The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

World’s Youngest Blogger: Fear Fast-Food Future? Fuhgeddaboudit!

World's Youngest Blogger: I, for one, welcome my paper-hatted future career. Thanks, BHO! — Smitty, JokeCracka (@smitty_one_each) July 31, 2013

The World’s Youngest Blogger Salutes The New Brit: “Ask For An Aircraft Carrier.”

Also: “You showed up four days shy of ‘Just so!’, on my birthday. Oh well, stiff upper lip, and all that.” The Worlds Youngest Blogger salutes the new Brit: "Standing by to bail you out in a pinch, Limey." — Smitty, JokeCracka (@smitty_one_each) July 22, 2013

The World’s Youngest Blogger Gets His Vanilla Shake On

World's Youngest Blogger: Was that a vanilla shake, or Pink Floyd? — Smitty, JokeCracka (@smitty_one_each) July 7, 2013

World’s Youngest Blogger: “Get Your Motor Runnin’”

The World’s Youngest Blogger Gets His Mac Daddy On

World’s Youngest Blogger: Is There Fruit At The Bottom Of This Yoga?

by Smitty World's Youngest Blogger: is there fruit at the bottom of this yoga? — Smitty TheWackoBird (@smitty_one_each) June 17, 2013

World’s Youngest Blogger Dismayed By #OccupyResoluteDesk News

The World’s Youngest Blogger reviews Presidential scandal list with some trepidation.… — Smitty TheWackoBird (@smitty_one_each) June 8, 2013

World’s Youngest Blogger: Resist This, Rachel Maddow!

World’s Youngest Blogger: I will now use my +5 Smile of Heartmelting on you. — Smitty TheWackoBird (@smitty_one_each) June 1, 2013

World’s Youngest Blogger: I Must Plead The Fifth Amendment On The Nutella Question. Have You Got Any Crackers?

World’s Youngest Blogger: Nutella?Never heard of it. No, I’m not considering an #IRS career. Shame on you. — Smitty TheWackoBird (@smitty_one_each) May 24, 2013

World’s Youngest Blogger: Did You Love Momma Today?

World’s Youngest Blogger: What Are These Congressional Clowns Doing?

Is Rubio’s “la pandilla de los ocho” a good idea? Have there been any good ideas in Congress in my 21 long months since launch? Oh, well, whaddaya gonna do? Eat; drink; be merry, and brace for economic shock as these clowns run us all hard aground.

The World’s Youngest Blogger’s Impression Of The Senate Trying To Pass Immigration Reform

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