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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Ace Hates Him Some Spider-Man

Our hero battles an evil franchise that possesses sinister powers of luring dumb 13-year-old boys to the local multiplex: Apparently they’re making so much money with bad Spider-Man movies they’ve already greenlit sequels for 2016 and 2018. I guess that’s the ultimate in movie properties — if you can make $750 million with a bad movie, […]

Gasp! ‘Nerdgasm’ Spoiled by Discovery of Homophobia Behind ‘Ender’s Game’?

One of the most annoying habits of liberals is their tendency to confuse their political agenda with moral virtue. It’s never about the efficacy of policy with them. Instead, it’s about voting your way to Heaven: Blessed are those who vote Democrat, for they shall be called the children of Gaia, or something. So . […]

Ender’s Game

– Wombat-socho The long-awaited movie version of Orson Scott Card’s classic science fiction tale Ender’s Game hit the theaters today, and since I’ve been waiting to see it since the short story was first published, I went to see it this afternoon. tl;dr: Beautiful and sad and horrifying and wonderful. For those of you who […]

In Which the Untalented @AndOHehir Gets Owned by @AceOfSpadesHQ

Some liberal motifs are perennial: When God and Man at Yale was published in 1951, liberals denounced Buckley as a fanatic and worse. One hostile reviewer accused him of “un-Christian arrogance,” while another said that Buckley’s book had “the glow and appeal of a fiery cross on a hillside at night.” From a 2010 Andrew […]

And Then, Inexplicably, the Villain Decides to Deliver an Arrogant Lecture …

. . . a lecture just long enough to allow the seemingly doomed underdog hero to reach his 9-mm pistol and blast that son of bitch. Hero says sarcastic tough-guy line. Hero is embraced by vulnerable female lead amid wreckage. Roll credits over pop-music theme. At some point, intelligent people grow up and get tired of seeing […]

‘Raiders of the Lost Pretty Baby’?

Ace of Spades stumbled across transcripts of the brainstorming sessions that led to the Indiana Jones movies, and the backstory of this dialogue: Marion Ravenwood: “I was too young, it was wrong and you knew it.” Indiana Jones: “You knew what you were doing.” Ace says: “I assumed it was actually Contrived Filler Dialogue To […]

Ed Said Nix Flick: Odd ‘Squad’ Cop Flop, Mugs Thugs With Lame Gang Bang-Bang

Ed Morrisey pans the new movie Gangster Squad as an all-star ripoff: Contrast this with The Untouchables, which I think is overrated but at least addressed the moral issue of crossing the line between law enforcement and thuggery.  For that matter, skip The Untouchables and watch the infinitely superior L.A. Confidential , which dealt with […]

Michael Moore’s Politics of Prejudice

Tonight, surfing around the channels, I happened onto Current TV — the progressive network that environmentally concerned Al Gore just sold to the oil-rich sheikhs of Qatar — and the network was showing Michael Moore’s 2009 documentary, Capitalism: A Love Story. Watching it, I noticed that Michael Moore wasn’t really trying to explain what caused the mortgage […]

‘Learning French,’ IYKWIMAITYD

Valérie Allain as Mireille Belleau in French in Action (1987) “Many have criticized the depiction of Mireille as gratuitously sexist. The camera often lingers on the actress’s chest and bare legs. ‘You’re seeing the videotape through a male gaze,’ said one female teaching assistant who asked not to be identified.” – New York Times, March […]

Left Celebrates ‘Hating Breitbart’ Opening by Acting Like the A–holes They Are

Tonight my co-blogger Smitty is going to see the new Andrew Marcus documentary Hating Breitbart for the first time. I’ve seen it twice — at the world premiere at the Republican convention in Tampa and at the D.C. preview showing Oct. 8. Last night at the first commercial showing of the film in D.C., a fanatical Breitbart-hater […]

Movie Rated ‘R’ for Scene in Which Breitbart Rapes the Media Narrative

Tonight is the DC premiere of Andrew Marcus’s excellent new documentary, Hating Breitbart, which gets some unexpected free publicity: Producers of the biographical documentary “Hating Breitbart” got news last week that their film received an “R” rating from the Motion Picture Association of America. And with that move official Hollywood, long the preserve of liberal […]


WARNING: This film is not yet rated and depicts a horrific nightmare vision so frightening I hesitate even to describe it: OBAMA’S AMERICA 2016 Four More Years of Unimaginable Terror! Coming Soon to a Nation Near You?

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