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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Karl Rove Says Herman Cain Campaign ‘Not Gonna Have a Nice Ending’

Via POH Diaries and Gateway Pundit: Let me be blunt in saying that I am thoroughly familiar with every argument against Herman Cain’s candidacy, and far more aware than most political journalists of the organizational challenges (to put it mildly) of the Cain campaign. Last night I was on the phone with my buddy Ali Akbar as […]

Top Rubio Staffer Reportedly Pushed for Early Florida Primary to Help Romney

* * * UPDATE OCT. 14 * * * Marco Rubio Denies His Office Influenced Florida Primary Date PREVIOUSLY (OCT. 13) * * * EXCLUSIVE * * * When Florida defied Republican National Committee rules to move the state’s 2012 presidential primary from an RNC-approved March date to Jan. 31, conservatives immediately suspected that state […]

From Marco Rubio to Herman Cain: How the Crist Factor Hurt Perry in Florida

Marco Rubio and Sarah Rumpf Sarah Rumpf helped facilitate Florida state Rep. Scott Plakon’s endorsement of Herman Cain, which in turn helped Cain score his crushing upset of Texas Gov. Rick Perry in Saturday’s Orlando “Presidency5″ straw poll. Today, I spoke at length with “Sunshine State Sarah” to get the backstory of that endorsement, and […]

Two Words: ‘Bench Strength’

Many conservatives were disappointed when Paul Ryan declined to run for president in 2012, and many conservatives — among them Joy McCann at The Conservatory — have raved almost deliriously about Marco Rubio’s speech at the Reagan Library: I’ve been supporting Marco Rubio, of course, since before I knew who Marco Rubio was. The day […]

Not Just No, But Hell, No! John Cornyn Uncontested in Bid for NRSC Chair?

Somebody hasn’t been paying attention: Sen. John Cornyn is expected Tuesday to formally make a bid for another two years as chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. GOP sources confirm to CNN that the Texas Republican will put his name up for nomination for re-election as NRSC chairman, as the Senate Republican Conference meets […]

‘The Demagogic Bloggers on the Right’

Frequent commenter “Joe” calls our attention to Patterico’s dig at Jeff Goldstein (and unnamed others) in which the prosecutor endeavors to play the Instapundit card: Now that Glenn has said the same thing the “pragmatic” conservatives are saying, will the blogospheric demagogues who seek out Mark Levin’s favor put Glenn Reynolds on the list of […]

Just Requested Media Credentials for the Marco Rubio Victory Party in Miami

PANAMA CITY, Fla. — Me and every other freaking reporter on the planet: Perhaps the most sought-after press credential in the country on Nov. 2: Republican Senate frontrunner Marco Rubio’s party at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables. As of yesterday, the campaign had received requests from 232 media outlets. That includes 35 television cameras […]

Why Vote Republican?

If Marco Rubio doesn’t close the deal for you here, I don’t know what more anyone could possibly say:

After Squandering $12 Million in Campaign Cash, Charlie Crist Is Now Reduced to Role of Debate ‘Heckler’

Yeah, everybody and his dog has already posted that video, but I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to point out how completely Charlie Crist has screwed himself and the GOP Establishment. Less than 18 months ago, when Genius John Cornyn and the NRSC endorsed Crist — “Those treacherous bastards!” — polls showed Crist leading Rubio by […]

Is Jillian Bandes Stalking Marco Rubio?

The intrepid Townhall reporter is following him all over Florida while singing silly love songs in her car: We can forgive Jillian if she seems a wee bit obsessed. Marco had us at “hello,” and few developments of the mid-term campaign are more encouraging for conservatives than the success of Rubio, who inspired the “Not One […]

Marco Rubio: Sincere, Passionate, Articulate

by Smitty (via The Lonely Conservative) After Crist gets done repeating a completely cheesy accusation from a Hispanic newspaper, Rubio looks about ready to come across the table and flog the orange clean off the guy: Rubio: champ Crist: chump Kendrick Meek sounds like a decent guy in all this, but, of the three, Rubio […]

Have I Mentioned That I’m Polish On My Mother’s Side?

by Smitty After a day or two under the new posting regime, the time has come to celebrate Stacy McCain’s aggressive approach to new technology integration with a reader poll. The first and third choices will combine to form the NO crowd, the second and fourth the YES. DisqUS: Old and Tired; or, the New […]

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