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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

The Amnesty Fine Print

Posted on | July 26, 2014 | 14 Comments

by Smitty

Mickey Kaus, emphasis mine:

Cautionary note for hopeful Latino activists: A legislative compromise always seems within reach. There is vast DC lobbying/media complex that depends for its survival on “comprehensive” reform always seeming within reach — to keep the corporate clients paying the bills, to keep the grantmakers granting, to keep reporters on their beats writing easy denunciations of DC dysfunction, to keep the whole capital consensus from unnecessary introspection (in which Republicans might have to rethink parts of their platform other than the immigration plank, while Democrats might have to consider what low-skilled migration, expanded in the service of cheap ethnic politics, is doing to their former working class base).

Amnesty hopefuls are dealing with a sort of bureaucratic Penelope, then.

Every night for three years, until one of her maids reveals the secret, she unravels the piece that she has woven by day so that she will not have to give up hope for the return. . .

It’s a good scam, I guess.

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Just Relax In Your ‘Fundamentally Transformed’ Country, Americans

Posted on | July 26, 2014 | 15 Comments

by Smitty

Pres’ent Obama has simply carried through:
In the pre-transformed America, it was understood that the Commies had infiltrated Hollywood and academia. No one really expected subversion of the IRS:

To summarize: The IRS (famed for nitpicking and prosecuting the tax law), chose to authorize hundreds of billions of illegal subsidies without having performed a smidgen of legal due diligence, and did so at the direction of political taskmasters. The agency’s actions provided aid and comfort to elected Democrats, even as it disenfranchised millions of Americans who voted in their states to reject state-run exchanges. And Treasury knows how ugly this looks, which is why it initially stonewalled Congress in its investigation—at first refusing to give documents to investigators, and redacting large portions of the information.

These dots on the financial rigging side connect just as we hear that, on the drafting side, the shenanigans were just as wretched:

The New Republic’s Jonathan Cohn reached out to Jonathan Gruber to get his reaction to the emergence of the Nobilis video in which the architect of ObamaCare explains that the restriction of subsidies to states with their own exchanges was a rational attempt to coerce states into creating those exchanges, rather than shifting the burden back to the federal government. Gruber calls that “a speak-o — you know, like a typo”

In defense of the Democrats, we have tolerated and permitted our politics to reach this sordid state. The sovereignty of We the People is being migrated over to the executive branch in two ways:

  • initially burying decision making in a series of multi-ream legislative reamings, of which the Affordable Care Act is merely the most infamous example, and,
  • subsequently rewriting those words as required either through regulation or, in the unusual case of the ACA, at the SCOTUS.

It’s a cliché to say that the impending election is the most important of our lifetimes. It’s no longer about avoiding the disaster; it’s about mitigating the effects and minimizing the recover time.

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Multimedia Hijinkery

Posted on | July 25, 2014 | 20 Comments

– by Wombat-socho

The reading has been slack this week because I’ve gotten sucked into Ingress, a vile plot by Niantic Labs (a startup within Google) to get slack, nerdy sorts such as myself out from behind their desks and encourage us to tromp around the landscape to various “portals” and either capture them for your faction – after which you can install “resonators” and other equipment, build links to other portals, and establish Control Fields, all to accumulate more Action Points and rise in levels. If the portal is already held by the enemy faction, you can hack it to get equipment (and AP) and/or attack it to destroy enemy resonators, force links to drop, destroy control fields, all of which generate AP for you and frustration for the enemy. After downloading the software to your Android phone/tablet or iDevice, a player can either sign up with The Enlightened faction, a bunch of alien-sucking commie pinko transhumanist sorts, or the Resistance, a noble band of fighters for individual freedom and humanity, but one can just as easily ignore the backstory (reminiscent of the X-Files) and just call the factions Greens and Blues, or Froggies and Smurfs. At any rate, it’s cheap fun – the app is free to download – and as I mentioned before, it gets you out and walking around. I’ve logged a little less than 22 miles in the ten days since I started playing, and have already reached Level 5. Recommended, especially if the weather where you are allows you to get some walking in without sweating to death.

I’ve been a fan of “Weird Al” Yankovic from the beginning, when just about the only place you could hear him was on the Dr. Demento radio show. So it was very cool indeed to see him finally hit #1 on the Billboard charts with his latest (and possibly last) album, Mandatory Fun This is eleven tracks worth of weapons-grade parodistic hilarity (12 if you get the references in “Jackson Park Express”, which I didn’t) and Lord knows we all need some humor in these trying times.

What reading time I have had this week has been mostly spent on Jerry Pournelle’s The Prince, which for those of you not familiar with it is an omnibus made up of Falkenberg’s Legion and the three Helot War novels Pournelle co-wrote with S.M. Stirling, Prince of Mercenaries, Go Tell the Spartans and Prince of Sparta. Good, solid classic combat SF; oddly, while The Prince is not available through Amazon in e-book form, you can get it directly from Baen.

Finally, a plug for Sarah Hoyt’s The Big Ship and the Wise Old Owl a novella about three young people on a generation ship whose leadership has apparently decided to avoid this colonizing nonsense and just stay in space – and in control – forever. But one of the friends finds out that the Builders had a contingency plan for that, and that’s when things get interesting. I wish she’d done more with the idea, but it’s an entertaining novelette and you can’t argue with the price.

Want something less fluffy? The Last Falangist is still out there, and three other folks besides Stacy enjoyed it enough to leave very positive reviews. How about you?

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VIDEO: The Brilliant @EvanSayet Explains How Liberals ‘Think’

Posted on | July 25, 2014 | 21 Comments

Evan Sayet has been called “brilliant” so often by so many people that I hesitate to call him brilliant for fear of being accused of plagiarism, but to call him merely “smart” is to underestimate him. To call him “funny” — he has been a professional stand-up comedian and writer for decades — is to risk that people will miss the genuine seriousness of Evan’s insights. Did I mention that his recent book The Kindergarten of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks and Why He’s Convinced That Ignorance Is Bliss is the most important book since Johannes Gutenberg invented movable type? So we must ponder Evan’s analysis of the liberal mind:

“They have actually turned thinking into a hate crime. . . .
The only way not to be a bigot is to never think at all.
So it’s not that the liberal is stupid, it’s that he’s
made thinking into something that he will not engage in.”

When Evan told me today about this insight, I immediately felt the urge to tell him about the weird conflict between the “transgender community” and radical feminists. The trannies have become so extreme in their ideology, rhetoric and tactics — they’ve begun “doxing” their enemies — that they have forced me to agree with radical feminists. Whatever else the feminists may be wrong about, they are correct that “woman” is a biological condition involving XX chromosomes and, y’know, being born with a vagina. This isn’t prejudice, it’s science. So if you’re a heterosexual man who gets sex-change surgery, you are not a lesbian and are not entitled to inclusion in women-only lesbian feminist events. Yet such is the liberal devotion to “inclusion” and “diversity” that the organizers of the London Dyke March had a tranny as their featured speaker, and when actual lesbian feminists showed up to protest this decision, Dyke March organizers sicced the cops on the protesters.

Science is now HATE! Biology is transphobia!

This is where the anti-thinking agenda of liberalism has led us: Facts and logic are considered evidence of prejudice and bigotry.

Can anyone save us from the yawning abyss of insanity?

“Help us, Evan Sayet. You’re our only hope.”


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Police: Lesbian Molester’s ‘Multiple Acts of Digital Penetration’ of Girl, 8

Posted on | July 25, 2014 | 22 Comments

Allegations of atrocious abuse in New Jersey:

A 25-year-old Wharton woman has been accused of sexually assaulting an then-8-year-old girl — as well as punching and kicking the child in the stomach on multiple occasions.
Whitney Ball has been charged with one count of first-degree aggravated sexual assault, two counts of second-degree sexual assault, and two counts of third-degree endangering the welfare of children.
According to the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, Ball is accused of engaging in “multiple acts of digital penetration” as well as “multiple acts of sexual contact” with the child between June 1 and Sept. 1 of last year. The child has alleged Ball would promise her candy, and then sexually assault her, according to the prosecutor’s office.
Between June of last year and April of this year, Ball is alleged to have punched and kicked the child on multiple occasions. the prosecutor’s office said.

Some will object to the “lesbian” label for such perverse acts, but when a woman puts her finger in an 8-year-old girl’s vagina — “multiple acts” occurring in repeated sexual abuse that continued for three months – that certainly is not a heterosexual crime.

Perhaps readers disturbed by this crime would care to examine “Elementary School Girls and Heteronormativity: The Girl Project,” a research paper published in 2012 by Professor Kristen Myers of the Women’s Studies and LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) Studies program at Northern Illinois University:

In American society, heterosexuality is the only acceptable sexual category, despite the complexity of human desires. Few people recognize the overwhelming pressure to be straight . . . “Just as the fish does not know that it lives in a wet environment,” so too are we unable to recognize the pervasiveness and effects of heteronormative messages. Martin . . . defines heteronormativity as “the mundane, everyday ways that heterosexuality is privileged and taken for granted as normal and natural.” Gender and heterosexuality are also interconnected . . . Traditional gender arrangements . . . reinforce women’s sexual subordination to men. . . .
[F]rom a very young age, children are pressed into a rigid heterosexual mold. . . . [H]eteronormativity is foisted on children by their mothers . . . Mothers act both unwittingly and intentionally to reproduce the heteronormative order.

So if women are to escape “sexual subordination to men” because girls “are pressed into a rigid heterosexual mold,” a feminist might conclude that there is a need for schools “fostering girl-centered girls and minimizing heteronormative boy centeredness” — which is exactly what Professor Myers concluded. Maybe you think that conclusion is irrelevant to the charges against Whitney Ball.

Also, Orange Is the New Black? Probably irrelevant.


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‘Splatter From an Execution’

Posted on | July 25, 2014 | 119 Comments

Yesterday, reacting to the botched lethal-injection execution of an Arizona murderer, I said: “Bring Back the Firing Squad. . . . It was good enough for Gary Gilmore.” And most people probably thought, “Hahaha. Stacy’s just being sarcastic again.” Well, guess what? A federal appeals court judge had made basically the same argument:

“Using drugs meant for individuals with medical needs to carry out executions is a misguided effort to mask the brutality of executions by making them look serene and beautiful — like something any one of us might experience in our final moments,” U.S. 9th Circuit Court Chief Judge Alex Kozinski wrote in a dissent in the Arizona death penalty case of Joseph Rudolph Wood III.
“But executions are, in fact, brutal, savage events, and nothing the state tries to do can mask that reality. Nor should we. If we as a society want to carry out executions, we should be willing to face the fact that the state is committing a horrendous brutality on our behalf.” . . .
His dissent could be read as much as an indictment of capital punishment as a call for harsher methods, however. He cited California’s inability to execute anyone since 2006 because of legal challenges.
“Old age, not execution, is the most serious risk factor for inmates at the San Quentin death row,” he wrote.
In calling for firing squads, Kozinski said, “Eight or 10 large-caliber rifle bullets fired at close range can inflict massive damage, causing instant death every time.”
He said the public should not shield itself “from the reality we are shedding human blood.”
“If we as a society cannot stomach the splatter from an execution carried out by a firing squad, then we shouldn’t be carrying out executions at all.”
Kozinski, a Ronald Reagan appointee, is known for writing audacious, thought-provoking rulings, and legal scholars have been poring over his dissent.

Read the whole thing. My attitude about the death penalty is basically the same as my attitude about war: Git ‘er done.

A hard war makes for a long peace. War by half-measures, hemmed in by political concerns and fears of offending delicate sensibilities, can never accomplish war’s purpose, i.e., to defeat the enemy and force his submission. We ought not deceive ourselves about what war is.

Like the man said, “Talk thus to the marines.”

If we are not prepared to destroy the enemy — to devastate him with the utmost in lethal force – we ought never go to war. If our cause is so just that we will risk the blood of our bravest sons to conquer a foe, it does not behoove us to be too sensitive about the blood of our enemies. A nation that is afraid of war is a decadent nation, and will ultimately be conquered by others.

Similarly, we must not deceive ourselves about the death penalty. It is “humane” only in the sense that it is necessary to protect the innocent from the depredations of savages. Joseph Woods shot to death 55-year-old Gene Dietz, the father of his ex-girlfriend. As Debbie Dietz frantically tried to telephone for help, Woods grabbed her by the neck and said: “I told you I was going to do it. . . . I have to kill you, bitch.” And then he shot her to death, too.

You want to tell me Joseph Woods deserved a humane death? You want to tell me that a firing squad — or the noose, the gas chamber or the electric chair — would be a violation of the killer’s “rights”? You are siding with savages against the innocent.


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LIVE AT FIVE: 07.25.14

Posted on | July 25, 2014 | 6 Comments

– compiled by Wombat-socho

Kerry Proposes Week-Long Truce In Gaza Fighting

Palestinian mourns his son, killed by IDF fire after Hamas prevented the evacuation of a UN school in Gaza

UN school hit by fire in Gaza; predictable protests blame IDF
Israeli women do Gaza strip for IDF
Palestinian desperation fueling mounting Hamas truce demands
Israel continues offensive; Gaza death toll now over 800

Russian Artillery Caught Firing On Ukraine Targets
Ukraine PM Yatsenyuk resigns as parliamentary coalition collapses

Obama Blames Ireland In Attack On US Corporations’ Tax Avoidance
“I don’t care if it’s legal, it’s wrong.”

Wary Democrats Approach New Ryan Poverty Plan With Caution

Reforming, not cutting, poverty programs

Van Hollen complains of “cognitive dissonance” between proposals, Ryan’s budgets

House, Senate Talks Over VA Reform In Chaos As Recess Looms

Cuomo Held The Strings In Graft Hunt

President Releases Five Territories From Obamacare

Fight Over EPA Sabotage Of Alaska Gold Mine Intensifies

Asian Crude Drops Despite World Crises; “World Awash In Oil”: WTI $102.15, Brent $107.31
Amazon Shares Sink As Quarterly Loss Widens
McDonald’s Japan Stops Buying Chicken From Red China
Wall Street Ends Flat In Mixed Earnings As S&P Creeps To New High
Online Real Estate Giant Zillow Reportedly Bids $2 Billion For Trulia
Split Decisions At Market Basket
Google Faces EU Data Watchdogs Over “Right To Be Forgotten”
iPad? More Like iFAD
California, IBM Pushing State Data To The Cloud
Is The Curtain Falling On Tablets?
The New Foursquare: Checking In Or Checking Out?

Red Sox Offense Hits New Lows In Blowout Loss To Blue Jays

Not only do they get swept by Toronto, it looks like Big Papi’s headed for the DL. :(

8-0 rout may lead to selloffs

McGwire Still Bitter Toward Canseco

“Linsanity” Not On The Agenda As Lin Joins Lakers

Scherzer Notches Win #12 As Tigers Beat Angels

Aoki’s 14th-Inning Hit Pulls Royals Past Tribe

Young Hits Three-Run Dinger As O’s Blank M’s 4-0

Brewers Blow Out Mets 9-1

Kimbrel Too Wild To Save Braves

Moss Powers A’s Past Astros

Ryan Zimmerman To DL With Strained Hamstring; Should Nats Trade For Replacement?

Jessica Biel To Appear On “New Girl”

Will play rival to Zooey Deschanel’s Jess

Playing “the hottest scientist in the world”? YGBSM

Daniel Radcliffe Talks Tinder, Losing His Virginity

Kelsey, Kayte Grammer: It’s A Girl!

Zoe Saldana Pregnant With Twins

“Fifty Shades Of Grey” Trailer Debuts

“Sharknado 2″ Cast Shares Survival Tips

Charlize Theron’s Ring Sparks Engagement Rumors

“Bachelorette” Andi Dorfman’s Dad Meets Josh Murray

Paris Hilton’s Back, In A  New Carl’s Jr. Commercial

The Rock Says: “Fast & Furious 7″ Very Special, Emotional After Paul Walker’s Death

Shia LaBoeuf Ready To Cop A Plea In Musical Melee

How Mila Kunis Tamed Ashton Kutcher

Questlove Defends Iggy Azalea, Says “Fancy” A Game-Changer For Hip-Hop Culture

Daniel Radcliffe Trapped In Toronto By Visa Glitch

“Thrones” Stars Harington, Leslie Spark Marriage Rumors

France Sends Troops To Guard Air Algerie Wreckage
Iraq Finally Chooses New President
Pope Blesses Meriam Ibrahim
Cause Of Ferry Owner’s Death May Never Be Known
Tamil Asylum Seekers To Be Transferred From Ship To Australian Camp
UN Trying To Confirm ISIS Order For Female Genital Mutilation
Canada Imposes Sanctions On Key Russian Banks, Defense Firms
Defying Syria, UN Sends In Aid Trucks
Rise Of Islamic State Tests Syrian Army Strategy
Al Jazeera Journalists Jailed In Egypt Say They’ll Appeal
India Won’t Back WTO Agreement Unless Food Subsidy Concerns Addressed

Doug Powers: Obama Admin/Israeli Relations Summed Up In One Photo
Twitchy: Ted Cruz Quotes Bob Hope In The “True Blood” Kerfluffle
American Power: City Of Bell, CA Fast-Tracks Shelter For Obama’s Illegal Aliens
American Thinker: Five Fatal Flaws of Solar Energy
Conservatives4Palin: The Recycled Hard Drive Coincidence
Don Surber: Daily Scoreboard, July 24
Jammie Wearing Fools: Strange But True – Hillary Clinton Thinks The Russian Reset Worked
Joe For America: Hey Florida! Remember When You Voted For Obamacare?
JustOneMinute: And On The Spanish Border…
Protein Wisdom: Flashback – The Online Conservative Movement And Me
Shot In The Dark: Barack Rex
The Gateway Pundit: HHS Has Released Over 30,000 Unaccompanied Illegal Minors Into The US This Year
The Jawa Report: Anti-Israel Protesters Open Mouth, Hilarity Ensues
The Lonely Conservative: Administration Mulls Importing Illegals Directly From Honduras
This Ain’t Hell: Sen. Harkin Says Military Should Enlist The Disabled
Weasel Zippers: In Texas, 18 Of 20 Illegal Immigrant Minors Skip Deportation Hearings On Tuesday
Megan McArdle: Ex-”60 Minutes” Produce No Hollywood Hero

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Where Feminism Comes From

Posted on | July 25, 2014 | 21 Comments

Earlier, I quoted a Canadian feminist blog about “how bullies and abusers function” and then — having “set the hook,” as a fisherman might say — reeled off the history of the Brett Kimberlin case, without getting into the specific issues the Canadian feminist was talking about, which are interesting enough that they deserve their own post.

At issue is a new Canadian “progressive” web site called Ricochet (which is not to be confused with the established American conservative web site called Ricochet). The hardcore (but not lesbian) Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy explained her problem:

I could not and would not support any platform, publication, or organization involving an allegedly abusive man. And unfortunately I had been provided with information from more than one source that one of the men who co-founded Ricochet had been accused of abuse. . . .
When I learned that this man would be a founder and editor at Ricochet, I was livid. . . . I couldn’t name names but I knew full-well that the information circulating around this particular man had been communicated to many in the progressive community, yet he was still being allowed a position as some kind of leftist leader. No one was holding him to account.

(Yeah, Americans had a similar problem with a guy like that once. And now feminists want to elect his wife our next president.)

People who were willing to trash me publicly, simply because they disagreed with my feminist politics, were unwilling to cut ties with or call out a man who had been accused of abuse. . . .
I know these kinds of men. I lived with one. After I left him and began to tell my community about my experiences with him, he also threatened to sue me.

Now, here is where Meghan Murphy’s story takes an interesting sidetrack. She told the story of that relationship in October 2013:

When I was 26, I had what I sometimes call a quarter-life crisis. In typical 20-something form, I thought what I needed was to escape city life. To get closer to nature and eschew technology or some crap.
I subletted my apartment and hung around on some of the little islands off the coast of British Columbia. . . .
I lived in a tent for the summer. I stopped shaving my armpits and made a bunch of ugly hemp necklaces. I learned to play Janis Joplin songs on my guitar and read a lot of Anarchist pamphlets. . . .

(Everybody’s rolling their eyes at this part of Meghan’s story, but when I was 26, I was playing in a rock-and-roll band and dating strippers. Which isn’t the same as living in a tent and reading Anarchist pamphlets, but does show that 26-year-olds do crazy things that aren’t necessarily an indicator of their future.)

When I first met Dan, he seemed fun and smart, but he was 20 years older than me which, to a 26-year-old who’d only ever slept with men relatively close in age, seemed gross. . . .
He hung around the cafe, took me to local parties, and pretty much became my chauffeur. I hate to admit that I felt I was the one taking advantage of him. I felt I was the one in control.
This is, of course, the trouble with not having real power in this world. We take what we can get. Women learn they have power because men desire them, but it isn’t true. . . .

(Meghan: Your obsession with power, and your belief that women can never have “real power” — because patriarchy! — is the result of looking at the world through an ideological prism. But never mind that right now. Let’s talk about sex, eh?)

I slept with him one night after too many drinks, regretted it immediately and then regretted it even more when, about a month later, I learned I was pregnant. I scheduled an abortion, but suffered a rather traumatic miscarriage a week before my appointment. Dan took care of me while I recovered that week, bedridden and high on OxyContin, prescribed for the pain. Looking back, I see our relationship as one forged through a kind of trauma-bonding. . . .

(Oh, for crying out loud, Meghan, you’ve been reading Dee Graham, haven’t you? It’s probably only a matter of time until you’re screeching that PIV is always rape. But anyway . . .)

I quickly became dependent on Dan. But he was smart. He was able to engage in debates about the things I was interested in -– politics, feminism, progressive movements. He aligned himself with lefty causes and with women’s rights. He believed himself to be a progressive guy. I believed it, too. . . .
He made a point of telling as many people as possible about the thousands of dollars he’d donated to the local women’s anti-violence group. He would identify as a feminist and then talk over all the women in the room.

(Never trust a guy who makes a point of bragging what a huge feminist he is. Guys like that are psychologically defective.)

Eventually his true nature began to show through his carefully crafted persona, but he was a master manipulator and somehow I always ended up believing that either his behaviour would change or that his blow-ups were my fault. . . .

(Proving my point.)

He dominated every conversation and would practically foam at the mouth if anyone disagreed with him. He made excuses as to why he had a pattern of dating much younger women. . . .
At 47, he had all but retired. . . .
He’d memorized pseudo-therapeutic language, impressing women who were accustomed to men who were emotionally disengaged.
He was also always the victim. In past relationships and in life. He was “struggling,” he always said. He described the 10 years of his life spent as vice-president of A&R at a large record label as akin to serving time in a war. . . .


Sweetheart, anybody who knows anything about the music business will tell you: Never trust a record company executive. To compare those people to jackals would be an insult to jackals. To say that somebody spent “10 years of his life . . . as vice-president of A&R at a large record label” is like saying he spent 10 years peddling heroin to teenagers or writing speeches for Mitch McConnell.

Anyway, to continue Meghan’s story about that sociopathic creep Dan:

Explanations of his life were full of holes. . . . He would tell me about women he’d dated or slept with, and then months later I’d learn these stories were lies. He’d laugh it off: “Oh I was just joking about that.”
Through the year and a half we were together, we broke up constantly. The nonstop lying and mind games made me feel crazy and insecure. . . .

(Yeah, you were so “crazy and insecure” that you spent your summer living in a tent and reading anarchist pamphlets.)

I’d hear all sorts of stories from others -– sometimes about him cheating with other women, even younger than me. When I’d ask him about what I’d heard, he’d track down the people who ratted him out, threatening them and spreading rumors around the island that they were crazy and out to get him. Everyone was out to get him for some inexplicable reason.
I left him temporarily after he backhanded me across the face one night. . . .
One woman I’d told, a friend, I’d thought, responded: “Oh but you two were fighting, weren’t you?”
Well, yes. If you call being screamed at, called a “fucking cunt,” and then smacked across the face “a fight,” then yeah. I guess we were fighting. . . .

Well, you can read the rest of that. My point is, this is where feminism comes from — women hanging around wretched amoral “progressive” scumbags who treat women like dirt. And the weird thing is, Meghan Murphy already knows this:

I have a healthy and well-founded mistrust for the male left. . . . The radical feminist movement quite literally was launched, back in the 60s, in response to women’s disappointment in the New Left, who continually ignored and treated our sisters as second class citizens. Women tried to join the fight for equality and liberation only to learn that their own liberation didn’t count.

You can read the rest of that, too. The problem with the Left is that it is composed entirely of three kinds of people:

  1. Emotionally damaged and/or mentally defective losers desperately hoping that politics can solve their problems;
  2. Crackpot intellectuals craving world-historical significance, or at least a regular TV gig and a book contract; and
  3. Clever hustlers trying to score some action.

All of these people have bad motives, which they cannot admit. If they told the truth — “I hate successful, happy people because my mother dressed me in ugly clothes and kids made fun of me in school” — nobody would pay attention to them.

Dishonesty therefore becomes routine and habitual to leftists, and whenever leftists get together, the clever progressive hustlers prey upon the emotionally damaged losers who can be counted on to blame their misfortunes not on the individual creeps who screwed them over, but rather on some large, abstract “social injustice.”

Idiots willing to fight for Social Justice as volunteers are victims of professional leftists who get paid to fight for Social Justice. But if the idiots ever wised up to the hustle, there wouldn’t be a “progressive” movement at all. So the chumps just keep on chumpin’ . . .


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