The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

The Origin Of Her Majesty’s Horse Pucky

by Smitty Trojan Horse made with keyboard keys by Babis Pangiotidis #ModernArt #AncientGreece #Odysseus #Iliad #Homer #Troy — Zito E (@Zito__77) March 13, 2015 @Zito__77 Babis's Trojan Horse, Filled Hillary's server, of course. Road apples rolling therefrom. Explain her presser so dumb. @0ryuge — IGotOverMachoGrande (@smitty_one_each) March 13, 2015 Jokes aside: The Four Best Reasons To Defeat Hillary And Send […]

The #Pluggernaut Must Run

by Smitty (Picture source) [View the story “Biden” on Storify] Then we got into a discussion of appropriate music for the campaign. @smitty_one_each Joe Biden's campaign theme song right here — Troy Ellison (@blayne_troy) March 6, 2015 @blayne_troy @smitty_one_each More like this: — Joan of Argghh! (@JoanOfArgghh) March 6, 2015 @JoanOfArgghh @smitty_one_each I […]


by Smitty Nobody does it like James Taranto: Won't someone think of the hookers? cc: @jamestaranto (thanks), @instapundit — IGotOverMachoGrande (@smitty_one_each) February 28, 2015

#ScottWalkerIsSoConservativeThat Like Washington & Lincoln, He Doesn’t Consider Degreelessness Disqualifying

by Smitty #ScottWalkerisSoConservativeThat in Fake Quote Labs, Neil deGrasse Tyson & new sidekick Brian Williams are crafting fibs to take him down. — IGotOverMachoGrande (@smitty_one_each) February 13, 2015 #ScottWalkerisSoConservativeThat left unwatched, he could be so mad as to balance the budget. — IGotOverMachoGrande (@smitty_one_each) February 13, 2015 #ScottWalkerisSoConservativeThat he just can't figure out why his […]

Where To Go With A @BWilliams Fairy Tale? The Crack Animators Of Taiwan!

by Smitty Made of pure righteousness. Come for the RPG kicks; stay for Tom Brokaw on oxygen: via Zero Hedge

I Played The Blues So Hard, Both Stevie Ray Vaughan And The Sky Cried #BrianWilliamsMemories

by Smitty I probably shouldn’t be such a mocker, but to have such a public figure as Brian Williams completely debase their integrity merits having abuse heaped about the head and shoulders. I put on the spandex & platform heels and subbed for Gene Simmons for a few shows on the Love Gun tour. #brianwilliamsmemories […]

EXCLUSIVE: Situation Room Map Boosts Obama’s “Victory in Europe” Claim

by Smitty HotAir has the scoop about the blowback over this SOTU passage: We’re upholding the principle that bigger nations can’t bully the small–by opposing Russian aggression, supporting Ukraine’s democracy, and reassuring our NATO allies. Sissypuss the Blog Kitty was able to sneak into the Situation Room, where #OccupyResoluteDesk does all that there “strategery” stuff […]

Let Me Be Perfectly Clear. . .

by Smitty BREAKING: Rioters in Bulungi say ‘American Sniper’ “Profits insulting”, demand Clint Eastwood be thrown in jail. — HireThisGuyIn2016 (@smitty_one_each) January 19, 2015 Bulungi is not an actual country. “Profits insulting” is a play on “Insulting the Prophet” The whole gag is a Benghazi reference, specifically to throwing Nakoula Nakoula in the joint. Note […]

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