The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Massively Indebted, Budgetless Government Decides To Let The Taxes Ride With The Spending

by Smitty I’m not asking to have my taxes raised, or to watch the stake go through the heart of the economy. But Congress just kicked the fiscal can down the road again: Yet, in a sign that Wednesday’s vote was more about message than substance, the House made no move to launch a formal […]

#YouDidntDoThat Because You Were Buried In Jacked-Up Regulations

by Smitty Representative Mike Kelly on the topic of HR 4078: To provide that no agency may take any significant regulatory action until the unemployment rate is equal to or less than 6.0 percent. In fairness to #OccupyResoluteDesk, enacting this would severely limit the amount of kickbacks, graft, carve-outs, chiseling, thuggery, corruption, patronage, favors, handouts, […]

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Former Democrat Unexpectedly Addresses NOVA Tea Party

by Smitty The World’s Youngest Blogger and I caught up with Artur Davis three weeks ago at the Fairfax County GOP. Here we are this time at Grevey’s, which did a good job of handling an overflow crowd*. If you only have time for one clip, I did pan to the World’s Youngest Blogger at the […]

Artur Davis Speaks To Fairfax County GOP 19Jun2012

by Smitty Artur Davis is somebody you want to know more about. The Grio, from 30 May 2012: Former Alabama congressman Artur Davis, once considered a rising star in the Democratic Party and a potential member of Obama’s cabinet, announced this week he is switching parties and becoming a Republican. Davis, who lost the Democratic […]

#GOPEstablishmentIn4Words For Users Craving Knick-knacks

by Smitty #GOPEstablishmentIn4Words Formidable until CNN knocks. — Chris Smith (@smitty_one_each) June 13, 2012 #GOPEstablishmentIn4Words Feckless unless continuously kicked. — Chris Smith (@smitty_one_each) June 13, 2012   #GOPEstablishmentIn4Words Frequently using Constitutional knowledge. — Chris Smith (@smitty_one_each) June 13, 2012   Update: in reply to the query about “undermining and sapping the GOP voting base” in […]

Who Knew The House GOP Was Channeling Peter Cetera?

by Smitty Something about Political Junkie Mom’s tweet of Erik Erikson at RedState dredged up an old memory: Did you know that House Republicans are still defeating amendment after amendment to cut spending — even relatively small amounts? You probably didn’t realize this because, for some reason, no one is reporting it. So here are […]


by Smitty Nothing unexpected here, just another litany of how unserious #OccupyResoluteDesk is: via Red Alexandria

A) They’re Just Bloggers.
B) A Thousand Word Screed’s No Biggie.
C) New Media Is Just Some Fad.

by Smitty Q. Why does the Virginia GOP continue to spurn people like just a conservative girl, to its detriment? So I wasted well over two hours of my time and have no tickets to the debate. When I got back home I sent the following email to the Chairman: I am writing to tell […]

Right On, Michael Zak

by Smitty Zak continues to fight the good fight: Yesterday, I attended a 150th anniversary ceremony in honor of the DC Emancipation Act. The event was held at Abraham Lincoln’s summer cottage. The quartet Just Righteous inspired with A Change Is Gonna Come and other classic songs. Frank Williams discussed President Lincoln’s views on the […]

A Whiter Shade Of GOPale

by Smitty And so it was that later as McCotter told his tale Smitty’s face, at first just ghostly, turned a whiter shade of GOPale McCotter laments at length at Ricochet, and I excerpt: “I want to shout, but I can’t hardly speak” Presently, Rock-n-Roll Reaganites are in exile on Lame Street. Bored in the […]

Grover Norquist Offers A Striking View Of The GOP

by Smitty Bearing Drift has a genuinely interesting interview with Grover Norquist. GN pooh-poohs the importance of the Oval Office occupant, and says that the GOP Congress will be more crucial. Hmmm.

Not-Mitt Protest Vote Registered In VA

by Smitty The Virginia GOP needs a personality transplant. 400 years on into the existence of the state, we have a GOP so sclerotic as to serve up one vote with a choice of two candidates. I was the only one in the room, and outnumbered 6:1 by poll workers. Way to excite people about […]

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