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In The Mailbox: 09.22.20 (Afternoon Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

    The Queen of Sheba from Fate/Grand Order.

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BattleSwarm: Your Obligatory RBG Post, also, BidenWatch For September 21
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CDR Salamander: Our Greatest National Security Threat Is Our National Security Establishment, also, Saving The U.S. Merchant Industry
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The Geller Report: FBI Agent Who Found Hillary Emails On Weiner’s Laptop Says Bosses Told Him To Erase Findings, also, Enormous “F*ck DeBlasio & Cuomo” Mural Painted On NYC Streets By Furious New Yorkers
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Who Votes for Democrats?

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Do me a favor and post this to your Facebook page, or send the link by email to your Democrat friends, to help them understand why it is so wrong for them to vote to elect liars and fools like Chuck Schumer and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. See, that’s the thing about the Trump era — President Trump is an easy man to dislike, which means that no Democrat ever has to explain their vote against Trump. Because we live in a two-party system, however, our choices are binary and a vote against Trump is necessarily a vote for Chuck Schumer, one of the most infamously dishonest politicians in American history.

Look at the photo above, which is a screenshot from the video (below) of a Sunday press conference in Brooklyn where Schumer and AOC were arguing against appointing a new justice to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. What do you notice about that photo? Both of them are wearing masks. Why? To prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The problem with this explanation, however, becomes apparent if you’ll take time to watch the entire 14-minute video. At the beginning, Schumer is speaking without a mask, while AOC stands to his right, wearing a mask. At about the 4:30 mark, Schumer introduces AOC, who removes her mask as she steps to the rostrum and begins speaking. She blathers on until about the 8-minute mark, at which point Schumer comes back to the rostrum, this time wearing a mask. Schumer talks for about three minutes, then AOC returns to the rostrum at the 11-minute mark, without removing her mask. So then for the next three minutes, both Schumer and AOC are wearing masks while they answer questions.


Who was being protected by this, and how? I think everybody watching this pathetic charade could see that the wearing of masks by these two Democrats had zero public-health value, and was entirely a matter of political symbolism. Were Schumer and AOC concerned about the possibility of infecting each other? I think not. As a matter of fact, I doubt either of them were wearing masks except when in sight of the cameras. But if either of them was at risk of transmitting the virus to anyone else, then why did they take off their masks to speak in the early part of the press conference, while wearing their masks later?

This press conference was held outdoors, where the risk of transmission was near-zero, and the cameramen and reporters were all at a proper “social distance” from where Schumer and AOC were speaking, so again I raise the question: Who was being protected and how?

Also, did you notice the type of masks they were wearing? Both of them could certain afford (and have access to) proper medical masks, the disposable paper type, or else a full N95. Instead, they were wearing cheap cloth masks which provide very little real protection.

By the way, I’m not an anti-mask fanatic. Like, I understand that when it comes to people working retail jobs, even a marginal reduction of disease transmission risk is beneficial. I don’t much mind being required to wear a mask when I go to Sheetz or Wal-Mart, because I understand that the people who work there are exposed to hundreds of customers daily, and so anything that reduces their risk of catching the virus from their customers helps keep the business operating. Even if requiring masks affords only partial protection, I don’t begrudge retail workers that small measure of protection. It’s not about keeping me “safe,” it’s about keeping them on the job. But none of those arguments apply to the mask-wearing behavior Schumer and AOC exhibited at this press conference.

Nobody was protected from anything. In terms of contagious-disease containment, this was a textbook example of uselessness, which is par for the course for New York Democrats, both generally and in the specific context of how the state has bungled its COVID-19 response. New York City is quite literally the worst place in the world, in terms of its per-capita death rate from the Wuhan virus, and yet the Democrats who run the city and the state have never stopped congratulating themselves, while absurdly blaming all their problems on Trump.

If you listen to New Yorkers, they expect you to believe that the mass-murdering Grandma-killer Andrew Cuomo has been a complete genius in coordinating the state’s COVID-19 response, and let’s not forget the continuing blunders of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has single-handedly caused a mass-exodus from the Big Apple. Basically anyone in New York City who can afford a U-Haul truck has already left, and yet the Democrats who have run the city into the toilet are telling the rest of America we should trust Chuck Schumer and AOC to run the country.

Hate Trump all you want, but the idea that people like this deserve our trust — that they can be trusted to responsibly exercise power — is so preposterous no intelligent person could believe it.


‘Streiff’ Doxxed and Dooced

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Back in the misty dawn of blogging, to be dooced meant losing your day job because of something you wrote on your blog. Now it has happened to Red State managing editor “Streiff” who, we unfortunately learn, has been working for more than a decade as a public-affairs official for the National Institutes of Health. He has reportedly retired after being doxxed by Lachlan Markay of the Daily Beast. On the one hand, this is bad news — almost certainly, Streiff was making six figures at this job — but on the other hand, it’s good that he had enough time in to retire, because his prior Army service counted toward his retirement.

How did Streiff get busted? A hint from the Washington Post:

According to his biography on RedState’s website, the user “streiff” has been a member of the publication’s community since its founding in 2004. In 2018, the website laid off a number of writers, including its editors Caleb Howe and Jay Caruso. At the time, the company insisted the move was financial, although the former writers and their allies pointed out that several of those laid off were the most vocal Trump critics writing for

Probably it was one of the disgruntled former Red Staters who decided to strike back by tipping Markay to Streiff’s identity. However, it must be noted, there was sufficient visible evidence to corroborate the ID, demonstrating once again how difficult it is to conceal any online alias.

As bad as this is for Streiff and Red State, it will probably have few substantial ramifications beyond that — a one-day story of little interest to anyone outside the world of political media.

Be careful out there, kids. The Internet can be a dangerous playground.


‘Criminal Justice Reform’

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There wasn’t much left of the car after the high-speed chase ended in South Carolina, and not much left of the driver, either. Behind the wheel of a stolen Toyota Prius, Kamontie Gross, 19, led police on more than a 20-mile chase April 18, 2019, from Charlotte, North Carolina, after he and two accomplices committed an armed robbery. Police from Charlotte backed off the chase, letting a police helicopter track the stolen vehicle down I-77 to the border, where South Carolina state troopers took up the pursuit. At one point, troopers used a PIT maneuver to spin the car around, but it kept going until its fiery conclusion near Rock Hill.


You will probably not be surprised by this information:

According to Mecklenburg County Jail records, Gross had been arrested nine times since 2016. Four of those arrests included charges related stolen vehicles.
Jail records also show [Gross’s 17-year-old accomplice Aniya] Taylor had been arrested seven times since 2017. Her arrests also included several charges for Possession of a Stolen Vehicle, as well as Fleeing or Eluding Arrest with a Motor Vehicle.


Between them, these two teenagers had 16 arrests, and while I couldn’t find the name of the third suspect, who survived the crash, we can imagine that this person had his or her own string of arrests. Why weren’t these criminals already behind bars? What is going on in our criminal justice system, when repeat offenders are being turned loose to wreak havoc on our streets, endangering public safety? The media amplify complaints from activists who say “mass incarceration” is the problem, but it seems to me the problem is rather the opposite. Authorities appear reluctant to lock up young criminals; grand theft auto used to be considered a serious crime, but now it’s just a videogame title, I guess.

A TV reporter interviewed Kamontie Gross’s mother:

Channel 9’s Tina Terry spoke with the mother of the man behind the wheel, who said she waited for hours at the hospital before learning that her oldest child had died in the crash.
“It’s so hard to lose a child. It’s so hard, it’s so hard,” Chaquia Gross said.
The crash killed her son Ka’Montie Gross, who was behind the wheel, an unnamed passenger, and seriously injured a second passenger.
Chaquia said she has no idea where her son was going or why any of this happened, but she said her friend messaged her about the crash shortly after it happened.
“I was like ‘Is he OK?’ They said ‘He’s gone’ and I’m like ‘What,'” Chaquia said. “She said ‘I can’t, I can’t let you see him, if you did you wouldn’t recognize him.”
Chaquia said her son had a big heart that cared for others, but he never extended that same care to himself.
“He’d tell you don’t walk across the street cause a car coming, he’d walk,” Chaquia said. “If you were down, he would pick you right back up. We might clash, but I love him to death. I’m gonna miss him.”

Oh, he “had a big heart,” when he wasn’t stealing cars, perhaps. The reader will probably not be surprised to learn that, according to jail records, Chaquia Gross was arrested on charges of breaking and entering a motor vehicle and larceny about six weeks before her son’s death. According to records, Chaquia Gross was born in June 1984 and her son Kamontie was born in June 1999, before his mother’s 15th birthday.

Go ahead and blame “systemic racism” for this.


The Haughty Pride of the Elite

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If you are familiar with the story of Whittaker Chambers, you know that when he left the Communist Party in the 1930s, he told his wife he was “leaving the winning side for the losing side.” So powerful was the Soviet apparatus, it seemed that evil was certain to triumph and yet, by his defection from the Party, Chambers ultimately helped shift the tide of history. His testimony against Alger Hiss proved the extent of Soviet espionage, corroborating the testimony of Elizabeth Bentley and other CPUSA defectors. You should read his book, Witness.

What got me thinking about Chambers was something that Ace wrote, referring to the arguments over replacing RBG:

If you watched Fox News on Friday, you heard several hundred tributes to the “great American” and “trailblazer” Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Would it surprise you to learn that the leftist outlets feel no such corresponding obligation to praise their enemies upon their deaths?
Would you say that if one group can command courtesies and tributes from another group, but that second group cannot reciprocally demand courtesies and tributes, what we have on our hands is a Caste system of Lords and Commoners?
Would you say you are sick and tired of our alleged representatives reifying and confirming this Jim Crow system by continuing to offer praise to the left when the left is quite open about wanting to formally enslave us? . . .
The left has captured almost every taste-making, norms-creating, rules-enforcing institution in America.
This gives them a great advantage in that it’s always their approval people must seek, if they seek approval from any institution at all.
But these institutions no longer represent excellence, or accomplishment, or virtue, or intelligence. They’re just hardcore partisan shill organizations wearing the skin-suits of organizations that formerly had some bipartisan credibility.
Now they’re saying: Do what we say, and maybe we’ll show 8% less hatred and contempt for you. Maybe.
And they still expect this to work!

What he is describing here is how the Left’s hegemony in academia, media, etc., gives them an almost dictatorial power when it comes to setting the terms of debate over important public issues. This is very much like the prestige once enjoyed by Communism, when the party could attract the support of such well-bred persons as Alger Hiss.

Even though the vast majority of Americans always opposed Communism, it was never popular among intellectuals to be an anti-Communist, and this allowed Communism to enjoy a certain prestige that it certainly never deserved. Meanwhile, outspoken anti-Communists like Richard Nixon, Joe McCarthy and Ronald Reagan were demonized by the fashionable media of their age, so that we can well understand why Chambers felt such a sense of doom when he left the Party.

Our only advantage, in situations like this, is that the corrupt elite are so arrogantly sure of themselves. Within their ideological echo chamber, the elites never hear any voice of doubt or dissent, so they believe they are on “the right side of history,” and assured of victory. They underestimate the intelligence, determination and courage of their opponents.

In 1977, Richard Allen, a confidant and advisor, asked Ronald Reagan for his theory of U.S.-Soviet relations. “Here’s my strategy on the Cold War,” Reagan replied. “We win, they lose.”

We ought to emulate that example.


The SCOTUS Circus

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The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg was, uh, mourned by liberals who gathered in Washington, D.C., and spontaneously began singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” — an interesting choice:

Imagine there’s no heaven.
It’s easy if you try.
No hell below us.
Above us only sky.

An atheist hymn for an atheist’s death in an atheist world, I suppose.

By Sunday morning, the Satanic Left had recovered from their grief sufficiently for Nancy Pelosi to go on ABC and vow to do everything possible to prevent President Trump from replacing RBG.

Of course, nothing in the Constitution assigns the House of Representatives any role whatsoever in judicial nominations, but since when has Nancy Pelosi cared about the Constitution?

Doug Bandow predicts a no-holds barred fight over the nomination of RBG’s successor, and says Republicans have every advantage in the fight.

Stephen Kruiser says Democrats are about to discover that payback is a bitch: “Whatever grief the Democrats get in the next month or two was brought about by their treatment of Brett Kavanaugh two years ago. Their behavior towards Kavanaugh was abominable and unforgivable.”

Joe Biden . . . Well, what did you expect him to say?

David Catron looks at the likely nominee:

Amy Coney Barrett isn’t the only jurist on President Trump’s list of potential successors to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court, but she is certainly the most feared by the left. This became clear in 2017, when Trump nominated her for the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. During her Senate confirmation hearing, Democrats on the Judiciary Committee subjected her to a de facto inquisition, complete with outrageous inquiries concerning her Catholicism. Barrett’s response was eminently judicial: “It’s never appropriate for a judge to impose personal convictions, whether they derive from faith or anywhere else, on the law.”
Regrettably, Judge Barrett’s remarkable forbearance during that 2017 interrogation probably hasn’t rendered her immune from the kind of character assassination to which any jurist nominated by President Trump to replace Ginsburg will be subjected. . . .

Read the rest at The American Spectator.

I’ve already been in touch with Gloria Allred to tell her that, one drunken night long ago, Amy Coney Barrett raped me. Where’s my book deal?


Jake Gardner’s Life Mattered

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This is very sad news:

The surreal and sordid ordeal involving a white Omaha bar owner and a young Black Omaha man ended Sunday with a staggering development.
Jake Gardner — awaiting arrest after a grand jury in Omaha indicted him last week — shot himself outside a medical clinic in suburban Portland, Oregon, two law enforcement officials told The World-Herald. Police in Hillsboro, Oregon, found the 38-year-old former Marine dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound about 12:20 p.m.
Gardner’s attorneys, Stu Dornan and Tom Monaghan, said Gardner shot himself on the day he had said he would surrender in connection with manslaughter and three other felony charges stemming from the May 30 confrontation that led to the death of 22-year-old James Scurlock.

I discussed Gardner’s case here.


Late Night Double Scoop Rule Five Sunday: Babes In Choppers

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

When I saw the news articles about 19-year-old helicopter pilot Ashli Blain last week, I had no idea that she wasn’t the only gal flying helicopters against the California wildfires. No, there’s *two* of them, and much to my surprise they’re not Reservists or Guardsmen but civilians who learned from their daddies. The other one is Ann Hansen, also from Montana, and these ladies aren’t flying little whirlybirds, either: Hansen flies a CH-54 Sikorsky Skycrane, and Blain flies the CH-47 ShithookChinook. Pretty amazing ladies doing very necessary work.

Ann Hansen in the copilot’s seat

Ashli and her dad

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Thanks to everyone for all the luscious linkagery!


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