The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

The World Is Safe From Me Cramming Wool Up My Backside & Using It To Knit

by Smitty In stark raving sane contrast to some woman in Australia, I just want everyone to know that the general relaxation I find in doing knitting and crochet (at least I used to, before fatherhood) will not be enhanced through caching the material in a (presumably cleaned and suitably prepared) body cavity. . . […]

Dave Barry Rocks

by Smitty Another righteous outing from the great humorist: DECEMBER … President Obama, moving to fill the Cabinet vacancy created by the resignation of Chuck Hagel, announces — in what is seen as a major shift in military policy — that his new Secretary of Defense will be Chuck Norris. The nomination is swiftly approved […]

Christmas…Christmas Never Changes.

– by Wombat-socho Between Obama sucking the Castro brothers’ toes and the pathetic behavior of Sony and Paramount, this has been a pretty miserable day. Yet, all is not lost – there are still a few brave (and funny) souls out there mocking the idiocies of the left for your entertainment. One of them, of […]

Take A Bow, Frank, To A String Near You

by Smitty @NoahCRothman @smitty_one_each Hollywood burns while the emperor Fidels. — frank atda lake (@Ease_Private) December 18, 2014 @Ease_Private Always with the violins against the English language, Frank. . . @NoahCRothman — (=Won't Vote 4Jeb (@smitty_one_each) December 18, 2014

When Parody Unites With The Subject

Leftist propaganda webesite was humiliated today when a bug in their anti-Second Amendment screed generator script triggered an accidental posting following the Antares rocket explosion at Wallops Island, Virginia. Sissypuss the Blog Kitty, quick to spot a red herring, managed a screencap before the mistake was taken offline: Working his extensive source list, he […]

#WendyDavisWontSay If She Reads TheOtherMcCain, But The Pelosi-Esque Visage Is A Probable ‘No’

by Smitty #WendyDavisWontSay how she got over Macho Grande, when all others are stymied. — 'Teahadist' h/t@DMat (@smitty_one_each) October 20, 2014 #WendyDavisWontSay whether or not it's true that she went noodling, and a catfish bit her and died. — 'Teahadist' h/t@DMat (@smitty_one_each) October 20, 2014 #WendyDavisWontSay whether or not she'd give Al Gore a massage, […]

Brother Of The World’s Youngest Blogger: It’s All Ducked Up

Brother of the World's Youngest Blogger: Another One Bites the Duck (1of3) — 'Teahadist' h/t@DMat (@smitty_one_each) October 17, 2014 Brother of the World's Youngest Blogger: And Another One Gone, Anothoner One Gone, Another One Bites The Duck (2of3) — 'Teahadist' h/t@DMat (@smitty_one_each) October 17, 2014 Brother of the World's Youngest Blogger: Hey, He's […]

Jerry Seinfeld Accidentally Explains The Obama Administration

by Smitty Alternate title: “If only Barack Obama had delivered this for his Nobel Prize acceptance. . .” I shared the clip a second time with Mrs. Other Smitty this morning, and I realized that Seinfeld was really explaining how this country could possibly be duped by a no-talent rodeo clown. See if you agree: […]

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