The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Shorter @AmandaMarcotte: ‘Masculinity Killed Those Gay People in Orlando’

“The horror story of Orlando lays bare what damage that this kind of dominance-oriented masculinity does to our society . . . It’s a stark reminder of why we, as a country, need to get past the politics of tough guy posturing and move towards a more thoughtful, inclusive society.” — Amanda Marcotte, June 13, […]

Radical Madness: @ZJemptv and the Transgender War Against Women

  Sitting on my shelf, amid scores of radical feminist books I’ve gathered over the past two years, is Women’s Rites, Women’s Mysteries: Creating Ritual in the Dianic Wiccan Tradition by Ruth Barrett, a neopagan high priestess initiated by Z. Budapest, the founder of feminist witchcraft. Ruth Barrett divorced her husband and became a lesbian, […]

Matt Hickey: Anti-#GamerGate Writer Allegedly Tricked Teens in Porn Scam

  Matt Hickey is a Seattle-based writer who was once an editor for TechCrunch and Gizmodo, and has spent the past three years as a writer for Forbes where, among other things, he threw a journalistic tantrum because Microsoft hired dancers for a party at a gaming conference. Just hours after hosting its annual “Women […]

Jacobins, Bolsheviks and Feminists

  If you study history, you learn to see patterns. What happened in the French Revolution was replicated in the Russian Revolution — destruction in the name of “equality,” and the implementation of “reforms” according to a radical ideology, followed by a bloody nightmarish failure. Last night I received an email from a reader: What […]

La Belle Dame sans Merci

  The title of a once-famous Keats poem came to mind when I saw this headline at Memeorandum: Stanford sexual assault: judge facing recall campaign over light sentence The victim of a sexual assault by a former Stanford University swimmer said on Monday she was “overwhelmed and speechless” at the deluge of support for her […]

Feminist Fantasies

Several years ago — I could look it up — I interview Phyllis Schlafly about her book Feminist Fantasies. Mrs. Schlafly, in many ways one the most influential American woman of the 20th century, laughed about how “tough” feminists sometimes claim to be. Certainly few of them had the steely strength of Mrs. Schlafly who, […]

‘Four Legs Good! Two Legs Bad!’

  “Some animals are more equal than others,” as everyone learns at the end of Animal Farm, but what would George Orwell say about this? A lecturers’ union [in England] is refusing to let its officers take part in debates at an equality summit if they are white, straight, able-bodied men. The equality conference of […]

‘Anatomy of Rage’: @mstiefvater and the Feminist Injustice Collector Phenomenon

Maggie Stiefvater (@mstiefvater on Twitter) is a successful novelist, married with two kids, living in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. In April 2015, she posted a Tumblr essay, “The Anatomy of Rage,” that begins with an incident in which a mechanic uses the phrase “little girl” while telling her husband that he’s going to fix […]

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