The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

‘The Least Worthwhile People’ and @The_Moviebob’s Darwinian Inversion

  If you don’t know who Bob Chipman is, it’s not your fault. He’s an untalented nobody with a YouTube channel who was a movie critic or something for a site called The Escapist until (a) in 2014 he became obsessed with ranting against #GamerGate and (b) in 2015 was laid off from The Escapist, […]

What Does It Mean to ‘Care’?

  Kayla Chadwick is an alumna of elite private Hebron Academy ($57,200 a year for boarding students), who got her bachelor’s degree from elite private Trinity College ($66,440 a year, including room and board) before getting her master’s degree from elite private Syracuse University ($60,239 a year including room and board). If you guessed her […]

Twitter Is Losing Nearly $40 Million a Month, and Still Banning Conservatives

  Here’s a number: $116.5 million. That’s how much money Twitter lost during the second quarter this year, which is 9% more than what Twitter lost in the same quarter last year. In other words, Twitter’s “burn rate” has increased in the past year, to the point that they’re now losing $38.8 million each month. […]

Liberal Paranoia in the Trump Age

  Ever since Hillary lost the election, Democrats have been stoking the fires of fear, hatred and suspicion among their liberal voter base. This fear-mongering is an attempt to overcome the demoralization Democrats face after last November’s unexpected defeat. However, the anti-Trump propaganda campaign relies on a misguided demonization of Republicans as “fascists,” perpetrators of […]

The Worst People in America: Commie #DisruptJ20 Protests Led by Perverts

Anti-Trump activist Luke Kuhn. Democrats attract support from The Worst People in America — selfish and dishonest people, criminals and perverts — and not by coincidence. The Democrat Party’s policy agenda and rhetoric are deliberately designed to appeal to the worst impulses of the vile dregs of humanity: Six days before Donald Trump’s inauguration, dozens […]

Never Trust a ‘Male Feminist’ (And Relevant Thoughts About @JayaSaxena)

  You probably never heard of Devin Faraci, who blogs about movies, and perhaps you never would have heard of him had it not been for the fact that Devin Faraci is (a) liberal and (b) stupid, but I repeat myself. Being a liberal requires that Faraci hate Republicans and pretend to be a feminist, […]

The @Salon Pedophile Click-Bait Magical Internet Outrage Marketing Machine

The liberal blog known as Salon-dot-com has spent the past 20 years losing money at a rate of more than a million dollars a year. Total losses by Salon-dot-com during the course of its existence are, as I said in 2012, “probably somewhere between $20 million and a metric buttload.” A few years ago, the proprietors of Salon-dot-com […]

Hannan On The Fraternal Nature Of Commies And Nazis

by Smitty The Left is fundamentally dishonest about pretty much everything. So hiding the dirty historical laundry should be less surprising than it is. Watch a masterful summary of this: via Toby Young

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