The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Has Barrett Brown Scammed NBC News?

In-freaking-credible! Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Barrett Brown is either, as Michael Isikoff reports, “an underground commander in a new kind of warfare” — a member of a criminal conspiracy who should be under arrest — or else he’s one of the most successful hoaxers in recent memory. […]

Is the FBI Watching Barrett Brown? (And If They’re Not Already, Shouldn’t They?)

One of those weird stories that just drops out of the sky: Regular readers will recall my occasional go-rounds with atheist blogger Barrett Brown, who first appeared on my radar amid the 2009 LGF blogwar and has since occasionally popped up from time to time. My status as a sometimes combatant with Brown resulted in me […]

‘Voluptuous Blonde Ukrainian Nurse’

That’s the kind of headline you don’t see often enough, and I guess we have Julian Assange to thank for it: In what appears to be the first diplomatic casualty from the latest WikiLeaks revelations, the U.S. ambassador to Libya has returned to Washington and is likely to leave his post, U.S. officials said Tuesday. Ambassador […]

Like Roman Polanski, a Hero in France

Julian Assange is Le Monde‘s “Man of the Year”: Hat-tip: Donald Douglas at American Power. who has much more International Hero of World Peace™ news.

Julian Assange, Libertarian ‘Reactionary’?

Donald Douglas has another link-heavy roundup about the Julian Assange rape case, including a link to leftist blogger Bill Weinberg’s post called, “Enough with the Julian Assange hero worship”: The most blatantly irritating thing is abject demonization of the women who have made the charges of sexual abuse against Assange. In any other context, the summary […]

‘I Feel Like I Just Found Out I’ve Been Living on the Moon’

So says a progressive feminist, in agreeing with Ace of Spades’ take on the Julian Assange rape accusations, as described in an Australian newspaper account: She says they had consensual sex but she woke up the next morning to find him having intercourse with her to which she had not consented. When she asked him if he […]

Unwatchable BloggingHeadsTV Episode in Which I’m Mentioned

Amanda Marcotte and Maureen “Moe” Tkacik discuss the rape accusations against Julian Assange — including the feminist rage over “rape apologism” — and one of my posts is allegedly discussed but (a) like most episodes of BloggingHeadsTV, this is quite nearly unwatchable; and (b) even if it were watchable, my house is too doggone noisy […]

What Line Did Sady Doyle Cross?

Today I got a Tweet from the feminist who started the #MooreandMe campaign against Michael Moore. You will recall that Moore went on Keith Olbermann’s show and dismissed as “hooey” the rape accusations against WikiLeaks mogul Julian Assange. And when Sady Doyle started her Twitter campaign against Moore, my headline was, “Merry Christmas, America: Feminists […]

More Assange-Related Feminist Meltdown

Moe Tkacik is a female writer for the Washington City Paper who wrote an article mocking the rape charges against Julian Assange. She included the names of his accusers, Anna Ardin, 31, and Sofia Wilen, 26. The names of Assange’s accusers are not secret. The Sydney Morning Herald and umpteen jillion liberal blogs have named […]

WikiLeaks: The Movie?

“How long will it be before Hollywood makes a movie glorifying Wikileaks ringleader Julian Assange? “Not long! Hollywood, after all, has a long and sordid history of making movie heroes out of left-wing villains, con men and charlatans.” – John Guardiano, “Coming Soon to a Theater Near You: Assange, The Movie” What we need is […]

Nobody’s Fault But Mine

“I’m not particularly interested in debating What Assange Did or Whether Assange Is A Rapist, and I’d appreciate it if we could steer clear of that in the comments section. Rather, I’m interested in pushing back on the primary media narrative about this case, which is that women lie and exaggerate about rape, and will […]

Rape: I’m Against It

Also arson, armed robbery and extortion. Pretty much everything that’s illegal, I’m against it – fireworks and high-speed driving being the two (usually) victimless crimes of which I’m most fond. However, nobody’s asked me today about why I hate Nanny State anti-fireworks laws (“Light Fuse, Get Away“), nor have I been asked to debate whether the […]

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