The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Stand With Arizona? Not John McCain

Thanks to Barbara Espinosa for posting this picture: That’s Maverick with then-Gov. Janet Napolitano at a 2004 rally against Proposition 200, which requires “individuals to provide proof of citizenship before they may register to vote or apply for public benefits in Arizona.” Prop 200 passed with 56% of the vote and yet somehow, that backstabbing […]

Allahpundit Now Seriously Considering Endorsement of J.D. Hayworth?

He is shocked — shocked! — to discover that John McCain is a lying two-faced backstabbing crapweasel: Pandering is one thing, shameless careerist pandering is something else, and then there’s John “Goddamned Fence” McCain marching along the border in a badass Navy baseball cap looking like he could choke out a coyote with his bare […]

People Of AZ And CA: Pay No Attention To Utah. I Repeat. . .

by Smitty The top story is that Robert Bennett has been uninvited to a fourth term representing Utah as a GOP Senator. Also, it seems that he may not be allowed to try his hand at Liebermanism. Just A Conservative Girl has the summary: Senator Bob Bennett, 76, was given his walking papers today from […]

Chuck DeVore Responds To Sarah’s Endorsement Of Carly

by Smitty Dan Riehl was grim on the topic: . . .on the heels of her misguided Rand Paul endorsement, now Palin backs Fiorina in California. Chuck DeVore is the conservative in the race. That’s two endorsements she shouldn’t have made, as they hurt her brand, as much as they may help the candidate. I […]

Word Association With Joe The Plumber Goes Unwell For John McCain @3:40

by Smitty Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher looks tanned and much-improved in this clip, no doubt from having spoken at enough Tea Parties. A few soundbites: “If this was a Republican movement, I wouldn’t be here.” “Democrats are great people.” “The GOP looks at [the Tea Parties] as a tool.” “I just put my name on […]

John McCain Gets His Queeg On

“Bitter”? “Unprincipled”? “Self-pitying”? Gosh, it’s a shame Newsweek didn’t notice this stuff back in 1999: Many of the GOP’s most faithful, the kind who vote in primaries despite 115-degree heat, tired long ago of McCain the Maverick, the man who had crossed the aisle to work with Democrats on issues like immigration reform, global warming, […]

DailyKos Poll Puts McCain Over Hayworth

by Smitty (via Lucianne) The Daily Caller reports that a DailyKos poll puts McCain over Hayworth in the Arizona Republican Senate Primary race. The lack of detail makes the entire exercise sketchy, and the final DC quotation even moreso: The liberal site put it this way: “The bottom line? The Democrats become competitive, if Hayworth […]

Stacy Should Advise His Cousin To Consider Retirement

by Smitty Barbara Espinosa posts some medium-devastating details about Senator McCain’s Reform Institute for Campaign and Election Issues: Founded on June 26, 2001, McCain’s Reform Institute for Campaign and Election Issues has long served as a nerve center for the so-called “campaign finance reform” movement – a movement which has done nothing to clean up […]

Just Booked My Flight: Vegas, Baby!

“Free Enterprise. The American Dream. Horatio Alger gone mad on drugs in Las Vegas. . . . Every now and then when your life gets complicated and the weasels start closing in, the only real cure is to load up on heinous chemicals and then drive like a bastard from Hollywood to Las Vegas. … […]

On The Value Of Flogging Senator McCain

by Smitty This is not a defense of the gentleman, fellow IFNAG (Idiot Frickin’ Naval Academy Graduate) though he may be. In seeing the country’s arc as sinusoidal, I’m not sure that we’d have been better in the long run with a JSM administration. It’s all counter-factual now, but I submit that with a President […]

J.D. Hayworth vs. John McCain

Thanks to Barbara Espinosa at American Freedom for highlighting this issue-by-issue comparison: TAXES John McCain — Opposed the Bush tax cuts. Voted against repealing the Death Tax. The Club for Growth says McCain’s overall record on taxes “is profoundly disturbing and anti-growth.” J.D. Hayworth — Helped to author the Bush tax cuts and supports repealing […]

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