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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Alabama Wins Second Consecutive BCS Title, Humiliates Notre Dame 42-14

The University of Alabama defended its national football championship in an impressive style Monday, blowing out previously top-ranked Notre Dame 42-14 in the BCS title game in Miami. It was the third BCS title in four years for Coach Nick Saban’s team, as Alabama dominated the Irish to claim the 15th national championship in the […]

The Nick Saban Approach to the Problem of Chuck Hagel: ‘Make His Ass Quit’

Hagel nomination and Left’s dilemma: Do they hate Israel more than they love gays? — Roll Tide Roll (@rsmccain) January 7, 2013 Superficial sarcasm is arguably unfair: Accusing Chuck Hagel of “hating” homosexuals or Jews because of policy disagreements? However . . . Since when did the Left give a damn about fairness in politics? “By […]

#RMFT: You WILL Click This Link

The hashtag need not be translated, for there is but one Tide and it shall forever Roll. There is but one Tuscaloosa on the planet, and there is but one team that wears the fabled Crimson, and by whom all others must be conquered. (OK, shut up, Aggies. I’m doing epic poetry here.) And lo, there […]


An exclusive report from our Alabama bureau: By Bert The Samoan Lawyer SPECIAL TO THE OTHER MCCAIN TUSCALOOSA In a stunning display of the ability to run out the clock, in a game punctuated by clock mismanagement on both sides, an Alabama team that displayed exactly the same weaknesses that it underlined in Sharpie, highlighted, […]

Creepiest News of the Day (So Far)

It’s not yet 6 p.m. ET, so I suppose something weirder might still come along, but so far? Yeah, this is definitely it: Bill Johnson, a former Alabama gubernatorial candidate, has left his wife and family in Prattville to be with babies he secretly conceived as a sperm donor in New Zealand. Johnson’s wife, Kathy Hale […]

First Arrest in Alleged ‘Justice for Trayvon’ Mob Attack in Mobile, Alabama

The case of Matthew Owens, a white man who suffered critical injuries after being beaten by a black mob — some of whom allegedly shouted “that’s justice for Trayvon” — has produced its first arrest: Terry Rawls, 44, who “has an extensive criminal history . . . including assault, burglary, theft and cocaine possession.” Meanwhile, however, it […]

Alabama Man Becomes Third Victim of ‘Justice for Trayvon’ Violence Trend UPDATE: Not a Hate Crime, Cops Say

From the very start, I warned against trying this case in the media. Demagoguery and political grandstanding have predictably inflamed emotions, so that innocent people who never set foot in Sanford, Florida, are made to pay a dreadful price: First in Baltimore, then in Chicago, and now in Mobile, Alabama: Police tell News 5 the […]

Memo From the National Affairs Desk: Mathematical Impossibilities Happen

“Rick Santorum charged of out Tuesday’s wins in the South with a fresh claim to being the chosen son of the Republicans’ conservative flank. Mitt Romney limped out with something that could endure longer: an enhanced lead in delegates. “Under the cruel math of the prolonged GOP primary race, Mr. Santorum’s victories in Alabama and […]


UPDATE 1:55 a.m. ET: Mitt Romney wins all nine of American Samoa’s delegates, just like Guam. I say we sell ‘em both to China. Package deal. Good riddance! UPDATE 1:05 a.m. ET: Earthquake in Vanuatu. Just a coincidence, right? UPDATE 12:15 a.m. ET: As of now, according to the Associated Press, Mitt Romney has 472 […]

The Expert Agrees: Polls Are Crap! BONUS: @ESantorum2012 in Hawaii

Nate Silver of the New York Times shows a surprising humility in explaining the limitations of polling, particularly with the situation we’re facing in Alabama and Mississippi: We don’t have what you might call “data depth.” Unlike the early states (e.g., Iowa or South Carolina), we don’t have a long string of polls, several every […]

Mr. Inevitability, Mitt Romney

Quin Hillyer of The American Spectator lives in Alabama and reports on the ideological emptiness of the front-runner’s campaign: At about 7:15, Ann Romney came out to say her husband would be out soon. They knew it was important to do it soon, she said, because they were looking at weather forecasts and were afraid […]

Sources Close to Christina Hendricks Could Not Be Reached for Comment

When you’re seeking a metaphor for “no chance in hell,” certain impossible scenarios immediately come to mind, which was what I was aiming for in my American Spectator column today: Monday, Carl Cameron of Fox News was the vehicle by which “sources close to the Gingrich campaign” floated a trial balloon, suggesting that former House […]

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