The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

What Must It Be Like …

. . . to applaud one’s own “courage” in writing? How does it feel to celebrate your “strength” with the expectation that others will admire you as much as Laurie Penny expects to be admired? This question is inspired by a 6,000-word article in which Ms. Penny climbs up on the cross, then worships herself […]

Have We Reached Peak SJW Yet?

“Everybody with two eyes and a brain could see Zoe Quinn was crazy. Why did Eron Gjoni want to date that tattoo-covered, facial-pierced, mentally ill ex-stripper whose real name is Chelsea Van Valkenburg? I don’t know, but he did, and the consequences were world-historic.” — “Crazy Woman Who Caused #GamerGate Announces She’s No Longer Female,” […]

‘Consciousness-Raising’ as Advertisement

  The Miami Herald did a story about a would-be transgender teenager who committed suicide at age 17. Rod Dreher examined the ideological issues involved, which prompted this reader comment: All this consciousness-raising of trans issues functions like an advertisement for a product. . . . The product we see today, a transformation of body […]

Disgusting ‘Trans Lesbian’ Exposed

  Last month, I highlighted Cynthia Yockey’s discussion of autogynephilia: Autogynephilia is a self-induced, chronic, progressive disorder . . . Sexual fetishes occur almost exclusively in men, and men who have one sexual fetish usually have several . . . This kind of “transgenderism” is actually a fetish, a perverse obsession which is an acquired […]

Jew-Hating as ‘Intersectionality’? The Women’s March Farrakhan Problem

  The Atlantic‘s John-Paul Pagano tries to provide “context” for this feminist controversy, but the essential facts cannot be avoided: Mass movements are sewn together from a wide variety of sources, so they often sweep in unwanted companions as they move toward their goals. No one, however, expected to discover that three Women’s March co-chairs […]

Tucker Carlson: ‘Something Ominous Is Happening to Men in America’

  If you did not see Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program Wednesday night, you missed a stunningly detailed description of the problems that are affecting men in America: The signs are everywhere. If you’re a middle aged man, you probably know a peer who has killed himself in recent years. At least one. If you’re […]

More Samizdat From the Google Gulag: Company Imposed Illegal Hiring Quotas

  A lawsuit filed in California (Wilberg v. Google) describes how the company “consistently implemented” a policy of systematic “discrimination in favor of job applicants who are Hispanic, African American, or female, and against Caucasian and Asian men”: These policies were reflected in multiple bulletins, memorandum, charts, and other documents prepared by Google’s highest-level managers, […]

Warning College Boys: ‘You Could Be Expelled Even If She Consented’

  In 2015, flyers began appearing on university campuses warning male students about the dangers of false accusations of sexual misconduct. Created by S.A.F.E. (Stop Abuse For Everyone), the flyer included a screencap of text messages cited as evidence in a lawsuit against Occidental College, which had expelled a male student despite texts clearly indicating […]

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