The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Some Advice for You ‘Incel’ Losers

  Never give your enemy a reason to celebrate. Nothing gives a feminist more sadistic pleasure than making fun of guys who can’t get laid. For a bunch of pathetic losers to organize a “movement” on the basis of their inability to get laid is, to put it as mildly as possible, not helpful. When […]

Yes, America, Erynn Brook Hates You

  Erynn Brook is a Canadian feminist who recently graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto. In February 2017, after the Women’s March, she published a rant about “nice white ladies”: Hillary embodies the lie white women have been fed for years. She was well-dressed, she was smart, she was prepared, she worked hard, she was […]

The Rhetoric of ‘Social Justice’

Feminist students at the University of Southern California. When did “oppression” become a synonym for failure or unhappiness? How did “privilege” become a synonym for success? And why do so many people now conflate criticism or disagreement with “hate”? During the past five years — since President Obama was re-elected in 2012, basically — the […]

Killer Incest Dad’s Lawyer: ‘He Was Head Over Heels in Love With’ His Daughter

Steven Pladl (left) and his daughter/wife Katie Fusco (right). Earlier this month, shocking headlines announced an atrocious crime: Steven Pladl, 43, had killed his infant son, and then killed the child’s mother, Katie Fusco, 20 — who was also Pladl’s daughter — before committing suicide. Katie had been put up for adoption when she was […]

No, ‘Incel’ Is Not an ‘Ideology’

  After it emerged that Toronto mass murderer Alek Minassian referred to himself as an “incel” (involuntary celibate), my natural instinct was to make a joke: If Canadian guys who can’t get laid are a terrorist threat, there could be millions of them! The guy was a pathetic loser, and I find it impossible to […]

Queer Feminism: Doing It Wrong

‘Lara Americo’ (left) and Joanne Spataro (right) at DragCon in New York. “I have found some lesbians to be the worst, most binary, most intolerant of them all. Some of them have no concept of another identity. They have this lesbian code of never having sex with another man and they have no idea of […]


Thursday, I blogged about what I called “Tumblrina SJW Trauma Drama” — a feminist Tumblr blogger in Florida trying to raise money to leave her abusive lesbian girlfriend. As a point-and-laugh example of feminist failure, this seemed to me instructive, but then she posted this: So tonight things got a lot worse when I tried […]

Tumblrina SJW Trauma Drama

  Thalia Gomez is a lesbian and a feminist (but I repeat myself). Last week on her Tumblr blog (because of course she’s got a Tumblr blog) she posted a desperate plea for assistance: Please Help Me Leave My Abusive Girlfriend I’m reaching out mainly to the radfem community because you guys have been so […]

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