The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Adolphology for the Godwin-Win

by Smitty Soopermexican was riffing on the Sarah Sanders ejection story. But if you’re going to cross the line on Godwin’s Law, why not broad jump the thing? Twitter teaches us very important things like only Hitler would have tossed someone out of his restaurant and also if you don’t kick someone out of your […]

Fire Bogus Idiots
Fomenting Blatant, Irredeemable,
Flagrant Betrayals–Immediately!

by Smitty Have we had enough rectal sunsine yet? Mollie Hemingway offers a relatively calm depiction of the kidney-load down the back that the Deep State would have us believe is merely a summer drizzle. Oh, did I say “Deep State”? We’ve still got those who are incapable of seeing the forest for the trees: […]

Tyler O’Neil Strives To Paint Corey Stewart As A White *YAWN* Supremacist

by Smitty Another primary, another strident nominee, another round of Seals & Crofts fans rushing to denounce the Terrifying Specter of a Republican Candidate with a Backbone. Crimes: 1. “The candidate took an uncompromisingly positive position about symbols of the Confederacy during last year’s campaign.” The statues had been there for generations. While communities should […]

“I Said: ‘Cut Back On The Tariffs. Your Economies May Do Better Than Keith Richards Trying To Sell Face Cream.'”

by Smitty "…and then she gave me the Full Jessup." — I Came; I Saw; I Got Over Macho Grande [K?] (@smitty_one_each) June 10, 2018 Who's gonna do it? You? You, Donald Trump? We have a greater responsibility to the Elite than you could possibly fathom. — I Came; I Saw; I Got Over […]

Clapper & the Invisible Spies of Happiness

by Smitty The embed below is due to If the #FBI had a basis for what it was about, then, in much the same manner that campaigns receive intel briefings and Secret Service protection, wouldn't a little courtesy nudge have been in order? — I Came; I Saw; I Got Over Macho Grande […]

Halfway Through Destroying The Village To “Save” It, The Second Thoughts Kick In

by Smitty Prediction: the “Yeah, maybe we went too far” genre will going to ‘splode as the rot of the Obama Administration is exposed, and even the most useful idiots (I’m not enough of a Carol Horton scholar to know how well this shoe fits–I mean UIs in general) grasp that people aren’t quite the […]

Internal Civil War Raging (Not Raging)?

by Smitty The visible kulturkampf is undeniable. The Left seeks to continue to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” into a single “managed liberty” State, with Lefty pencil-necks guiding us. I get that. As Mueller’s Folly winds down, we’re learning that the shenanigans may not have started with the Trump campaign: The Obama Administration […]

The Parental Trump

by Smitty I wear my conscience on my sleeve. When made sincerely aware of offense given, fixing the problem now, Now, NOW! is an imperative to me. As a child, Dad would send me to my room to stew over my indiscretion for a while, prior to summoning me for discipline. As a father, I […]

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