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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

OK, If #BlackLivesMatter Affects SEC Football, We Have a Serious Problem

University of Missouri football players are threatening a boycott until university president Tim Wolfe resigns, but considering the way they’ve been playing this season (4-5 overall, 1-5 in the Southeastern Conference), it’s not as if this will have any impact on the SEC title picture. Alabama beat LSU Saturday, so Derrick Henry and the Crimson […]

Illinois Taxpayers Lose Super Bowl

If you thought the Broncos sucked — and, wow, they were atrocious Sunday — check out this stupid TV ad: Illinois taxpayers spent $127,000 to air that idiotic ad on the Chicago Fox affiliate during the Super Bowl: Things are not well in the Land of Lincoln. Illinois taxpayers are burdened by $7 billion in […]


Plagues of locusts! Darkness at noon! Rivers of blood! Auburn beat Alabama! — Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) December 1, 2013 Being an Alabama fan means expectations so high as to be, objectively, unrealistic. It is impossible that the Crimson Tide could have undefeated seasons and national championships every year. Yet anything short of perfection is […]

Apparently, Hamilton College Girls Don’t Know How to Have Orgasms, Either

Doug Hagin accused me of gratuitously invoking “Roll, Tide” yesterday when I pointed out that tuition at Hamilton College in Clinton, N.Y., is $45,620 a year, compared to $9,450 a year for in-state students ($23,950 for out-of-state) at the University of Alabama. My point was, why would anyone spend all that money to attend a snooty […]

Q.E.D.: @MaxBoot Is a Lying Swindler

Every honest man despises.@MaxBoot, who is a lying swindler. Quod erat demonstrandum. @AmPowerBlog — Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) August 24, 2013 Daniel J. Flynn is a gentleman and a scholar and a fellow contributor at The American Spectator, which sure as hell has never paid either of us $2 a word — !!!! — […]

But Their Football Team Still Sucks

And their women are still ugly: Auburn University has the most conservative student body of any college in the nation, according to the Princeton Review’s annual rankings, released [Aug. 5]. In contrast, Bennington College in Vermont, is the nation’s most liberal school, according to the study. Rounding out the top ten most conservative schools for […]

Alabama Recruits Top Football Talent With Promises of Academic Excellence and Hot Girlfriends, But Mainly …

. . . yeah, Crimson Tide football recruits really like the hot girlfriends: Katherine Webb, who stole the BCS National Championship Game broadcast out from under her star-quarterback boyfriend A.J. McCarron, is blowing up. She has been tapped to compete in ABC’s upcoming reality competition “Celebrity Diving,” she guest hosted Inside Edition’s Super Bowl coverage […]

Super Bowl XLVII: Ravens Win 34-31 as Satan Honors Contract With Ray Lewis

The Baltimore Ravens defeated San Francisco 34-31 Sunday in Super Bowl XLVII, offering further proof that the contract under which Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis sold his soul to Satan remains in effect. Baltimore got three touchdown passes by Joe Flacco, capitalized on key mistakes by the 49ers and leaned heavily on satanic assistance to stave […]

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