The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Ott Finds Humor In ObamaCare Decision

by Smitty Ott makes an excellent effort at finding some humor in the ObamaCare news. I thought the final EU joke worked the best:

Can I Recall A More Pissed Off Whittle Than In This Fast & Furious Essay?
No, I Cannot

by Smitty

A Dry Shot Of Ott

by Smitty

Trifecta Trounces Turbo Tax Timmy’s Tomfoolery & Turpitude

by Smitty Whittle’s head is on the verge of ‘sploding here as he tries to get his mind around the blend of idiocy and the diabolical presented to the Congress in the form of this year’s White House budget input. The question of why we are incapable of coaxing someone like Paul Ryan to run […]

Scott Ott Brings The Funny: Skim Scum From Your Dim Sum

by Smitty

Aerial SHARK Jumped With Small Arms

by Smitty Trifecta has the details. One worries that the PETAphiles are going to irritate the wrong people some day and have the sack to wonder why something truly devastating occurs in reply. Unexpectedly. Related buffoonery pointed out by Ed Driscoll.

Front Page Flogs The Dead Horse Known As The Buffet Rule

by Smitty Well edited contempt for #OccupyResoluteDesk and his crap-tacular ideas. Was the AMT really intended to go after “certain taxpayers“, or is it intended as a bomb to go off and gradually screw increasing numbers of people as the Federal Reserve inflates more people into the crosshairs?

Scott Ott With The Dry Humor

by Smitty If Ott gets any drier, he’s going to wake up British:

Scott Ott Refuses To Cry Over Spilled Milk

by Smitty Not the powdered milk in the ship, not the Pittsburgh Steelers. Tough man. Bonus PJTV, with Stephen Green bringing Dare of the Hog: Epiphany: Bob Schieffer if Jane Curtin’s fraternal twin.

The Elephant In The Fail Room

by Smitty From Has the conservative elite really failed? Alan Greenspan, a free-market hero, blundered horribly in failing to regulate shadow banking, followed by another Republican appointee, Ben Bernanke. They forgot the old adage that the job of a central banker is to take away the punch-bowl just as the party is getting good. If […]

Shorter Victor Davis Hanson: Postmodernism Sucks

by Smitty Read all of VDH’s America’s Two-Front War What we have, then, is a war on two ends: the better off are hesitant to work more, given their fears that additional profits will either be more difficult to come by or not remain their own; the poor are hesitant to work more, given their […]

Whittle Speaks As The GOP Would, Had It Hair #1 Where Necessary

by Smitty Should we just draft Bill Whittle for POTUS? Update: Whittle/Gillespie 2012? I saw that NG clip while going back to YouTube to help float the question of whether the GOP is relatively more feckless than the Australian Greens: Update II: During his news conference, when asked if House Republicans “caved”, Boehner said, “Sometimes […]

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