The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Virginia’s Overarching Shame Revealed: Dave Matthews #1?

by Smitty According to this Time article, Dave Matthews is Virginia’s favorite musician. By that map, I need to move to Delaware, which fancies Rush, no doubt as an act of Joe Biden compensation. In fairness to Matthews, he’s funny. Here he is impersonating Ozzy Ozbourne, while Hader impersonates him. Dave Matthews as Ozzy Osbourne […]

Warner’s Political Scalp Won’t Cover Much, But VA Should Take It Anyway

by Smitty This new ad from Ed Gillespie shows he’s as serious as lung cancer about November:After five years of Obama’s running cluster-frack (you pick the issue, ObamaCare looming largest) it really is time for the voters to say ENOUGH to all of this Progressivism. A rant: The Democrats have weaponized the IRS to go […]

Ed Gillespie? A Button Marked ‘Crap’ Would Be An Improvement Over Warner

by Smitty (h/t Bearing Drift) A polished ad from the former RNC chief: While I still think Howie Lind and Shak Hill are great guys (the former, a retired squid has my nod for large, haze gray reasons) we’re talking about going after an entrenched, useless tool of an incumbent. Maybe if Governor. . .um. […]

‘Gentleman’ Jim Moran’s “Occupy NOVA” Reign Of Error Staggering To A Halt

by Smitty DLTDHYOTWO, Jim. It’s been a crummy 15 years I’ve lived in VA-8, and watched the country increasingly go down the tubes since the Democrat takeover of Congress in 2006, knowing that you’re a ringleader of the debacle.  I don’t mean crummy for me, personally: I’ve only endured one brief bout of unemployment. But, […]

Keep The Resistance Alive

by Smitty Instapundit points to Fox’s article: “Popularity of ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ plates in Virginia suggests Tea Party still strong“: “It is a symbol of frustration … a symbol of disgust with the government,” David Dwyer, a former Hampton Roads Tea Party chairman, told the newspaper. The sales figures for the “Don’t Tread on […]

Sarcasm Therapy: A Hope for Cure?

It’s astounding. Time is fleeting. Madness takes its toll . . . — “The Time Warp,” The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) Mental illness is a serious problem, but taking your problems too seriously? That will drive you nuts — says the guy who’s being sued for $1 million by a convicted bomber. Amid the […]

Gus Deeds: What Went Wrong?

Following up on today’s tragedy in Virginia — state Sen. Creigh Deeds was severely stabbed by his 24-year-old son, who evidently shot himself to death — I’m trying to find what led to the fatal conflict. The good news, insofar as anything in this kind of situation can be “good news,” is that Sen. Deeds’ […]

Some Kind of Twitter Thing in the Virginia Attorney General’s Race?

This is probably one of those silly things everybody will forget about later, but liberals have been trying to steal the Virginia Attorney General’s election from Republican Mark Obenshain and were using Twitter to do it, or something. Virginia is just a damned shame and while there has been endless finger-pointing among Republicans, perhaps someone should […]

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