The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Paul Broun Will Seek Georgia Senate Seat Vacated by Retiring Sen. Saxby Chambliss

Andrew O’Shea of Viral Read broke the story last night: At an event in Gwinnett County, Republican Rep. Paul Broun announced he will seek Saxby Chambliss’s seat in 2014. Actually, Broun’s wife Niki announced the news, as Jim Galloway of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution notes. There is expected to be a multi-candidate GOP primary for the […]

New TV Series: ‘Atlanta Blood Money’

Meagan McBrayer: Her daddy got rich by killing babies No, wait — I’m sorry, the actual name of the new reality-TV show on the Style network is Big Rich Atlanta, but this involves the question of how these shallow trampy women became rich: The cast includes two women named Marcia Marchman and Meagan McBrayer, the ex-wife […]

Gun-Grabbers Now Hunting Blue Dogs, Target Georgia Democrat John Barrow

Rep. John Barrow (D-Georgia) may well be the most hated man in Congress. Liberals hate him — and he has faced challenges in Democrat primaries — because among other things, he was one of 39 House Democrats who voted against ObamaCare. Republicans may hate him worse because Barrow is one of the last vestiges of […]

Retire #Taxby Chambliss

If #Taxby Chambliss gets away with insulting Georgia taxpayers, what’s to stop him from going full-out RINO? — Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) November 26, 2012 Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss can blame no one else for his self-destructive decision to repudiate his pledge to Georgia taxpayers. His foolish decision to demonize Grover Norquist of Americans for […]

Knuckle-Dragging Creationist Threatens College With Unorthodox Thoughts & Shield Of Faith, But Mostly Thoughts

by Smitty Insty relates the outrageously outraged outrage of the faculty at the Methodist college Emory University, in the Druid Hills section of metropolitan Atlanta. Stacy McCain has not denied having too much fun figuring out what sort of rituals those Druid Hills Methodists were getting up to in their groovy grove. Apparently those Methodists […]

The War on Excellence: Charter School Threatened in Fulton County, Georgia UPDATE: Boortz Notices; More News UPDATE: Ruh-Roh — Islamophobia?

Last night I got an e-mail from a friend down home: Fulton Science Academy Middle School won a 2011 National Blue Ribbon School Award. That’s no mean feat. (Even Arne Duncan “congratulated the school”.) And, if I do say so myself, it’s no surprise. My sons attend the school and my wife and I are very […]

Herman Cain: The Back Story

Herman Cain at the Value Voters Summit, Oct. 7 (Photo: Robert Stacy McCain) Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Georgia) is one of the most conservative members of the Senate. But being a native of Georgia, I remember Isakson’s reputation as a “squish” — damned near a RINO — among the hard-core conservatives of my acquaintance. It is […]

The Death of a Cop-Killer

I haven’t blogged about last night’s execution of convicted Georgia cop-killer Troy Davis, in part because Ann Coulter and Ace of Spades already said pretty much what needed to be said. There isn’t really any need for me to dogpile the story except to observe that, even if you have doubts about the death penalty in general, executing cop-killers […]

Herman Cain: Georgia GOP Speech

I’d asked around to see if someone had video of the full speech that Herman Cain gave this past weekend at the Georgia State Republican Party Convention in Macon. Thanks to Omega Six for finding it: Isn’t it time you joined the online grassroots army at Citizens for Cain?

Cousins for Cain?

Who is that muscular giant with tattooed arms shaking hands with Herman Cain? That’s my cousin Brian Buchanan, who lives near Atlanta and — last time I talked to him — was working as a nightclub bouncer. He sent me that photo by Facebook and told me that he took our cousin Pepper Ellis-Hagebak to […]

White Christmas: Three Inches of Snow Global Warming Forecast for Atlanta

Isn’t climate change wonderful? A strong storm system churning its way through the desert Southwest early Thursday will bring metro Atlanta a good chance for a white Christmas, with accumulating snow possible as far south as the Columbus and Macon areas, forecasters said. . . . “Across the north Georgia mountains, the precipitation should fall […]

Obi’s Sister: Movin’ On Up!

Our longtime blog buddy is now a front-page contributor to Peach Pundit, the premier Georgia politics blog. She celebrates by throwing out the five-dollar word “praxeum” (an inside joke for Star Wars geeks, it seems) because she’s now the William F. Buckley Jr. of Georgia bloggers or something. Congratulations, Ginny!

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