The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

E.W. Jackson Refutes Making The Zimmerman Case A ‘Racial Confrontation’

by Smitty E.W. Jackson isn’t having any of the Racism Industrial Complex’s noise about the George Zimmerman case. Today he was on WMAL “Mornings on the Mall” in DC. The audio is over at Fairfax Free Citizen. This is why, among a field of great talent for Lieutenant Governor, I am pleased to have supported […]

How Soon Will This Madness Stop? And How Much of a Damn Should I Give?

‘Civil rights’ or lynch-mob mentality? Poster at St. Louis rally Saturday (via Gateway Pundit) “It’s likely that Martin’s death . . . would never have crowded into the national consciousness had it not been for Martin’s family, its lawyers and an enterprising PR man. “A pivotal, if little-known, figure in the Martin story’s development was […]

Is There A ‘George Brotherman’, A ‘Chocolate Klansman’?

by Smitty What an excellent essay. I could not have said it better myself, both in terms of content quality, and I would be nailed to the wall as a three-alarm raaaaacist for laying the truth down like this: Follow on Twitter

Mega-Dittos, @RushLimbaugh! Credit Where Credit Is Due and More Questions

“So what you had here was a bureaucracy that was intent on making itself look good, and they were playing games with numbers. “So real crimes would be committed by students, not just Trayvon, and rather than being categorized as such they were just pushed over here into another column on the spreadsheet that said […]

On Another Plane, Everyone Is High-Fiving George Orwell Over Affirmative Action

by Smitty Legal Insurrection points to the abject farce of Affirmative action. First, the Daily Caller: This fall, the Supreme Court faces an even bigger test of its determination to support equality when it hears Schuette v. Michigan Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, a case challenging the right of a state (in this case, Michigan) […]

Cultural Survival Instinct

The counter-jihad blogger known as Fjordman has an essay up at David Horowitz’s Front Page Magazine about the situation in Norway. Norway’s immigrant population is small compared to that in the United States, but the problems arising seem much worse: In May 2011 [Labour Party activist Eskil Pedersen] pressed criminal charges against a Member of Parliament, Christian […]

‘Diversity Is Our Strength’ — And Also Leads to Hate-Crime Murder in New York

Dan Riehl points out that “three Hispanic males” were implicated in the murder of a gay black man in Greenwich Village, a potentially relevant fact that the New York Times couldn’t be bothered to mention in maundering on about the historic vicinity of the crime: Mark Carson did not hide that he was gay, and […]

Vote Democrat! ‘Your Slave-Holding, Murdering, Adulterous, Baby-Raping, Incestuous, Snaggle-Toothed, Backward-A**ed, Inbreed, Imported Criminal-Minded Kin Folk’

A guy named Eddie Maxwell e-mailed Alabama state legislators to express his concern for preserving the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. It was an open-CC e-mail, and what ensued was a flaming open-CC’d response by Alabama state Rep. Joseph Mitchell, whose colleagues and constituents were shocked by the venomous hostility. Uh, no comment from […]

Shark Tank Catches A ‘Racial’ Altercation In Real Time

by Smitty This video by The Shark Tank catches Yid with Lid and Greg Thrasher Thrasher posts today, presumably in response: One of the truths I have learned from my activism in the area of civil rights is the ability to evolve pass[sic] seeking racial parity and equity with the majority society . I now […]

Just in Case New York Times Readers Don’t Feel Enough White Guilt Yet …

. . . Ta-Nehisi Coates is there on the op-ed pages with a stern sermonette for them. It involves the fact that an employee of a New York deli didn’t recognize the actor Forest Whitaker and accused him of shoplifting. Coates offers a few more examples — including from before he was born — of […]

Memo From the Lunatic Fringe: LGF Attacking ‘Anchor Baby Malkin’

Diary of Daedalus shows that a Little Green Footballs commenter got 11 “updings” for this insightful offering: More fake outrage against our First Lady: Anchor Baby Malkin fails miserably at attempting to mock the First Lady’s “Evolution of Mom Dancing.” The Obama Derangement Syndrome is more dangerous than syphilis. Here is the video that inspired the LGF comment: […]

By Any Means Necessary

The important thing to understand about the Democrat Party is that they have no moral or philosophical principles of any kind. The Democrat Party is about power for its own sake, and everything that Democrats claim to stand for is negotiable, subject to change if necessary to win elections. For example, if racism will win election […]

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