The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Report From Family Fleeing Florida

  My daughter is eight months pregnant and lives in South Florida. She, her husband and their dog Max are among the mass exodus fleeing the state ahead of Hurricane Irma, expected to hit somewhere near Miami this weekend. They left Thursday morning and by 10 p.m. had reached the vicinity of Savannah, Georgia. Media […]

Deranged Feminist Attacks Church, Police, ‘Patriarchy’ in Florida

Barbara J. Phillips was arrested in Gainesville. A mentally ill homeless woman in Florida is accused of vandalizing a policeman’s patrol car and smearing feces on a church where she left the walls defaced with nonsensical writings against “patriarchy.” Barbara J. Phillips, 40, was charged with charged with stalking, criminal mischief and damaging church property, […]

Florida: The Crazy State

Jessica Lazarra is a Florida resident, and also crazy. The Baker Act is a Florida law passed in 1971 that specifies the conditions under which a person may be involuntarily committed for psychiatric treatment. If you knew that someone had twice been committed under the Baker Act, what career would you advise them to pursue? […]

Woman Gets 25 Years in Prison for Her Role in Florida Teen Sex-Slavery Case

Marie Johnson (left) and Rob Johnson (right). Marie Johnson was sentenced last week to 25 years in prison for helping her husband keep a teenage orphan as their sex slave for five years. The victim, apparently a relative, was 13 when her mother died and she was sent to live with Rob and Marie Johnson […]

Tampa Teacher @LoraJane Hates Christians, Promotes LGBT in Class

  The state of Florida pays Lora Jane Riedas to promote atheism and homosexuality at Riverview High School. She also teaches math: A teacher in Orlando, Florida is under fire for allegedly forcing students to take off their Christian cross necklaces, and for “promoting an LGBT agenda” in class. The Tampa Bay Times reports the Liberty […]

College Girls: Prostitutes and Democrats

Acacia Friedman (left) and Samara Charlotin (right) were busted for prostitution. Hey, buddy, how’d you like to get it on with a couple of college girls? Well, the going rate is $5,000, according to police in Coral Gables, Florida, where University of Miami student Acacia Friedman, 23, and Florida International University student Samara Charlotin, 19, […]

‘Equality,’ Florida-Style: Lesbian Arrested for Attacking Her Husband With Bleach

Lakeisha Regina LeGrand was arrested earlier this month. History offers many examples of intellectuals dreaming up innovative schemes for “progress” which, as inspiring as they may seem to their advocates in the academic elite, don’t work out so well when applied in real life with real people. Just invoke the magic word “equality” and rational […]

#IDW2017 Immigrant Raped Girl From Age 11, Got Her Pregnant at 15, Police Say

  The Daily Mail reports: A man faces deportation after being arrested on charges of raping his girlfriend’s daughter starting when she was 11 and impregnating her at 15.Henry Jose Garcia, 40, of Cocoa Beach, Florida, was charged Monday with two counts of sexual battery by custodian on a victim under and above 12, according […]

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