The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Dinesh D’Souza Pleads Guilty

The conservative intellectual committed a particularly clumsy crime — an ill-disguised straw-donor scheme that violated federal campaign finance law — in an inexplicable attempt to aid a Republican candidate who never had a real chance to win. Whether or not Dinesh D’Souza was a target of selective prosecution, he was nonetheless guilty, and has now […]

The Brutality of Kurt Schlichter

Of course, I mean brutality as a compliment, expressing my admiration of his skillful demolition of a liberal “argument”: Mock them. Accuse them of adhering to a transphobic cisnormative paradigm and start shrieking “Hate crime!” Don’t worry about not making sense. They’re college students. They are used to not understanding what people smarter than they […]

Way to Blow It, Ta-Nehisi Coates

The headline on the Atlantic column is intriguing: Black Pathology and the Closing of the Progressive Mind It’s one of those intra-liberal feuds about something “controversial” Paul Ryan said 10 days ago, which of course was controversial only because Paul Ryan is a prominent Republican. But the feud among liberals is actually rather interesting in […]

Get ‘Empowered,’ Duke-Style!

The expression on the face of Duke University freshman Women’s Studies major Miriam Weeks (“Belle Knox”) represents . . . A. Her disappointment that the #4-ranked Blue Devils lost to Wake Forest by 10 points on Wednesday; B. Her disgust over recent claims that Thomas Bagby, her fellow Duke freshman who told everybody on campus […]

How to Hate Your Parents

Too many people go through life in a search for scapegoats, seeking someone to blame for their unhappiness, so as to avoid having to confront the fact that they are responsible for their own problems. Whatever their problem is, someone must be blamed, and that someone cannot be themselves, because if they ever were to […]

‘The Second Time as Farce’: @sandraylk’s Recycled Marcusean Marxism

Sandra Korn: Feminist socialist lesbian — but I repeat myself. “If our university community opposes racism, sexism, and heterosexism, why should we put up with research that counters our goals simply in the name of ‘academic freedom’? “Instead, I would like to propose a more rigorous standard: one of ‘academic justice.’ When an academic community […]

Liberals Hate Books They Don’t Read

Eugene Volokh: Last week, E.J. Dionne Jr. penned a column in the Washington Post that blamed adherence to the tenets of the Austrian school of economics for gridlock in Washington. Well, sort of. He seemed to say that Austrian economics simultaneously was an obscure set of ideas of which no one has heard (except Ron […]

Intellectuals and the Total State: @JAMyerson’s Dilettante Marxism

Left to right: Leon Trotsky, Felix Dzerzhinsky, Lavrenti Beria. “Lenin, at every passing opportunity, emphasized the absolute necessity of the terror. . . . “We heard such tirades from him a dozen times a day and they were always aimed at some one among those present who was suspected of ‘pacifism.’” – Leon Trotsky, Lenin […]

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