The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Death by Criticism

Bernard Loiseau was one of the world’s most famous French chefs: Ten years ago, Loiseau was France’s most feted chef. The charismatic cook’s beaming face smiled from billboards, TV shows and recipe books. His restaurant, Le Relais Bernard Loiseau in Saulieu, Burgundy was a favourite with the late president François Mitterrand. Robert de Niro would […]

‘Arab Spring’ Update: Hostages Killed in Algeria; French Fight Islamists in Mali

“The International Society for the Suppression of Savage Customs had entrusted him with the making of a report, for its future guidance. And he had written it, too. I’ve seen it. I’ve read it. It was eloquent, vibrating with eloquence, but too high-strung, I think. Seventeen pages of close writing he had found time for! […]

France Battles Islamists in Mali

American political commentators have shown little interest in the war that France is fighting against an al-Qaeda-linked uprising in Africa: As a new round of French military raids targeted Islamist rebels in Mali on Sunday, both sides of the battle said they were determined to win. Sunday’s raids were the latest in a French operation […]

‘Learning French,’ IYKWIMAITYD

Valérie Allain as Mireille Belleau in French in Action (1987) “Many have criticized the depiction of Mireille as gratuitously sexist. The camera often lingers on the actress’s chest and bare legs. ‘You’re seeing the videotape through a male gaze,’ said one female teaching assistant who asked not to be identified.” — New York Times, March […]

Two French Female Police Officers Murdered by Adbdallah Boumezr

A 30-year-old North African immigrant is under arrest after French authorities say he confessed to shooting two policewomen, Alicia Champion and Audrey Berthaut. Bare Naked Islam offers this translation of a French news article: The policewomen were responding to a call about an Arab who had robbed a purse from a female neighbor. Abdallah . […]

You Say That Like It’s a Bad Thing

“François Hollande will strike fear into the hearts of the rich,” is the headline on a column by Nabila Ramdani in the British Independent. Permit me to suggest two likely results (a) some genuinely rich people will leave France, taking their wealth with them, and (b) a lot of the “rich” people in France won’t […]

Number One, He’s French

That could also be numbers two through five, but James Poulos is more imaginative with “Five Reasons François Hollande Is Destined to Fail,” and includes this astonishing fact: As Gideon Rachman observes, France “is a country where the state already consumes 56 per cent of gross domestic product, which has not balanced a budget since […]

France To U.S.: We Will Make The Election Of Obama Seem Smart

by Smitty According to Breitbart, Nicolas the Short has been ousted in favor of Francois Holland. Holland seems to favor: raise taxes (including a marginal tax rate for earnings above $1 million to 75%), lower retirement age, and boost spending levels I suppose that’s one reaction to economic reality: deny it categorically. Zerohedge plays the […]

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