The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Admits: ‘I Am a Socialist. And, Yeah, I Checked Out Those Demi Lovato Bikini Pics, Too.’

Wait. Maybe I need to double-check that quote: O’Donnell was arguing on “Morning Joe” with Glenn Greenwald, who accused him of “trying to blame ‘the Left’ and ‘liberalism’ for the Democrats’ political woes.” O’Donnell responded: “Glenn, unlike you, I am not a progressive. I am not a liberal who is so afraid of the word […]

Dear Ace: ‘A Choice, Not an Echo’

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — OK, after the last post, I promised I was going to go back to sleep, but somebody in the comments said that Ace of Spades was “bitching and moaning . . . that the tea party cost us DE et al.” Because I didn’t see the aforesaid bitching and moaning, I can’t address […]

Christine O’Donnell: We The People Of The First State

by Smitty Screw Comcast to the wall. One hopes that the ballot box verdict in a few hours brings the jolly bollocking they merit. In the meantime, set aside my rant and take the time to ensure this video has more viewers as a result of their perfidy than it otherwise would have: We the […]

234 Years Later, Obama Hardly Resembling Washington

by Smitty Not quite 234 years ago, original Tea Partier and future first POTUS George Washington crossed the Delaware River to put the hurt on forces of the Ruling Class overlords encamped at Trenton. A couple centuries later, and things are reversed. Now, via AmericanGlob the POuTUS has become the Ruling Class overlord, and must […]

Greetings from Bristol, Va.

Please excuse the 24-hour absence of bl0gging, and thanks to Smitty and Wombat for producing excellent content in my absence. Yesterday I drove from Hagerstown to Christiansburg, Va., and then on to Abingdon, where I filed 950 words last night The American Spectator: ABINGDON, Va. — Rick Boucher voted for the “Job-Killing Cap & Trade Energy Tax,” says […]

Gov. Pete DuPont Steps Up To The Plate

by Smitty A late night dose of righteousness from The Libertarian Republican. Gov. Pete DuPont in the WSJ, emphasis mine: So last week I attended two O’Donnell-Coons debates and saw a campaign that could determine which party will be in the Senate majority. Mr. Coons has been elected three times to New Castle County office; […]

The WaPo Looks Really Bad Over Christine O’Donnell

WaPo, As a subscriber, one hopes that the correct people are held accountable for this debacle: Suggestion: man up, do the correct thing, and give Christine O’Donnell a proper interview, post-haste. The media, in general, is engaged in a McCarthyite war against a lawful candidate, and the WaPo ought to be extinguishing, rather than […]

Unnamed Senior Dems Admit Delaware Senate Race Will Be Close

by Smitty Some more insight into why Obama Went Down To Delaware, courtesy of HillBuzz, emphasis mine: Somehow, I turned the topic. . .to Christine O’Donnell’s Senate race in Delaware because the guy I was talking to did a lot of fundraising in New England during the 2008 campaign and I know he “gets” states […]

Just Watched Christine O’Donnell And That Other Dude Debate

by Smitty Update II: Let us pray that enlightenment, or a ludicrous amount of pressure, finds Mike Castle. No one can make the old duffer do the graceful thing here: he has every right to be a cantankerous, Ruling Class putz and fail to support the American cause. I support and defend his constitutional right […]

Obama Went Down To Delaware

by Smitty Obama going to Delaware on Friday? Via AmericanGlob, Rush says it’s all panic. Allahpundit likes the WaPo analysis: Obama isn’t just visiting; he is also bringing Vice President Biden, who formerly occupied the Senate seat and has already campaigned on behalf of Coons. Democratic officials insisted the stop isn’t all about celebrating their […]

EXCLUSIVE: Christine O’Donnell Hits Democrat Chris Coons on Taxes Again

In her second statewide campaign mailing, Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell reinforces her message about Democrat Chris Coons’ record of raising taxes in New Castle County: “When it comes to politicians getting their hands on your tax dollars . . . no one does it better than Chris Coons!” While O’Donnell’s two TV ads have […]

When Will Christine O’Donnell TV Ads Hammer ‘Baldy the Tax-Hiking Wanker’?

Woke up this morning to discover that last night’s post about Christine O’Donnell’s new ad was the top item at Memeorandum, with links by Da Tech Guy, Left Coast Rebel, Gateway Pundit and, of course, not Allahpundit. Yet I will quote He Who Linketh Not: Not a syllable is breathed here about policy, party affiliation, or conservatism; it’s […]

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