The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

‘Anglo-American’? RAAAAACISM!

  Generation Woke has a habit of substituting suspicion for knowledge. Indoctrinated to believe that sexism, racism and homophobia are lurking everywhere, the juvenile social justice mobs have a predictable habit of pouncing on anything that looks like evidence of Thoughtcrime. Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave a speech Monday to the National Sheriffs’ Association in […]

Defamation by Impersonation

Jack Posobiec is a conservative activist with more than 250,000 followers on Twitter. A woman claimed to have discovered that Posobiec had a profile on the feminist dating app Bumble, and BuzzFeed claimed that Bumble verified this was actually Posobiec’s account. Posobiec is married and his wife is pregnant, and he has threatened legal action […]

The Tyranny of Bright Normal

  Why do the media hate President Trump so much? Well, to begin with, he’s a Republican, and they’re Democrat operatives with bylines. Beyond that, however, the media think of themselves as members of what Richard Florida calls “the creative class,” and Trump’s a bright normal. Readers familiar with The Bell Curve understand that cognitive […]

‘An Open Secret’: Bryan Singer and the Hollywood Gay Pedophile Scandal

“Since 2006 Bryan Singer has contributed at least $87,620 to Democratic candidates and committees. . . . In 2011 and 2012 Singer contributed a combined $61,600 to the Democratic National Committee.” — Caroline May, Daily Caller, April 17, 2014 When X Men director Bryan Singer was sued in 2014 for raping a teenage boy, he […]

How Joy Reid’s Homophobic History Illustrates Vox Day’s Third Law of SJWs

  Let me start by saying, I am proud to hate Charlie Crist. If hating Charlie Crist is wrong, I don’t want to be right. However, I don’t claim to be a “progressive” and I’m not employed by MSNBC: Recently resurfaced internet archives show political commentator Joy Reid wrote a dozen blog posts in 2007, […]

Best. Headline. Ever?

Teen Vogue Shutters Shortly After Publishing ‘Guide to Anal Sex’ for Teen Girls In the months leading up to the 2016 election, Teen Vogue (at least in its online version) was taken over by left-wing political operatives. The magazine’s partisan shift became infamous after its writer Lauren Duca justified personal attacks on President Trump’s daughter […]

Soros Connection in Halperin Scandal?

  The sexual harassment scandal that destroyed Mark Halperin’s career calls attention to his family’s connections to George Soros. Halperin’s father, Morton Halperin, is a “a senior advisor to the Open Society Foundations, which was founded by George Soros,” and has “served in a number of roles with think tanks, including the Center for American […]

‘Unwanted Sexual Advances’: Harassment Bonfire Torches NBC’s Mark Halperin

  The number of his alleged victims is at least seven now: The morning after five women accused veteran journalist Mark Halperin of sexual harassment while he was in a powerful position at ABC News, two more women came forward with their own allegations. Those initial five accusers recounted sexual misconduct ranging in nature “from propositioning employees […]

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