The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Missouri Killer Grabbed Hailey Owens ‘Like a Rag Doll,’ Witnesses Tell Police

Craig Michael Wood, 45, has been charged with first-degree murder and kidnapping in the death of 10-year-old Hailey Owens, whose abduction Tuesday led to an “Amber Alert” that rallied the community of Springfield, Missouri: According to the probable cause statement in the case, Carlos and Michelle Edwards were in the open garage of their home […]

Democrat Fundraiser Sentenced to Probation in Weird Stalking Case

Nadia Cavner is a wealthy Missouri financial adviser who raised more than $100,000 for President Obama’s 2008 campaign and contributed $8,000 for Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill. Nadia Cavner is also the Crazy Mom From Hell: Prosecutor Brian Coleman read a list of allegations during Friday’s court hearing. Coleman said Cavner’s daughter had a boyfriend when […]

In Missouri, ObamaCare Sucks Even Harder Than Military Service

by Smitty So, you can be a conscientious objector, and gaff off military service, but: A federal judge has struck down a Missouri law exempting moral objectors from mandatory birth control coverage because it conflicts with an insurance requirement under President Barrack Obama’s health care law. Will Orwellian wonders never cease? As an aside, I […]

Department of Unfortunate Analogies

Perhaps you remember a fellow named Todd Akin. You may wish you could forget having ever heard the name, but I think you probably remember. Think back to the morning of Sunday, Aug. 19. The Republican National Convention was still eight days away, and Isaac wasn’t even a tropical depression yet. And then came the […]

Todd Akin Rapes Missouri GOP

The only question is whether it was a “legitimate” rape: Whereas Rasmussen polling showed Romney leading pro-abortion President Barack Obama at the end of July and having Romney leading the race in the Show Me State all year, now Obama has the lead. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Missouri Voters finds President […]

We Are Once Again Reminded Why You Can’t Spell ‘Huckabee’ Without an ‘F’

Going back to 2007, at least, I’ve borne a grudge against Mike Huckabee. When the “Fredhead” phenomenon collapsed — when Fred Thompson proved to be a far weaker presidential candidate than we had hoped — the question became, “Who can stop John McCain?” No conservative wanted McCain to get the nomination, but Republicans were horribly […]

E-Mail From Mrs. Akin

Depressed by the Politics of Dumb, I went to bed early, but woke up after an hour and checked my e-mail to find . . . this: Dear Friends, My husband is a man of principle and courage. He’s a great husband and a wonderful father to our daughters and sons, but he’s not perfect. […]

The Politics of Dumb

In a Twitter exchange with Steve Ertelt of — who has called on Todd Akin to step aside — I made this point: There is a price to be paid for pandering and dumbing down: You attract stupid voters — and stupid candidates. There are people who claim that Todd Akin is not irremediably stupid. […]

Top Missouri Republicans Call for Akin to Quit Senate Race; He Says He’s Staying In

Statement issued from the office of Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) and endorsed by former Missouri Republican senators John Ashcroft, Kit Bond, John Danforth, and Jim Talent:  “We do not believe it serves the national interest for Congressman Todd Akin to stay in this race. The issues at stake are too big, and this election is […]

Rove: Akin ‘Irreparably Damaged’; UPDATE: NRSC Turns Against Akin

Karl Rove just appeared on Fox News and pronounced Todd Akin’s campaign doomed beyond hope of redemption, saying that his Crossroads GPS super-PAC would not “throw good money after bad” for the “irreparably damaged” Republican Senate candidate. Rove pointed out that calls for Akin to step aside have been nearly universal, from the party leadership […]

McCaskill: Akin Is A Knuckle Dragger. My Knuckle Dragger. Can’t Take Him Before November 6, Or Ima Cry

by Smitty HotAir, emphasis original: According to WaPo, the combined $1.5 million that McCaskill’s campaign and Democratic groups spent in the last weeks before the primary “attacking” Akin as a true conservative was more money than his own team spent on ads over the course of the entire campaign. That’s how badly they wanted to […]

Objectively, Todd Akin Is Doomed

Got offline for a few hours during which, among other things, I discussed the Todd Akin situation by phone with a couple of people. A point I made: This isn’t “Macaca” — it’s not as if the Left ginned up a controversy over a ridiculous bit of nothing. And another point: Compared to this, Trent Lott’s […]

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