The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Heh: @DaveWeigel Dismantles @PiersMorgan, But Good

 Deft, but also delightfully brutal: Sunday night, after David Carr broke the news that Piers Morgan would be ending his CNN show, I searched Twitter to find how his fans were taking it. This was a mistake. Really, who was a Piers Morgan fan? Have you ever met one? No, reaction to CNN’s scheduling news ran the gamut […]

Good-Bye, and Good Riddance: @PiersMorgan Canned at CNN

First smart move that network has made in years: CNN President Jeff Zucker has decided to bring an end to Piers Morgan’s low-rated primetime show, network sources told POLITICO on Sunday. “Piers Morgan Live” could end as early as next month, though Morgan may stay with the network in another role. Morgan, a former British […]

And I’m a Russian Wolfhound

Just call me Borzoi. And I know what you’re thinking: “Borzoi? But you don’t look anything like a Russian wolfhound! As a matter of fact, on closer inspection, you seem to be a golden retriever.” Haters. Yes, I am aware that those documents from the American Kennel Club — a notorious group of hatemongering breedists […]

Three Gay Men Laugh About Oral Sex With Anderson Cooper’s Mother

The weirdest thing is that Anderson Cooper himself introduced the topic in a discussion with Dan Savage and Andrew Sullivan: “My mom once wrote a romance memoir about men she had dated — and I use that term loosely — and she described one guy she was currently dating — my mom was 85 at […]

If @PiersMorgan Hates America So Much, Why Won’t He Just Leave the Country?

Phil Robertson and @piersmorgan: One of them is a disgusting offensive person on cable TV, and the other one is from Louisiana. #tcot — Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) December 20, 2013 Piers Morgan is allegedly heterosexual, so it’s not a hate crime to disagree with CNN’s unpopular 9 p.m. host, whose third-place show got only […]

Administration Says ObamaCare Site Is Working; CNN Finds Otherwise

Elise Viebeck at The Hill reports: The Obama administration claimed victory Sunday for making workable for the vast majority of users, a standard that will be tested as millions of people flood the site in the next three weeks. Uh, do you really think “millions of people” will “flood the site”? Or is that […]

News Flash: @DonLemonCNN Hates You

And by “you,” of course, I mean the 60 million extremist homophobic anti-choice teabagging racists who didn’t vote for Obama: CNN anchor Don Lemon shouted down a conservative guest after pushing him to admit he should be “embarrassed” over certain protesters at Sunday’s Million Vet March. . . . “Ben, you have to be embarrassed […]

CNN Now Aiming for Zero Ratings

The Third-Place Cable Network Nobody Watches™ has decided to give America’s Least Popular Cable News Personality™ a special assignment: “White in America.” Paul Bedard reports: CNN correspondent Soledad O’Brien, known for her “Black in America” documentaries that sometimes irk viewers, is now turning her cameras on whites. . . . “We’re not just working on ‘BIA,’ […]

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