The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Google: ‘To Control the Narrative, We Planted Stories with Journalists’

  One of the things I noticed during the August 2017 controversy about Google’s firing of James Damore was that the media were promoting “fake news” about the Harvard-educated scientist: Repeatedly, headlines mischaracterize Damore’s views as “anti-diversity” (despite his clearly stated support for diversity) and news articles falsely assert that Damore argued women were “genetically unsuited” (Washington […]

The Happiness Gap

  The secret to happiness is low expectations. In an affluent modern society, most of our emotional problems can be described as disappointment, originating in the failure of life to match our fondest hopes and ambitions. It’s not that the life we actually have is necessarily bad, but that we can imagine so many ways […]

‘Be Not Conformed to This World’

The words of the Apostle Paul came to mind this morning when I read John Nolte’s article, “Conformity Killed the Weekly Standard”: The easiest way to sum up the failure of the Weekly Standard is this: Why would anyone on the right offer financial support to the Weekly Standard when CNN will call us a racist for free? And […]

Ace vs. ‘Non-Binary Ben’

Ace of Spades kills it on a daily basis and he’s been doing it for about 15 years now. Back around 2005, when the blogosphere was The New Hotness — and my Old School editors at The Washington Times totally didn’t get it — I started reading Ace habitually, laughing out loud in the newsroom […]

E-Mail to a Liberal Professor

Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2018 9:45 a.m. ET From: Robert McCain ([email protected]) To: Joan C. Williams ([email protected]) Dear Professor Williams: Your article in The Atlantic (“The Democrats’ White-People Problem”) has come to my attention. You make many interesting points, e.g.: “Why not just wait for the white working class to die off?” asked an audience […]

‘The Idioms of Non-Argument’

Harvard-educated totalitarian Moira Weigel. Longtime readers know I’ve never been a fan of Conor Friedersdorf, who made himself obnoxious by his pro-Obama “conservatism” circa 2008. Friedersdorf’s basic problem is excessive sincerity — he was guilty of “insufficient cynicism,” as I said, and seemed to be engaged in a campaign to obtain the Most Serious Intellectual […]

Darren Beattie: Guilty of Intellectualism

Sunday, I wrote about Darren Beattie, the former Trump speech-writer who got hounded out of his job by CNN because he spoke at a 2016 conference attended by “white nationalists.” Beattie has now published the text of his speech, “The Intelligentsia and the Right,” and as anyone can now see for themselves, he said nothing […]

The Butler Did It: ‘Gender Trouble’ and the Academic Roots of the #Transcult

  When I began researching feminism in 2014, one of the first controversies that came to my attention was the conflict between radical feminists and transgender activists. Initially, my impulse was to point and laugh at what I called the Competitive Victimhood Derby, but after further investigation, it became apparent to me that the radical […]

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