The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Outtakes From A Leadership Book By Some Guy Whom Troops Would Only Follow Out Of Morbid Curiosity

by Smitty And I looked at the top of Trump's head, and it snarled at me.The Tribble. I had to stop it.Nobody but me, with my innate xenobiological sense, could even detect the heinous alien menace that had possessed this otherwise quotidian buffoon. — I Came; I Saw; I Got Over Macho Grande (@smitty_one_each) April […]

Poor Wee Paul Ryan

by Smitty So the Speaker is ejecting. Along with guys like Trey Gowdy. Podhoretz is a doom-peddler, all emphasis mine: John Boehner, his predecessor, quit rather than suffer through a challenge from the bomb throwers in the Republican House conference. There’s no precedent for this in American history. The Speakership has been one of the […]

It’s Not Over ‘Til He Pops The Question

by Smitty

The Other Podcast: Episode 4

John Hoge of Hogewash and I launched a podcast last month during CPAC, but the planned second and third episodes were marred by technical difficulties. Saturday night, however, everything worked and we had a wide-ranging hour-long discussion that included three call-ins from listeners.   We plan to make this podcast a weekly event. Your financial […]

Jeff Beck Shout Out To Andrew McCabe

by Smitty When going to the mat,With an old bureaucrat,You can threaten him with Hell's own fiery pits.But if you want to feel the hate,From a DC invertebrate,Just threat his "god given" benefits. — I Came; I Saw; I Got Over Macho Grande (@smitty_one_each) March 16, 2018 Per Legal Insurrection, McCabe got the ouster […]

Broward Rhymes With Something

by Smitty A little rhyming repartee with JoahnOfArgghh. Twitter ain’t dead; it’s just restin’. Sad, the tale of Broward,Whose men proved so untoward,When Destiny chose to put them to the test.When calamity comes messin',Put your skill in Smith & Wesson,And your faith in God, where it will do you best. — I Came; I Saw; […]

Chris Cassone: “Who Among Us”

by Smitty Old blog buddy Chris Cassone came to mind while breaking fast with Stacy McCain this morning at CPAC. It’s been almost a decade since we first had him play at an event at the Army & Navy Club that we hosted. Chris is coming out with some new stuff Real Soon Now, and […]

In Praise Of Obama’s Portrait

by Smitty The newly unveiled Presidential portrait of BHO affords this blog a rare opportunity to praise the “fundamental transformation” that His ‘Pretty Sharpness’ wrought:

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