The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Best. Headline. Ever?

Teen Vogue Shutters Shortly After Publishing ‘Guide to Anal Sex’ for Teen Girls In the months leading up to the 2016 election, Teen Vogue (at least in its online version) was taken over by left-wing political operatives. The magazine’s partisan shift became infamous after its writer Lauren Duca justified personal attacks on President Trump’s daughter […]

Soros Connection in Halperin Scandal?

  The sexual harassment scandal that destroyed Mark Halperin’s career calls attention to his family’s connections to George Soros. Halperin’s father, Morton Halperin, is a “a senior advisor to the Open Society Foundations, which was founded by George Soros,” and has “served in a number of roles with think tanks, including the Center for American […]

‘Unwanted Sexual Advances’: Harassment Bonfire Torches NBC’s Mark Halperin

  The number of his alleged victims is at least seven now: The morning after five women accused veteran journalist Mark Halperin of sexual harassment while he was in a powerful position at ABC News, two more women came forward with their own allegations. Those initial five accusers recounted sexual misconduct ranging in nature “from propositioning employees […]

The Sexual Harassment Bonfire Continues in the Wake of the Weinstein Scandal

Famed fashion photographer Terry Richardson has been banned from working for Condé Nast publications including Vogue, GQ and Vanity Fair. Richardson “has been dogged for years by allegations of sexual exploitation of models,” according to the Telegraph. Last week, one of Hollywood’s top talent agencies fired Tyler Grasham, who had represented many child stars, after […]

Putting Homicide in Perspective vs. the Media’s ‘Atrocity Narrative’ Propaganda

  More than 16,000 Americans died by homicide in 2016, according to the FBI, and this was a significant increase from the previous year: The US homicide rate increased by nearly 8% last year, driving an increase of violent crime in the country for the second year in a row, according to new data released […]

Texas Attorney ‘Resigns’ from Firm After Rape Comment About Betsy DeVos

  The Eternal Genius of the Liberal Mind: A Round Rock attorney resigned after posting a controversial tweet Friday that caused a firestorm on Twitter. The tweet, which was posted by Robert Ranco, a partner with the Carlson Law Firm, read, “I’m not wishing for it…but I’d be ok if #BetsyDevos was sexually assaulted. #SexualAssault […]

Transgender Victimhood Narrative Sustains Further Embarrassment

  Nothing is more important to the self-esteem of Democrats than the belief that they are fighting on behalf of Victims of Oppression. The Democrat Party is organized as an identity-politics coalition and promotes the idea that victims exist categorically and oppression is systemic: All women are victims of sexism, all black people are victims […]

‘Less Than Fake News’

OK, so Laura Ingraham has a web site called LifeZette, the chief executive of which is a guy named Peter Anthony, who allegedly is a “creep.” Anyway, Betsy Woodruff and Lachlan Markay — two young conservative journalists I happen to know personally — wrote a story for The Daily Beast detailing various creepy things Peter […]

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