The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

LIVE AT FIVE: 02.11.14

– compiled by Wombat-socho TOP NEWS Ambassador Powell Makes A U-Turn Decision to meet BJP contender for PM marks reversal of US policy AAP Shifts Focus, Levels Corruption Charges Against Modi EU Alarmed At Swiss Immigration Vote Swiss, European leaders react warily to vote White House Delays Employer Mandate McConnell calls on Administration to throw […]

LIVE AT FIVE: 02.10.14

– compiled by Wombat-socho TOP NEWS Iranians Send Warships Into Atlantic Near U.S. For First Time Iranians say deployment in response to USN ships in the Persian Gulf Rand Paul Launches Preemptive Strike On Bill Clinton Taking the #waronwomen home to the Big He Obama Changes Rules For Refugees Now, limited support for terrorists is […]

LIVE AT FIVE: 02.05.14

– compiled by Wombat-socho TOP NEWS CBO: Obamacare Will Push 2 Million Workers Out Of The Job Market White House argues reduction in work force is a good thing Turkish Deputy PM: Progress In Talks With Israel Still no agreement on weregild for Turks killed in Mavi Marmara incident Russia Has Had About Enough Of […]

LIVE AT FIVE: 02.04.14

– compiled by Wombat-socho TOP NEWS Tech Firms Reveal Secret US Demands For Data Google, Facebook, others reveal data requested by secret FISA court Christie Reiterates: No Role In Lane Closures Acknowledges federal subpoena during radio show Israelis Take Kerry’s Boycott Remarks As Threat Strategic Affairs Ministers Sheinitz: “Israel will not negotiate with a gun […]

LIVE AT FIVE: 01.31.14

– compiled by Wombat-socho TOP NEWS Attorney General To Seek Death Penalty For Boston Marathon Bomber Three killed, hundreds injured by Chechen teen Did Politics Play A Role In Atlanta’s Snowstorm Gamble? Mayor Reed, Governor Deal embarrassed by winter storm gridlock House GOP Unveils Immigration “Principles” And if you don’t like those, they have others […]

LIVE AT FIVE: 01.29.14

– compiled by Wombat-socho TOP NEWS President Ignores Obamacare Stumbles While Taunting GOP As Obama talks, GOP fires back on Twitter Commie Folksinger Pete Seeger Assumes Room Temperature Faithful Stalinist finally shuts up Ukraine Government Resigns, Narrowly Avoiding No-Confidence Vote Putin warns West against meddling POLITICS Supreme Court Grants Stay Of Execution To Missouri Murderer […]

LIVE AT FIVE: 01.28.14

– compiled by Wombat-socho TOP NEWS Snowden Claims “Angry Birds” Are Working For The NSA NSA denies accusations of snooping on smartphone game for personal info Farm Bill Cuts Food Stamps By $800 Million Also scraps direct subsidies in favor of crop insurance Yushchenko Bends On Protest Laws, Offers Amnesty Harsh laws limiting protests to […]


– compiled by Wombat-socho TOP NEWS Fragile Ukraine Cease-Fire Tested By Reports Of Police Brutality Unrest spreads to Lvov, Rovno, Cherkassy Majority Indifferent To Christie Bridge “Scandal” CBS poll shows 53% of Republicans and independents’ views unchanged Thailand Awaits Crunch Court Ruling On Election Can administration proceed with scheduled election despite opposition’s threat to boycott? […]

LIVE AT FIVE: 01.23.14

– compiled by Wombat-socho TOP NEWS “Thousands” Brave Cold To Join March For Life Annual protest of Roe v. Wade adds adoption to the mix Texas Executes Mexican Cop-Killer Despite State Dept. Whining, Foreign Protests Executed for 1994 murder of Houston policeman Treasury Secretary To Congress: My Bad December estimate too optimistic; now says Congress […]

LIVE AT FIVE: 01.22.14

– compiled by Wombat-socho TOP NEWS Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell Denies Wrongdoing After Indictment Accuses Federal prosecutors of “unjust overreach” No End In Sight To Ukraine Protests One dead as police storm Kiev barricades “Anarchist” Kejiriwal Cancels Street Protest After Clashes Chief Minister calls off anti-police protest POLITICS David Vitter To Run For Governor […]

LIVE AT FIVE: 01.21.14

– compiled by Wombat-socho TOP NEWS Four Killed As Explosions Rip Plants In Two States Explosions at Nebraska feed plant, Oklahoma steel mill being investigated by OSHA Assad Regime Accused Of Torture, 11000 Executions Former war crimes prosecutors present graphic evidence US, Russian Security Forces Hunt Jihadis Inside Sochi Olympics Security Zone Female suspects include […]

LIVE AT FIVE: 01.16.14

– compiled by Wombat-socho TOP NEWS Thai Protesters Target Revenue Offices As government awaits graft ruling, protest movement appears to be losing steam Blagojevich Prosecutor Hired By NJ Assembly Will conduct investigation into “Bridgegate” Rahul Gandhi Unlikely To Be Congress’ Candidate For PM AAP’s Kumar Vishwas: Gandhi “incapable of taking responsibility” POLITICS GOP Urges Probe […]

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