The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

‘Seize This Opportunity to Cripple the Tea Party’s Political Power for Good’

One of the things you learn is that if you ever sign up online for any liberal or Democrat operation — even as a reporter trying to get campaign information — your e-mail address will be sold and resold until eventually you’re on every liberal mailing list. Which I don’t mind, actually, because it gives […]

T-Mac Is A Fine Addition To The Rodeo Clown Political Class

by Smitty The latest from Fight for Tomorrow captures the raw greasiness of Terry McAuliffe: While that’s all valid, what was more fascinating twas McAuliffe’s closing argument from the debate Thursday, which was, in essence: “I’m kinda like Mark Warner”. This blog, and all likely Virginia voters, should be in awe of the fact that, […]

Past The Spin, How Does @KenCuccinelli Really Feel About #ObamaCare?

by Smitty The Weekly Republican Address has just one focal point: It’s down to crunch time for America. May Ken win next month’s gubernatorial election in Virginia, and may that event mark the turning point in America’s peaceful defeat of the domestic enemies of our Constitution. Ken Cuccinelli for Governor As ObamaCare embarrasses our country, […]

Ron Paul Endorses @KenCuccinelli, @DMataconis Hardest Hit

by Smitty Via email from the Cuccinelli campaign comes word of Ron Paul’s endorsement: Ken Cuccinelli has always stood for smaller government and limited government, he has consistently and unapologetically worked with the Liberty movement in Virginia. His stand against ObamaCare shows he is willing to stand up toWashington’s continued abuses on our individual liberties. […]

Ken Cuccinelli Wins Virginia Debate

Speaking ex-officio in my role as The Decider, I declare Republican Ken Cuccinelli the winner of tonight’s gubernatorial debate in Fairfax. The main reason, of course, is that Cuccinelli is totally awesome, but there’s also the important fact that Terry McAuliffe sucks: McAuliffe has proposed all kinds of new spending, but can’t say how he […]

All ‘Bulls Hit’ VA Democrat Candidate

by Smitty Virginians weren’t supposed to glom onto the fact that Terry McAuliffe is a Tommy Boy candidate, hold the redemptive climax, until after the election: Could it be that Barack Obama has brought an end to the era of the political no-talent rodeo clown? McAuliffe seems to be giving the bulls a workout based […]

Democrat Drano-Snorting Continues

by Smitty Fresh from either his triumphal partnership with–or, if you prefer, basketball-esque dribbling at the hands of–Vladimir Putin on the Syria red line topic, #OccupyResoluteDesk has re-discovered his swagger: I’m happy to have a conversation with him about how we can deal with this so-called sequester, making across-the-board cuts on things that we shouldn’t […]

Hey, Has Anybody in Virginia Noticed That Terry McAuliffe Is a Lying Scumbag?

Well, he’s a Democrat, and I would have called Terry McAuliffe a “lying scumbag Democrat,” but that would be kinda redundant. Anyway, the latest polls show the lying scumbag is actually leading the race for governor of Virginia, and maybe everybody’s too distracted by the lying scumbag Democrat in the White House — “Red line? […]

Virginia Democrat Won’t Answer Questions About His Sleepover With Teen

Joe Morrissey: He hasn't been charged yet, but he sure looks guilty, doesn't he? — Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) August 29, 2013 If you’re an unmarried politician who gets caught with a 17-year-old girl spending the night at your house, you’d better have a plausible excuse ready when reporters ask you about the police […]

That Psycho-style Imagery In The Anti-Cuccinelli Ad Was Surely A Tribute To Anthony Perkins, Not An Attack

by Smitty Oh, those humorless Republicans. Up in arms, as usual: In his letter to the [Virginia] Board of Elections, Mr. Webster also raised questions about the propriety of the McAuliffe Campaign not being required to endorse publicly the mud slinging “attack ads” against Mr. McAuliffe’s Republican opponent being aired by the Democratic Party of […]

Medicare Expansion Set To Dilate A Budget Near You

by Smitty I had already planned to take a long weekend when I heard about Americans for Prosperity’s Hands Off My Healthcare rally in Richmond. It was a drizzly affair, with roughly 500 in attendance from all over the state. Speakers included Delegate Steve Landes, who dared to ask questions like “Aren’t we already broke?” […]

Virginia Youth Basketball Coach Arrested on Sex Charge With Pre-Teen Girl

Marlow Mikassa Afshartous, alias Marlow Talley, 39, of Reston, Virgina, has been arrested on charges of sexual assault and solicitation of child pornography. The investigation began two months ago and officials said Talley “had at least one sexual relationship with a female athlete under the age of 13. . . . Talley was a coach […]

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