The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

@SCrowder Channels His Inner Bowie

by Smitty Delightfully funny: Join me in pressuring Steven Crowder, as Ozzy-bama and Chris Loesch as Randy Rhodes, into doing a campaign-meltdown version of “Crazy Train” in time for the election. Poodle-heads forever!

VIDEO: Somebody’s Serious About Fiscal Discipline (Hint: It’s Not Joe Biden)

The Romney-Ryan campaign’s latest ad: “We can’t keep spending and borrowing like this. We can’t just keep spending money we don’t have. . . . Did they come in and inherit a tough situation? Absolutely. But we’re going in the wrong direction! Look at where we are. The economy is barely limping along. . . […]

NMA Animators Rock The VP Debate

by Smitty This is laugh out loud funny: The real loser here is SNL, who simply cannot top this. Add being funny to the list of jobs that Progress has outsourced to China. via The Blaze

World’s Youngest Blogger Dances To Muse

by Smitty He’s really not ready to hit the floor with Bristol Palin yet: Here is the full cut that he was watching on the computer. Not a bad little piece of electronica:

Obama Official on Vote-Fraud Scheme: ‘This Is So Funny. It’s Cool Though.’

What if you’re registered to vote in a swing state, but you’ve moved to a state that’s not in play for the presidential election? No problem, according to Stephanie Caballero, a DNC employee who is also a regional field director in Texas for Obama’s Organizing For  America: “So I spent some time in Florida, and I got my voter […]

Yes There Are Two Paths You Can Go By, But In The Long Run, BHO Is Leaden; Romney, Golden

by Smitty Where are the corresponding montages from the CommiesDemocrats? Lots of great nuggets, after a review of #OccupyResoluteDesk’s wretched record: via NiceDeb

The New Yorker Cover Lays Down A Stone Cold #Eastwooding

by Smitty Via Drudge, here’s one for the books: Debating from an angry chair Angry pout that steals the air Ego hurts and I don’t care What do I see across the way, hey See my job molded in clay, oh Stares at me, yeah I’m afraid, hey Changing the shape of his face, ah […]

VIDEO: Amb. John Bolton Supports Murray In Effort To Retire Moran

by Smitty Last night I had the privilege of listening to remarks from one of my heros, Ambassador John “the ‘Stache” Bolton. If you only have time for one clip, the second one offers a Bolton’s professional overview of just how jacked up BHO’s foreign policy is.     Patrick Murray for Congress Jim Moran […]

MUSIC VIDEO: ‘You Didn’t Build That’

Two words: HI-LARIOUS!

Tres Fedoras

by Smitty Unrelated: @momus1978 Hey, it looks like Neal is now Tweeting as “Brenda Kahn”? — Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) September 12, 2012 RT @smitty_one_each: @rsmccain Didn’t you play live at Brendakhan? | Ohhh man…that was bad. — Bob Belvedere (@BobBelvedere) September 12, 2012

Paul Ryan in Roanoke, Virginia: ‘This is President Obama’s Imaginary Recovery’

“There’s this guy I’ve known for a number of years — I am going to be talking to him in mid-October — his name is Joe Biden. You might have heard of him. He just said, that the middle class is coming back. We got 23 million people out of work, struggling to find work […]

The Truth Goes Viral Again: Progressive Labor Leader Speaks Explicitly About Occupy Movement’s Communist Goals

Leadership Institute intern Danielle Saul got video inside an Occupy DC meeting Sunday where union activist Mike Golash said: “Progressive Labor is a revolutionary communist organization. Its objective is to make revolution in the United States, overthrow the capitalist system and build communism. . . . An organization has to be built which can bring […]

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