The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Is Salon Saying That Rep. Paul Ryan Is A Time Traveller?

by Smitty There is so much buildup on Elias Isquith’s chin that he’s kind of incoherent (emphasis mine): While there are no doubt many changes ideologues like Ryan would like to see the CBO make, reports indicate that the main reason GOPers want to install a right-wing hack as its chief is in order to […]

And @AlecMacGillis Misses the Bus

To quote what I said Wednesday: The aftermath of a wave election always involves a contest by partisans and pundits to seize control of the narrative, to tell us What It Really Means, although usually the truth can only be known with the advantage of hindsight. When Democrats sustain a world-historic ass-kicking, as they did Tuesday, a certain […]

The #StreetHarassment Meme and #Feminism’s Kafkatrapping Tactics

The Left’s tactics aren’t hard to understand, really. The “catcall” video that went viral last week — see “Racism, Classism and Catcalling (or, #Feminism Is for Rich White Lesbians)” — was an Alinksy Rule 12 classic: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Heterosexual men are the target, obviously. Feminists want women […]

New Rule On Firearms Reporting: No Benefit Of The Doubt For Inaccuracy

by Smitty When discussing firearm usage, you don’t talk about Fight Club. You talk about sight alignment and trigger control. When reporting about firearm usage, this blog proposes the following rule: Henceforth, there is no benefit of the doubt for inaccurate reporting about firearms. It is presumed mala fides. If you’re a paid journalist, act […]

The Externalization of Responsibility: Monica Lewinsky’s Personal Shame

Today’s headlines via Drudge: Monica Lewinsky: I was ‘in love’ with President Clinton — New York Post Monica Lewinsky: Drudge Ruined My Life — Truth Revolt This raises a subject long overdue for discussion. The Internet is merely a tool — a very powerful tool, but still just a tool. For Monica Lewinsky to depict […]

The #Ebola Media Epidemic

It was probably only a matter of time before CNN producers figured out that Ebola is cable-news ratings gold. Today I was babysitting my infant grandson and, on a whim, turned the TV to CNN and left it there all day, while they were wall-to-wall with URGENT BREAKING EBOLA UPDATES the way they do with […]

Never Let a Crisis, Etc.

Democrat shamelessness is highly contagious: After [ABC “This Week”] host  George Stephanopoulos highlighted how “Nate Silver’s team at FiveThirtyEight gives the GOP a 59% of retaking the Senate” [former Obama administration official] Van Jones shamefully urged Democrats to use Ebola as a talking point in 2014: We can’t let the Republicans get away with some […]

Think Progress Arm-Waving

Arm-waving is a technique frequently used by the Left that needs to be called out more often. The technique involves hyping up a make-believe controversy when someone on the Right — a conservative journalist or Republican politician — says something that is arguably true and not necessarily offensive to anyone, yet is stated in a […]

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