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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Gold Price Jumps — Unexpectedly! — as Cyprus Tries to Halt Capital Flight

Nothing like a debt crisis to spur a run on security, and gold prices — which had lost more than 200 points off the October peak of $1,794 an ounce — have spiked up about $30 in March, as Cyprus has become the latest tip of the Euro-debt iceberg to break the surface. Yesterday, the […]


by Smitty “Is America Becoming Europe?” The question remains whether our domestic idiots will completely destroy the economy before such, and whether the whole EU/US mess implodes into something still uglier. I don’t think crap stacks that high, but I’ve been show quite wrong across the board of late. via Insty


by Smitty Insty reminded me to write a post on this, via Hannan: I guess you’re not supposed to note that they put the hammer and sickle atop the cross, at the same level as the muslim crescent, all of which, along with the yin-yang, superior to the star of David. And the notion that […]

‘[Mario Draghi] Will Fight To The Last German Taxpayer To Keep The Mediterranean Countries That Should Never Have Joined The Euro In There’

by Smitty Hold on to the end, as another MEP asks a fascinating question, which I’ll paraphrase: <spicolli>Mr. Hand, you’re like this epic buzzkill. You have been sounding like the Pet Shop Boys played backward since around the sixth season of South Park. Can’t you just quit harshing our mellow and say something different?</spicolli> The […]

Exposing The Ideological Roots Of The EU

by Smitty Mario “Three Card” Monti, the Prime Minister of Italy, figures the EU is AFU: In an interview with Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine on Sunday, Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti warned of the “psychological break-up” of Europe if the euro crisis is not soon resolved. . . . The fact that Monti chose to […]

In The Radar World, @Nigel_Farage Is What You Call ‘Unfiltered Video’

by Smitty Nigel celebrates the 19th Euro crisis summit in the last two years with a Rolling Stones reference: via Bluegrass Pundit Update: welcome, Instapundit readers!

Nigel Farage Sugarcoats The Euro Situation UPDATE: Daniel Hannan Also Has Vague Pleasantries On Offer

by Smitty Here, watch this. See if you can figure out Farage’s real opinion of Brussels under all of the whitewash and indirection: Via American Power. UPDATE, via Zero Hedge, that other famous British MEP also seems unwilling to commit to any tangible opinion on the Euro: I just wish these Brits could somehow communicate […]

Have Years Of Exposure To Biden Left Obama Totally Potted?

by Smitty Via Ace comes another OPRA* moment: Maybe this is a deliberate chaser insult to follow the under-bus toss exemplified in canceling Theater Ballistic Missile efforts: Two recent editorials from Heritage fellows have criticized the Obama administration for abandoning Eastern European allies. According to the editorials, Obama has given up proposed missile defense sites […]

Perfect Bailout Metaphor Achieved

by Smitty Daniel Hannan on Twitter points to The Telegraph with a story of classical, titanic impact: Maiden voyage of Bronze Age boat founders The crew of a half-sized replica of a 3,500-year-old Bronze Age boat had to abort the vessel’s maiden voyage after it sank as soon as it entered the water. Hannan relates […]

Sarkozy Discovers His Open Right Flank

Because it is my habit to ignore smelly foreigners (and let’s face it, they all stink), I pay little heed to the troubles of French politicians. Nevertheless, Nicholas Sarkozy is the most pro-American French politician since . . . Well, he’s pro-American, and so his difficulties are kind of relevant. In order to retain power, […]

What We Need Is An MEP Rant

by Smitty For some reason, the farce that is the Greek default seems to bother Nigel. Take it away, Mr. Farage: You’ve got to love the Carry On bit at the end. The imagery works quite well for the sad pack of jackwagons running the U.S. Into the dirt. via Theo Spark

Daniel Hannan CPAC12 AECR European Debt Crisis Panel Introduction

by Smitty I didn’t see any other cameras in the Tyler room for the European Debt Crisis panel. This may be an exclusive. The battery was spent after Daniel, so his intro was all I could capture. My argument is that if the British don’t make Hannan the Prime Minister really soon, somebody (say, Fox) […]

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