The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Confirmed: Soccer Is Gay

  You may never have heard of lesbian soccer player Megan Rapinoe, who protested against the National Anthem because she hates America: U.S. soccer star Megan Rapinoe knelt during the national anthem [Sept. 4] before the Seattle Reign’s game against the Chicago Red Stars “in a little nod” to NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. . . […]

Never Trust a Bisexual

Has everyone forgotten the AIDS epidemic? It sometimes seems that way. Now that effective treatment means that HIV is not an automatic death sentence, and Obamacare requires insurance coverage for “pre-existing conditions,” some people seem to think sexual promiscuity is now basically risk-free, as if the wake-up call we got during the 1980s never happened. […]

The Tragedy of Lesbian Divorce

Excuse the cruel irony of the headline. You were correct in your suspicion that I quite literally laughed out loud at this story from England: A mother-of-two who repeatedly posted naked pictures of her ex-wife on social media to “scorn her for finding a new partner” has been given a restraining order. Alissia Wright, 32, […]

A Young Gay Trump Supporter Confronts the ‘Politics of Personal Destruction’

  Lucian Wintrich is an artist in New York who lost his job because of his “Twinks for Trump” campaign. (“Twink” is gay slang for an attractive young male.) If you think Democrats are pro-gay, you should know what kind of persecution they inflict on gay Republicans: Wintrich had his social media accounts shut down, […]

‘Trailer Trash’ and ‘Crazy Bitch’: Surrogate Mom Claims Abuse by Drewitt-Barlow

  When a San Diego woman agreed to be a surrogate mother for two gay Brazilian men who wanted to become fathers, she did not expect an ordeal that would leave her deeply in debt and mocked as “trailer trash” by the British millionaire whose agency brokered the surrogacy contract. Megan Hoffner said she was […]

Gay Couple Display Their Teen Children on British TV; Viewers Not Impressed

Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow with two of their surrogate babies. Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow became famous in 1999 as the first British gay couple to become parents through surrogacy. The Drewitt-Barlows have made a fortune through their British Surrogacy Center (BSC), a controversial “rent-a-womb” business. The BSC is part of the commercial surrogacy industry, which […]

Canadian Gay Child Pornography Merchant Reportedly Made $4 Million

Does anyone remember Jesse Ryan Loskarn? He was the chief of staff to Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander who committed suicide in 2014 a few weeks after he was arrested on federal child pornography charges: An affidavit from a U.S. postal inspector alleged Loskarn made several purchases in 2010 and 2011 from a Canadian company selling […]

Iran Executes Gay Teenager

Religion of Peaceā„¢ update: Iran’s regime executed a gay adolescent in July — the first confirmed execution of someone convicted as a juvenile in the Islamic Republic in 2016 — Amnesty International reported this week. Hassan Afshar, 19, was hanged in Arak Prison in Iran’s Markazi Province on July 18, after he was convicted of […]

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