The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Well, @MonaEltahawy Is Indisputably Correct: Max Blumenthal Is a Douchebag

Mona Eltawahy: Almost as evil as Amanda Marcotte. Not since Alec Baldwin went ballistic over the “toxic little queen” have we seen a liberal Twitter meltdown quite as spectacular as what happened to Mona Eltahawy on Wednesday. It had something to do with the coup in Egypt, about which my natural instinct was to make […]

Equality Update: Plessy and Ferguson Could Not Be Reached for Comment

In Aurora, Colorado, an elementary school set up an after-school tutoring program from which white students were deliberately excluded. When the mother of a 10-year-old white girl complained, she got a phone call from Mission Viejo Elementary principal Andre Pearson explaining that the program is “focused for and designed for children of color.” This revival […]

Stormfront for Liberals: The New Republic

Chris Hughes: Liberal white-guilt peddler from Elite City “The New Republic has abandoned its liberal but heterodox tradition and embraced a leftist outlook as predictable as that of Mother Jones or the Nation.” – Marty Peretz, former publisher of The New Republic After Facebook zillionaire Chris Hughes purchased The New Republic, he proclaimed that the magazine, which […]

It’s Never Enough for Liberals

Having just raised taxes — before the “ink from the autopen” is even dry — Democrat Maxine Waters is demanding still more: The first thing that we’ve got to do is look at where we still have unfairness in the tax system and make sure that the people of influence, the billionaires and the millionaires and […]

No, We Can’t.

Memeorandum features this headline from Think Progress: We Could End Homelessness With The Money Americans Spend On Christmas Decorations This is false. It could only be true if the complex problem known by the misleading label ”homelessness” were just a matter of money, but it’s not. Homelessness made headlines in the 1980s and was exploited for purposes of partisan propaganda by liberals […]

Disgraced Hack Elspeth Reeve Decides to Double Down on ‘RAAAAACISM’!

You will recall the O-Phone video: Woman says she’s voting for Obama because he gave her a free cellphone. Elspeth Reeve of the Atlantic has decided it’s racist! racist! racist! to laugh at that video because . . . uh, racism. Now the World’s Least Reliable Fact-Checker™ has checked her facts again and decided Patterico is […]

E-Mail to a Troll

More than 15 years have passed since I first read Thomas Sowell’s brilliant book, The Vision of the Anointed: Self-Congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy. Few things have ever made such a profound impression on me as Sowell’s analysis of liberalism as a philosophy rooted in the liberal’s narcissistic desire to believe he is the […]

‘Her Fiancé, Garry Brown Sr., the Man Who Fathered 10 of Her 15 Children …’

Something about hearing that sentence in the video stuck in my head, besides the fact that the sentence ended with “… was arrested,” but you have to do some research to discover that Brown is currently serving a five-year-sentence for dealing cocaine. The Florida woman’s name is Angel Adams and she says her children are […]

Want America To Fail? Heed Van Jones

by Smitty An excellent video from Free Market America (a project of Americans for Limited Government). This is of Bill Whittle caliber:About the only turn left un-stoned here is the point that the Federal Reserve has been the source of $ to support the entire politics of failure. Moving from reality to the surreal, Hot […]

Boehlert vs. ‘Neocons’? (Nudge, Nudge)

Ed Schultz and Eric Boehlert on MSNBC Two weeks ago, Jeff Dunetz took note of M.J. Rosenberg’s departure from Media Matters (which I blogged about April 8 and April 10), and it’s kind of funny how sometimes when you pull a dangling thread, the whole sweater starts to unravel. Was Dunetz onto something? Was Rosenberg […]

Do We Now Know Why Media Matters Dumped M.J. Rosenberg?

You may have missed it over the weekend when I mentioned that the lberal smear outfit Media Matters had parted ways with M.J. Rosenberg, who had been espousing the “Jews Against Israel” gibberish we’ve recently heard from the far-left “J-Street” movement. Rosenberg tried to portray this move as voluntary, but in an update on the […]

Too Stupid for Media Matters

In a sidebar headline at AOSHQ, I noticed a story from The Lid: BREAKING: MJ Rosenberg OUT At Media Matters Hmmm. Media Matters fires some guy. What’s this about? Rosenberg’s offense was describing pro-Israel Jews as “Israel Firsters.” Which is to say, Rosenberg thinks his fellow Jews are too pro-Israel. Let me see if I […]

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