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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Florida Girls Pimped Out at 14

Story Number One: The Lake County Sheriff’s Office arrested 44 people in a prostitution sting that led them to a 14-year-old girl who deputies said was being sold for sex. Investigators said Gregory Foster showed up to the sting with a 14-year-old girl he had kidnapped from Orange County. Detectives said Foster and the girl […]

Police: Florida Teacher Told Boy’s Mother ‘No Regrets’ for Sex With Student, 17

No morals, no conscience, no shame: A 29-year-old English teacher who allegedly had a four-month affair with her underage student and aborted his child, has been charged. Jennifer Christine Fichter was arrested yesterday after allegedly confessing to the 17-year-old boy’s mother that she’d had sex with the teen up to 30 times, loved him and […]

Lesbian Sex Crime: Florida Dance Teacher Guilty of Molesting ‘Hot’ 15-Year-Old Girl

Dance teacher Nichol Marie Phelps molested 15-year-old girl. “Why are you so hot?” That’s what dance instructor Nichol Marie Phelps asked her 15-year-old student in March 2012, immediately before pinning the girl against a wall and kissing her. The next day, Phelps sexually molested the girl inside a car in the parking garage of a […]

Voodoo and Welfare: $2 Million Methamphetamine Bust in Florida

Florida: The Crazy State!™ LAKELAND – Nearly $2 million worth of methamphetamine was seized and 13 people arrested in what Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd is calling one of the biggest meth busts they’ve had in recent years. In a press conference Wednesday, Judd laid out the details of the bust, known as Operation Hoodoo Voodoo, […]

Of Course, It’s Florida: Teenage Boy Goes to Gay Nightclub and Gets Butt-Raped

Look, I don’t want to get into any slut-shaming, victim-blaming or homophobia here. But some things can only happen in Florida: For 18 minutes, Justin Hand looks into the camera and recounts how he was raped. In two videos on YouTube titled “I Was Raped Last Sunday,” the 18-year-old Hand (he turns 19 next week) […]

Gay Teen Porn Star Robert Marucci’s Mom Endorses the Florida Way of Life™ UPDATE: Brevard Lifts School Suspension

To creepy old perverts who watch gay teen porn videos on the Internet, he was previously known only as “Noel,” but now the media have decided to make Robert Marucci and his mother famous: Robert Marucci makes no apologies for performing in porn and considers his work like any other job. . . . His […]

Florida, the Crazy State: Brevard Students Rally to Defend Gay Teen Porn Star

Nothing is more important to the citizens of Florida than the right of teenagers to have gay sex on camera for money: A high school senior from Brevard County, Florida, was suspended last week for creating a “campus disturbance.” His crime? Starring in a gay porn video on [a Web site I won't link]. “Noel,” an 18-year-old […]

Florida Atrocity: Girls Beat Teen, Held Her Down as She Was Raped on Video

Left to right: Erica Avery, 16; Jayvon Woolfork, 19; Patricia Montes, 15. Having recently dubbed Florida the “Crazy State,” I’m seldom surprised by reports of criminal degeneracy and perverse madness there, but the raw savagery in this case is astonishing: A 16-year-old girl was allegedly beaten by other girls before being held down to be […]

Florida: The Crazy State

Yes, I’m aware I used the same headline yesterday, but our national lunatic asylum continues to earn its moniker: A Palm Bay man was arrested after police say home surveillance video caught him in sexual acts involving his family’s dog. Joshua Werbicki, 22, was charged last week with animal cruelty and sexual acts involving animals. […]

Florida: The Crazy State

News from our national lunatic asylum: A man who shot a trucker to death in 1992 but was judged to be criminally insane seemed nervous Saturday when stopped for speeding east of Gainesville, a deputy reported. David Harris Dunaway, 58, was wanted by federal authorities, the deputy learned. A grand jury in Tampa had indicted […]

New Documents Expose More #FreeKate Lies, Also: ‘Her Issues With Her Dad’?

Featured on the Today show, May 23 BOOM: Accusations that Florida sex offender Kaitlyn Hunt was prosecuted because of anti-gay bias by the parents of her underage partner were denied by officials at the school that both girls attended, according to documents obtained from the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office. In fact, Hunt’s mother — […]

Mystery in #FreeKate Case: What Does Kaitlyn Hunt’s BFF Julia Gilmore Know?

An intriguing detail I reported last week on the Kaitlyn Hunt case: [Assistant state attorney Christopher] Taylor also recounted a May incident in which Hunt violated the no-contract order by communicating with the victim “through a third party, Julia Gilmore.” In May, Gilmore told a local TV station she “has been friends with Hunt for five years” and, […]

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