The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler


Thursday, I blogged about what I called “Tumblrina SJW Trauma Drama” — a feminist Tumblr blogger in Florida trying to raise money to leave her abusive lesbian girlfriend. As a point-and-laugh example of feminist failure, this seemed to me instructive, but then she posted this: So tonight things got a lot worse when I tried […]

Words Mean Things, Part 2

  Wednesday, in “Words Mean Things,” I referenced a study of college students’ sexual behavior that found a small percentage of students who identified as heterosexual but nevertheless reported engaging in same-sex hookups. Of course, the vast majority of students (more than 97%) are heterosexual both in identity and behavior, but the discrepancy of this […]

Words Mean Things

Here are three words: heterosexual homosexual bisexual Perhaps you noticed something? These words describe sexual behavior. Over the past few decades, however, the gay-rights movement has deliberately created confusion on this subject. In the pursuit of legal “equality,” activists promoted the idea of sexuality as an identity, an innate and immutable condition. The “born that […]

Dear @MeghanEMurphy …

  Burn it down. That’s the mantra that a lot of conservatives started repeating a few years ago. Many of my friends on the Right had become sick and tired of a Republican Party that didn’t seem to give a damn about the people who vote Republican — or people who would vote Republican, if […]

‘Sperm Costs Too Damn Much’

    Denechia “Neesha” Powell-Twagirumukiza is a 2009 graduate of the University of Georgia who lives in Seattle. On Twitter, she describes herself thus: “Displaced Southern queer millennial womanist organizer/writer growing roots in the PNW. They & she pronouns.” Powell has a lesbian wife, Aimée-Josiane Twagirumukiza, an African immigrant who is a founding member of […]

Weird Beyond Words: An Online Transgender Blackmail Conspiracy?

The 4chan community has been buzzing for the past two days over an intensely weird story: A person using the handle “Reiko” was allegedly the ringleader of a group on a board called “r9k” that convinced vulnerable young men to engage in online transvestite roleplaying. It is alleged that “Reiko” and his crew would seek […]

SHOCK: Texas Subsidized Lesbian Couple’s Adoption of Children They Killed

The Hart family at a 2016 Bernie Sanders campaign rally. People in Texas should be angry as hell about this: An Oregon woman found dead at the base of a Northern California cliff with her spouse and three of their adopted children late last month likely received more than $270,000 from the state of Texas […]

The #BlackLivesMatter Angle in Lesbian Couple’s Murder-Suicide Mystery

  We may summarize the Hart family story in a single sentence: Two white lesbians adopt six black children, abuse them for a decade, parade them around as mascots, and then kill them in a murder-suicide. A brutal summary perhaps, but accurate. My conservative readers will, I suppose, read this as a cautionary tale about […]

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