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Nothing to See Here, Just a Teenage Girl Killed in a Satanic Ritual in Houston

Posted on | December 15, 2014 | 34 Comments

Maybe you missed this trivial story last week:

A Harris County jury on Thursday convicted 18-year-old Jose E. Reyes of capital murder in a death tied to a satanic ritual, agreeing with prosecutors that another crime was committed when Corriann Cervantes was brutally killed.
Reyes was automatically sentenced to life in prison.
Jurors took a little more than an hour to reach a decision, rejecting arguments from defense attorneys that if Reyes was guilty of a crime, it would be murder.
Moments after the verdict was announced in the courtroom, Cervantes’ aunt, Michelle Abernathy, said she blamed Reyes and his parents for the death of her 15-year-old niece.
Abernathy dressed down Reyes, saying he is “morally, spiritually dead.”
Jurors agreed with prosecutors, who sought a conviction on a charge of capital murder. Earlier Thursday, prosecutors said in closing arguments that Reyes’ own words prove he killed a girl because he wanted to sell his soul to the devil. . . .
The last piece of evidence in the trial that began Monday were letters from jail in which Reyes said the Devil was watching him and directing him to act during the slaying.
“He was standing there, watching me and Victor,” the teen wrote in a letter read to jurors Thursday.
“It’s all good. It’s what the Devil asked for.” . . .
Reyes is accused with Victor Alas, then 16, of strangling, bludgeoning and stabbing Cervantes in a vacant apartment in Clear Lake on Feb. 4. . . .
Prosecutors believe the three teens left a party to go to a vacant apartment to have consensual sex, but at some point Reyes told Alas he had sold his soul to the devil. Alas could also sell his soul, Reyes said, if they killed the teen.
The two then kept Cervantes from leaving the apartment as they beat, sexually assaulted and eventually killed her, prosecutors said. . . .
During the four-day trial, jurors saw graphic photos of heinous injuries that including an upside down cross carved on Cervantes’ stomach. Her right eye had been gouged out and she had been stabbed in the face and torso with a screwdriver. . . .
Medical examiners and investigators testified Cervantes was also sexually assaulted.
Reyes’ lawyers argued there was not enough evidence to believe the sexual assault took place while Cervantes was alive.

You know it’s got to be a bad day at work for a lawyer when the best he can do is try to save his 18-year-old client from a mandatory life sentence by claiming that the 15-year-old girl he admits his client killed was already dead before she was sexually assaulted.

Anyway, I thought you might be interested in that minor trivial bit of news. Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, police are looking for Bradley William Stone, 35, who they say killed six people in the suburbs of Philadelphia, and in Australia, commandos killed an terrorist who murdered two people during a standoff in downtown Sydney:

The gunman, identified as an Iranian refugee, had taken dozens of hostages.
Central Sydney was put in lockdown when the gunman seized the hostages early on Monday, forcing some of them to hold up a black Islamic banner at the window of the Lindt cafe.
The Lindt Chocolat Cafe is located in Martin Place, a busy shopping area in Sydney’s financial district.
The gunman was named as Man Haron Monis. He received political asylum in Australia in 1996 and was on bail facing a number of charges. . . .
Monis was on bail for being an accessory to the murder of his ex-wife. He also faced more than 40 sexual and indecent assault charges.
He had also been convicted of sending offensive letters to the families of deceased Australian soldiers.
The self-styled cleric, who described himself on a website as a Shia Muslim who had converted to Sunni Islam, was said by his former lawyer to have been an isolated figure.

Just another isolated incident. Random. And don’t pay any attention to those right-wing Christian fundamentalists who think Satan is real. Nobody killed your teenage daughter for Satan. Yet.


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In The Mailbox, 12.15.14

Posted on | December 15, 2014 | 1 Comment

– compiled by Wombat-socho

First Street Journal: #COP20Lima – The Seriousness Of Unseriousness
Doug Powers: If You Like Your Slurpee, You Can Keep Your Slurpee
Twitchy: #SydneySiege – Jim Geraghty, Iowahawk Crush REaction To Terrorist’s ISIS Flag With Shattering Idea

American Power: Bill Whittle’s Firewall – The New Barbarism
American Thinker: Russell Brand – Revolutionary, Prophet, Prettyboy
Conservatives4Palin: Governor Palin Asks “Which Side Are You On?”
Don Surber: Declare CO2 A Nutrient
Jammie Wearing Fools: “Man Of The People” Di Blasio Builds Taller Fence Around Gracie Mansion
Joe For America: FEMA, Through DHS, Buys Off “Clergy Response Team” – What Are They Up To?
JustOneMinute: I Sense A Pattern At The Rolling Stone
Pamela Geller: Dirty Bomb Attack May Have Been Stopped Due To Enhanced Interrogation
Protein Wisdom: Happy “National Day Of Anger” To You and Yours!
Shot In The Dark: Shopping List
STUMP: Public Pensions Visualization – How Bad Is It?
The Gateway Pundit: Adding Insult To Injury – Obama Funding Illegal Amnesty With Fees Paid By Legal Immigrants
The Jawa Report: Sandcrawler Public Decompression Service
The Lonely Conservative: Joe Biden, Sociopath
This Ain’t Hell: 2014 Blue Falcon Stolen Valor Tournament First Round Complete
Weasel Zippers: Kurdish Battalion Was Only Unit To Stand Up To ISIS’ Summer Surge
Megan McArdle: Lessons From The Rolling Stone Debacle
Mark Steyn: Emasculated And Enkindled

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Rule 5 Sunday: Relay Breakdown

Posted on | December 15, 2014 | 7 Comments

– compiled by Wombat-socho

I was going to lead off with Asia Carrera playing the piano [insert organ joke here], but couldn’t find a pic that wasn’t NSFW, so you’ll get Sarah Chang and like it.

Sarah Chang at work.

Anyhow, speaking of NSFW, if you’re new around here you may not realize that some of the following links are to pics of that sort, so unless you have a really awesome workplace, exercise discretion in your clicking or you may be looking for new work.

Average Bubba leads off again this week with Rule 5 Friday Christmas Edition, followed by Goodstuff and Charlie’s Angels, Loose Endz with mechanical honeys from SF, and Ninety Miles from Tyranny with Hot Pick of the Late Night, Girls With Guns, and Morning Mistress. Animal Magnetism also has Rule 5 Friday,  supplemented as usual with the Saturday Gingermageddon; Spang Nation debuts with a rather nice Marisa Miller pinup, and First Street Journal says Vive le France! in memory of the women of the Resistance.

EBL brings us the lowdown on the Packer Playoff Picture, the Power Of 12, the latest pitiful feminist fad, and Christina Hendricks.

A View from the Beach has quite the assortment this week: An American Girl – Keri RussellWombat’s Friday FolliesMean Girls ChristmasJingle Boo… er BellsWombat’s Wednesday News FodderSo Much for the Little ChocolatesWombat’s Tuesday NewsFood AbuseWombat’s Monday News RunThe 6 AM Flex, Redskins Take on Sheep, and The Twin Fantasy?

Soylent Siberia starts with the weekly coffee creamer, followed by I’m Obviously Still Riding The Wrong Bus, Monday Motivationer Jewel, Overnighty, Tuesday Titillation Astris, Evening Awesome Scaring Fish, Humpday Hawtness Scarfable, Another Header For Irish, Falconsword Fursday Fur Fur Further, Smooth, Corset Friday Filaments, T-Gif Friday: Rinse And Spin Cycle of Snooch, Linky Love Eye Bleach, Happy Hour Hawtness, and Weekender Well. Also, Bath Night Beauty!

Proof Positive’s Friday Night Babe is Ariana Grande; his Vintage Babe is Virginia Gibson, and in addition to Sex in Advertising, there’s the obligatory 49ers cheerleader. At Dustbury, it’s a double shot of Taylor Swift.

Thanks to everyone for their linkagery! Deadline to submit links to the Rule 5 Wombat for next week’s Rule 5 roundup is midnight on Saturday, December 20.

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FMJRA 2.0: Temple Of Love

Posted on | December 14, 2014 | 1 Comment

– compiled by Wombat-socho

The Rape of Credibility: Feminism’s Agenda and the Jackie Coakley Scandal
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Top linkers this week:

  1.  Batshit Crazy News (17)
  2.  (tied) Regular Right Guy and A View from the Beach (7)

Thanks to everyone for all their linkagery!

Special thanks to the Watchers’ Council for peering Stacy’s “The Rape of Credibility” with Elliott Abrams and Michael Totten in their voting this week!

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#ObamaCare’s Past Schadenfreude, But The Democrat Wreckage Is Still Good

Posted on | December 14, 2014 | 20 Comments

by Smitty

The cumulative damage the Democratic Party has suffered, as well as the casualty rate — half of the 60 senators who supported the bill are since deceased, defeated or retired — has brought its leaders to an unhappy inflection and reflection point. Two years ago, President Obama was reelected to the surprise and delight of Democrats who believed that, not only would his unique coalition provide them with dominance in presidential cycles for the foreseeable future, but that perhaps the ACA backlash had passed. After losing their Senate majority and watching the GOP cement gains across federal offices, statehouses and regions Democrats might have lost for generations, however, buyer’s remorse on healthcare reform has led to angry division inside the party.

The long term economic and societal damage from ObamaCare remains to be seen. It’s too grim and widespread for schadenfreude to be appropriate. Careers have been ended, but the worst perpetrators are still around.

And the fundamental behavior pattern of having legislation move through Congress with the suddenness and subtlety of a mudslide is still prevalent, as the CROmnibus showed.

The sad part is that the conceptual flaw of Progressivism–that any of this federal over-reach was a good idea in the first place–remains unquestioned. Maybe when he’s the last Dem standing, Chuck Schumer will reflect that maybe modeling the American people as a flock of sheep for planning purposes was too simplistic.

via Hot Air

Bookmark and Share, Beaverton, Oregon

Posted on | December 14, 2014 | 56 Comments

A certain troll using the name “Bilibob” decided to post three comments on a post called “Emerging Awareness Update,” but don’t look for them now; all three have been deleted. A check on the IP address indicated the troll is using a Comcast connection from Beaverton, Oregon.

When I checked to see if there had been previous comments from the same IP, I found comments from a certain “Bubba” (fake email address who had commented on “Lubricating the Slippery Slope: The Intellectual Astroglide of the Elite” (Sept. 1, 2013) and also on “New Concept of ‘Rights’ in America: If You’re Not Gay, You Don’t Have Any” (Aug. 22, 2013).

Given the similar thematic content of those three posts, it can be assumed that “Bilibob”/”Bubba” of Beaverton, Oregon, is some sort of sexual deviant who doesn’t like anybody suggesting it’s wrong for his computer hard drive to be full of sick pornography.

Certain people like that are dangerous and others are not, and I cannot say for certain whether “Bilibob”/”Bubba” of Beaverton, Oregon, is a menace to society, but I do get tired of them constantly making accusations of bad faith (mala fides) against those of us who call attention to evidence of increasing degeneracy in our society.

If “Bilibob”/”Bubba” of Beaverton, Oregon, wishes to create his own blog to advocate the pleasures of sodomy, nobody is stopping him. However, this cowardly pervert seems to imagine he has a right to use my bandwidth and a flimsy alias in an effort to harm my reputation by recycling an old smear dating back more than a decade.

Longtime readers of this blog well know that in, September 2009, I fought a two-week blog war with Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs after Johnson, for his own peculiarly hateful reasons, decided to hurl all that stale “white supremacist” crap at me. Everyone who watched that conflict will recall quite well which of us was left standing, and who it was that slithered away to discredited obscurity.

That was more than five years ago now and, even before it began, the “white supremacy” smear against me was already more than five years old. At the time this first came up, via the Southern Poverty Law Center, Duncan “Atrios” Black and Michelangelo Signorile, I was employed as an assistant national editor at The Washington Times.

In that position, I was “a man under authority,” and my supervisors more or less ordered me not to respond to the accusations, as any denial or rebuttal by me would only serve to publicize their smear. This enforced silence was difficult for me to bear, as it is not my nature to tolerate insults and, furthermore, I doubted the wisdom of their policy of not responding. Certainly, I have always been capable of defending myself in controversy, and the ludicrous accusation that I was a “white supremacist” (what does that even mean in the 21st century?) was never difficult to refute. It seemed to me then, as it seems to me now, that the best response in such a situation is to take the antagonist head-on, but my bosses had a newspaper to run, and my job was not to offer them P.R. advice and so I stayed silent.

Subsequent to that, after I had been promoted to Culture Page editor, there began a series of intrigues inside the Unification Church, which owned The Washington Times. Although those intrigues had nothing to do with me and I knew nothing about them at the time, they ended up having a significant impact on the future of the newspaper and also my career. Basically, there was a struggle inside the Unification Church as to who would control the church’s various assets after the death of the church’s founder, Sun Myung Moon. Although I neither knew nor cared about any of that, there were certain disgruntled and/or ambitious persons (among them some members or ex-members of the Church who had originally gotten their jobs through those connections) who saw this as an opportunity to advance themselves or else to settle personal grudges against others.

As a result of this situation — and keep in mind, I knew nothing about what was going on behind the scenes at the time — certain  disgruntled malcontents began seeking to undermine our editor in chief, Wesley Pruden, and his deputy, Francis B.. Coombs. Both of them are newsmen par excellence, veterans of the industry who played key roles in the success of “America’s Newspaper.” Mr. Pruden was and is a man with a low tolerance for bullshit. Fran Coombs was the straw that stirred the drink and the cog that turned the wheel of the news-gathering operation at The Washington Times. He had impeccable news judgment and a keen sense for finding the kind of story the liberal media preferred to ignore, grabbing hold of it, breaking an exclusive, and then follow up! follow up!

Fran knew what he was doing, and pushed everybody to do it his way, and there were some people who resented his success. So when it was rumored that Mr. Pruden would soon be retiring, certain of those resentful enemies decided to make sure that Fran did not get promoted as Mr. Pruden’s successor. The absurd accusation that I was a “white supremacist” (really, can someone please explain what that phrase means in the 21st century?) became one of the weapons those enemies used to sabotage Fran. Basically, these people spread the rumor that because I was secretly some kind of KKK ideologue, and hadn’t been fired for it, Fran and Mr. Pruden were protecting me because, of course, we were all part of the Vast Neo-Confederate Conspiracy that was going to re-institute Jim Crow or whatever.

As ridiculous as that seems, it was taken seriously enough that Max Blumenthal (yes, the infamous nose-picker) convinced his editors at The Nation magazine that he could write an investigative exposé of this racist cabal at The Washington Times. Blumenthal’s “investigation” turned out to be the biggest fizzle since the invention of Coca-Cola, but it did serve to embolden Fran Coombs’ enemies and to add more ammunition to the raging behind-the-scenes battle within the Unification Church over future control of the newspaper.

Finally, in January 2008, it was announced that Wes Pruden would retire, that his replacement would be John Solomon, previously of the Washington Post, and that Fran Coombs would be leaving the newspaper with a generous separation agreement, so that Solomon could bring in his own deputy to “transform” The Washington Times.

This was devastating news to many of us inside the organization and, after this had been announced in a big meeting of the entire newsroom, I went outside to have a cigarette with one of our investigative reporters who said, in her Kentucky drawl, “If I’d have wanted to work for a f**king Postie, I’d have applied at the f**king Post.”

Exactly so. If there was one thing that united us as a team in the newsroom at The Washington Times, it was our absolute contempt for that worthpless crosstown paper, The Washington Post. Now here the owners had decided to pass over Fran Coombs for the job of editor at a newspaper to which Fran had dedicated more than 20 years of his career, in order to give that job to a f**king Postie.

Immediately I resolved in my mind to resign.

There were other factors involved. At the time, I had three weeks of paid vacation due which I was planning to use for a freelance project that would take me to Uganda, on assignment for a publisher to help a first-time author with research for his book. After I got back, I’d planned to use my nights and weekends to complete that project, which was going to be very difficult, but now that plan was unworkable. Imagine working 70-hour weeks while under the eye of a new editor.

No, this was a divine portent. I’d been at the paper more than a decade, and I would have gotten a gold watch if I had stayed another four months. (The Washington Times awarded gold watches to 10-year employees at its anniversary celebration each May.)

“It was like God said, ‘Go,” as I wrote in my resignation notice and a few weeks later, I flew off to Kampala, Uganda.

So that is the backstory of how I went from The Washington Times to my subsequent freelance career online. I’ve since traveled all over the United States covering political campaigns, debates and events of various kinds. From Kentucky to New Hampshire, from New York to Nevada, from Alaska to Florida, to South Carolina and North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan — it’s been a wild ride.

That old “white supremacist” smear is so far back in my rearview mirror now I seldom even think about it, but it’s amazing how stupid trolls think they can discredit me by bringing it up. “Asked and answered!”

Don’t these fools ever learn anything from their failures? I’ve explained everything that ever needed to be explained to everyone who asked, and yet these idiotic trolls can’t seem to figure out why the repetition of the same stale stuff never really damages me.

There are five A’s in “RAAAAACISM!”

That accusation has been flung around by liberals so haphazardly for so long as to have lost whatever meaning the word ever had. More than six years after Barack Obama’s election as president, we all know that “racist” is just another synonym for Republican.

Me, I was a “racist” before being a “racist” was cool. It was my ironic fate to be accused under circumstances that prevented me from addressing the accusation directly at the time and at this point, nearly a dozen years later, I accept that this was God’s will.

While I don’t pray often, I have never doubted that God answers prayer. We may not always be happy with God’s answer, and the way our prayers are answered may confuse or disappoint us, but the sincere prayer of a broken spirit, God will surely answer.

All the evil that my enemies have done against me has harmed me no more than God was willing that I should be harmed. If it was his will that I should be chastised, I thank God for the chastisement.

Yet I always knew this: Whom God would save, no man can destroy, and whom God would destroy, no man can save. God knows my heart, and I have many friends who can vouch for my character. My faults and weaknesses are known to my friends as well as are my strengths and ability. Why is it, then, that my enemies believe they can harm me with an old smear that has not harmed me yet?

“Asked and answered!” All of that was put to rest years ago, and any fool who can’t be bothered to research my vindication is probably such a fool that there’s no point trying to dissuade him from his folly.

Hate? Hell, I don’t hate anybody. Hate is against my religion. However, it is also against my religion (and here I speak of my own deep beliefs, rather than the doctrines of any particular sect) to let an elite bunch of self-appointed Moral Arbiters tell me what to think.

Do you think I’m intimidated by such intellectual busybodies? I’ve been through the Valley of Death doing 11o mph in a rented Nissan with a 40-ounce Budweiser between my knees, flipping cigarette ashes out the window and jamming Skynyrd on the stereo.

Shall I call witnesses to testify to my fearlessness? Buddy, I got sued for $1 million by the notorious bomber Brett Kimberlin. I called him a liar to his face in open court, and walked away a winner.

Given my reputation for fearlessness, for independence of mind and a willingness to say what I think without regard for who might be offended, let me ask an obvious question that these damned trolls never bother to ask: If I’m such a “white supremacist,” where is the evidence of this doctrine in anything I’ve written on my blog since 2008?

You can’t find it, because it doesn’t exist.

Seven years of absolute editorial independence, with no supervisor or editor to tell me what I could or should write. And yet at no time during the nearly seven years since I’ve been running this operation — we’ve had more than 17,000,000 visitors — have I ever written anything that would suggest that I am a “white supremacist,” whatever the hell that phrase is supposed to mean in the 21st century.

See, this is what gets me: Anybody who actually is a “white supremacist” is pursuing the futile politics of nostalgia. Even if anybody did want to “turn back the clock” to 1962 or 1953 or whatever reset point they might choose, there is no feasible way to do it. Americans living in the here and now might not be happy with various aspects of the political, economic, social and cultural status quo, and it may be that their study of history leads them to believe that some things were better in certain ways many decades ago, but they know you can never go back to the past, even if they wanted to, which most people don’t.

The United States is nation of (small-d) democratic political tradition, and while conservatives wish to restore and maintain the governing principles of our Constitution, this is not a nostalgia trip, but rather a belief that limited government — the rule of law — is essential to preservation of our fundamental human liberty. The problem is that most of our citizens, especially younger people, have been indoctrinated in a liberal/progressive worldview in such a way that they fear liberty far more than they fear government.

Well, it was not liberty that killed Eric Garner, was it? No, it was a police officer, an agent of the government of New York City, who put Eric Garner in that fatal chokehold. “I can’t breathe!”

Yeah, we’ve been getting slowly strangled to death by government for years in this country — all of us, black, white, whatever — and all these idiotic protesters who want to blame Garner’s death on racism have to wonder why that black man got choked to death in New York City rather than, say, Wetumpka, Alabama, or Sevierville, Tennessee.

Haven’t we all been told, for many years now, that the rural parts of America where people vote Republican are hives of racial hatred? The last time I checked Census Bureau reports, more than half of black Americans lived in the South, a place of conservative tradition where nearly every governor and U.S. Senator is a Republican. And yet we see that in 2014, a black man was choked to death by a cop in New York City, one of the most liberal places in the entire country.

Doesn’t that tell us something very important? Would it make me a “racist” if I suggested we should consider whether liberalism is really more dangerous to black Americans than racism? To make such a suggestion is not to excuse or defend racism, of course, but merely to say that the dangers fostered by liberalism may be the greater threat to the lives, safety and prosperity of black Americans.

See, we can’t even ask questions like that — we can’t be permitted the liberty to “think outside the box” about our nation’s problems — because liberals insist that to question liberalism is to endorse hate.

My basic argument is that you can’t really have freedom unless people are free to hate whoever they feel like hating. Certainly, I prefer love to hate, but the Federal Bureau of Love hasn’t been getting the job done. As a matter of fact, they’ve got us all so worked up into spasmodic paroxysms of racial antagonism that it will be a miracle if we can avoid having major race riots in the near future.

This blog is read daily by many thousands of men and women all over the country, of all races and religions. Perhaps most of them are white Christians, but there is nothing here that would (or should) offend a black person, a Hispanic, an Asian or a Jew. Probably some adherents of Islam might not like my opinion of The Religion of Peace , but as long as they’re not in favor of violent terrorism or the annihilation of Israel, I’m probably more in agreement with the Muslim than I am with any white liberal anyone would care to name.

As long as you hate liberal Democrats, we’ll get along just fine.

Nearly 3,000 words ago, I started this blog post by calling out “Bilibob”/”Bubba” of Beaverton, Oregon, the troll who decided he needed to use the comment space here to insult me by repeating accusations that were frankly answered long ago. The ignorance and sloth of others — who either don’t care what the truth is or else are too stupid to find it on their own — cannot compel me to explain once again what I have long ago explained to the satisfaction of anyone who ever really cared to know the truth. I can’t help what certain other people cut-and-paste on their web sites (that nobody even reads), but no one can bring that trash onto my site to insult me by imputing that I am hiding some secret “hate” from my friends and readers.

So “Bilibob”/”Bubba” of Beaverton, Oregon, with the IP, you go spread the word to all your “progressive” friends with whom you share political beliefs (and maybe some illegal porn files) that they need not waste time attempting to harm me. You’ll be lucky if your deliberate evil does not come bouncing back on you.

At least one young fool who thought he could destroy me is awaiting sentencing on federal charges next week. Karma is a bitch, baby.


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Our Oppressed Elite

Posted on | December 13, 2014 | 31 Comments

Because I’m about 1,500 words into another long treatise about feminism that I know I can’t possibly finish tonight, I reckon I should give y’all a little something to laugh at in the meantime. Liberalism is a joke in search of punchline. We have rich white Harvard students protesting racist police brutality, and Ed Driscoll says it best:

I’d say we’ve definitely spotted the next leaders of Freedonia, but alas, these are the future leaders of us.

If you ever think liberals couldn’t possibly become more absurd, just wait. Somehow they always find a way to surprise you.


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God Bless Senator Mike Lee

Posted on | December 13, 2014 | 13 Comments

by Smitty

Half the battle is showing up. The other half is staying engaged:

. . .as rotten as the CROmnibus before us is, I want to state for the record that this week leaves me with nothing but optimism. Optimism about the prospect we have for real reform and revival in the coming years. The miserable process we’ve witnessed this week represents the last gasping throes of a discredited Washington status quo. 10 years ago, this bill would not have been controversial. 5 years ago, an easy majority would have been purchased with earmarks. This week, with the full weight of both party’s leaderships it barely made it over the finish line.

I hope that Boehnerdict Arnold hears these words, and understands the Mene, Mene, Teqel, Upharsin behind them.

Update: more positive thinking from Da Tech Guy.

via Breitbart

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