than ever before, federal officials said Wednesday — just as state and local health departments that could help fight […]

What Happened to Lucia Perez?

“She had been subjected to brutal, inhumane sexual abuse. The girl was impaled and this was the cause of her death.” — Maria Isabel Sanchez, prosecutor This headline at Memeorandum caught my eye Wednesday: Argentina: hundreds of thousands of women set to protest against violence A brief summary from New York magazine: The so-called “women’s […]

Wisconsin’s ‘Sodomite Whorehouse’

  The University of Wisconsin opened the football season with a victory over LSU, and the Badgers were 4-0 going into their Oct. 1 game against Michigan, which they lost 14-7, and last week Wisconsin got beat 30-23 by Ohio State. Why are the Badgers losing? Because they don’t love Jesus! “[Westboro Baptist Church] will […]

Of ‘Myths’ and Common Sense

One of the basic propaganda tactics of the Left is to identify a cherished traditional belief as “myth,” and use this as a means of suggesting that opponents of leftist ideology are ignorant and prejudiced. We see this, for example, when the Left attacks any patriotic interpretation of American history as based in “myth.” It […]

The Big Lie: ‘Rape Culture,’ the UVA Hoax and the Democrat-Media Complex

The dishonest journalist Sabrina Rubin Erdely and her dishonest source, Jackie Coakley, are both expected to testify in the UVA rape hoax trial that began today in Charlottesville, Virginia: A defamation lawsuit filed by a former University of Virginia dean against Rolling Stone magazine for its botched article about an alleged gang rape at the […]

Rock & Roll Is Now ‘Rape Culture’

  A few years ago, I saw a story (I could find a link, but don’t want to bother right now) about how groups like Led Zeppelin more or less habitually had sex with teenage groupies back in the 1970s. Given the rock-n-roll outlaw attitude — a cultural leftover of the Sexual Revolution back in […]

Feminist @samanthapfield Wants to Remind You: Pat Robertson Was Right

“I’m a liberal, pro-choice feminist with socialist-considering-Marxism political tendencies. I think the Democratic party isn’t liberal enough. I’m almost of the opinion that capitalism (at least in its current cis-hetero-white-supremacist-patriarchal incarnation) is evil.” — Samantha Couchoud Field, March 25, 2015 “One of the events that helped me heal from my toxic religious upbringing was discovering […]

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