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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Army Deploys 82nd Airborne, Achieves Decisive Victory in Night Attack

BREAKING: Sources at Fort Bragg say U.S. forces achieved a major victory Saturday by deploying the 82nd Airborne Division. . . . 

Wisconsin’s ‘Sodomite Whorehouse’

  The University of Wisconsin opened the football season with a victory over LSU, and the Badgers were 4-0 going into their Oct. 1 game against Michigan, which they lost 14-7, and last week Wisconsin got beat 30-23 by Ohio State. Why are the Badgers losing? Because they don’t love Jesus! “[Westboro Baptist Church] will […]

#RollTide: Alabama Crimson Tide Defeats Clemson 45-40 for National Title

  Defense wins football games. Senior linebacker Reggie Ragland (above) and his University of Alabama teammates know this, and they face a tough challenge against the undefeated #1-ranked Clemson Tigers in the BCS championship game. Never mind anything else the analysts and commentators tell you. If ‘Bama’s defense can stop the Tigers, the Crimson Tide […]

Jax State Is #FCSCocky Today #FearTheBeak! #BlowSoutherners UPDATE: Bisons Defeat JSU 37-10 as NDSU Claims Fifth Straight Title

  True story: One afternoon when I was a sophomore at Jacksonville (Ala.) State University, two of my buddies and I left Jack Hopper Dining Hall and headed over toward the student center to shoot some pool. Just as we were approaching the front doors of what is now the Theron Montgomery Building, the doors […]

Did I Forget to Mention #RollTide?

Alabama’s Tim Williams sacks Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook. Thursday afternoon, my son Jefferson and I were watching #1 Clemson beat #4 Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl, and we began to discuss the upcoming Cotton Bowl game between #2 Alabama and #3 Michigan State. My father graduated at Tuscaloosa in the Class of 1951, and […]

OK, If #BlackLivesMatter Affects SEC Football, We Have a Serious Problem

University of Missouri football players are threatening a boycott until university president Tim Wolfe resigns, but considering the way they’ve been playing this season (4-5 overall, 1-5 in the Southeastern Conference), it’s not as if this will have any impact on the SEC title picture. Alabama beat LSU Saturday, so Derrick Henry and the Crimson […]

Illinois Taxpayers Lose Super Bowl

If you thought the Broncos sucked — and, wow, they were atrocious Sunday — check out this stupid TV ad: Illinois taxpayers spent $127,000 to air that idiotic ad on the Chicago Fox affiliate during the Super Bowl: Things are not well in the Land of Lincoln. Illinois taxpayers are burdened by $7 billion in […]


Plagues of locusts! Darkness at noon! Rivers of blood! Auburn beat Alabama! — Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) December 1, 2013 Being an Alabama fan means expectations so high as to be, objectively, unrealistic. It is impossible that the Crimson Tide could have undefeated seasons and national championships every year. Yet anything short of perfection is […]

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