The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Elections Have Consequences. Will GOP Victory = ‘Consequences’ Consequences?

by Smitty You’ve got to love The Week: “Why the GOP must pass a real ObamaCare replacement after it wins the Senate“. That sounds like ‘bargaining’ on the Kübler-Ross Model. Keep in mind that ObamaCare is the new plantation. To hell with this Commie thinking that we can’t reject this plantation without moving onto a […]

“Remember the Time Warner Voted Against Obama?” Said No One. Ever.

by Smitty What a tool-icious record. I guess it’s a comfort to know that when #OccupyResoluteDesk comes to Virginia’s Fort Belvoir to golf, the President can rely on Mark Warner to hold Obama’s balls. Vote Ed Gillespie It’s high time the number of Virginia Senators with a shred of dignity was above zero again. via […]

Mr. Podhoretz, You’ve Got The Pieces

by Smitty Let me help you re-arrange them. So why aren’t Republicans sitting pretty? The answer, I think, is far more technical than ideological. Democrats are vastly superior when it comes to the mechanics of American politics, and have been for nearly a decade, while the GOP’s technical skills have withered since 2004. Allow me […]

The Republican Direction Is The Same Tired One As The Democrats; Just Slower

by Smitty As is generally the case when reading purported conservative writers like Brooks and Noonan, one wonders: what part of “Progressivism is played out” do they not understand? Noonan in the WSJ: But put aside the word “nationalized.” Shouldn’t the Republican Party make it clear right now exactly what it is for and what […]

The Vichy GOP Thinks Tea Parties Should Just Shut Up & Fall In Line, Or Something

by Smitty One must borrow Her Majesty’s dead horse in response to the Fox News question: Will Tea Party, GOP establishment be ‘mending fences’ to win Senate in November? After a long, unapologetic effort to defeat Tea Party and other so-called “unelectable” candidates in GOP primaries, the Washington establishment will likely need Tea Party voters […]

Obama Is All: “Ha ha, Holland! I Got A 35% Approval Floor, And I’m Not Even Named After A Foreign Country”

by Smitty Via Instapundit, the excellent Daniel Hannan, emphasis mine: Snobbery is not confined to any party or faction, of course. What seems far more common on the Left, though, is the need to find some inert, subjugated, grateful mass to champion. At first, that mass was supposed to be the industrialised proletariat. But, when […]

Enlisting Alice Cooper To Respond To The Prospect Of Another Romney Candidacy

by Smitty Varying his meaning slightly:

Go For The Fundraiser, Perry

by Smitty Rothman needs to think outside the media bag of tricks: [Reporting for a mug shot in response to the abuse of power indictment is] really bad news for those who backed Perry’s prospective 2016 presidential campaign. No matter how frivolous the charges Perry faces, and they are frivolous, few politicians can recover from […]

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