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Metaphor Alert: All In All It Was All Just Bricks In The Wall

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by Smitty

Guess who’s getting a wall to keep the mob of his creation at bay?

May he die old, full of years, unable to deny both the wrongheadedness of his ideas, and the correctness of Americans for holding his record in contempt.

@ScottAdamsSays You Can’t Debate The Importance Of Bait

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by Smitty

Blame @CNN: Liberals Becoming Unhinged as Trump Inauguration Nears

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Let’s face it: The typical liberal’s grasp on reality is always a tenuous matter, but subjected to 24/7 anti-Trump propaganda by CNN and other liberal media organizations, some Democrat voters have completely lost their grip as the President-elect’s inauguration approaches:

A protester set himself on fire outside Trump International Hotel in Washington DC on Tuesday.
The 45-year-old man, who has not yet been identified, said the act was in protest of the President-elect’s looming inauguration.
Witnesses described how he yelled ‘Trump’ several times as ‘flames ran up his back’ before lying down in the street.
He suffered non-life-threatening burns and was taken to hospital shortly after the incident at around 9.30pm. . . .
‘(I’m protesting) the fact that we’ve elected somebody who is completely incapable of respecting the Constitution of the United States.’
The man, who said he was from California, suffered third-degree burns on 10 percent of his body, according to the Washington Post.
He had used a lighter and accelerant to start the fire.

Typical Democrat voter — a pathetic loser who can’t even succeed at burning himself to death. Meanwhile, in Miami:

A South Florida man has been charged with threatening to kill President-elect Donald Trump in a video posted online.
A Miami Beach police report released Wednesday identified the suspect as 51-year-old Dominic Puopolo. Jail records show Puopolo is being held without bail on state charges of threatening harm against a public servant. Court records do not list a lawyer for him.
The police report says Puopolo on Monday posted a video on his Twitter account stating that he would “be at the review/inauguration and I will kill President Trump, President-elect Trump” while in Washington.
The report says he was arrested a short time later at a Miami Beach Subway restaurant and admitted to officers he had posted the threatening video. Police say Puopolo told them he is homeless.

He’s homeless, so he’s got plenty of time to record anti-Trump videos and post them to Twitter. Are police sure this guy’s name isn’t Jim Acosta?


In the Mailbox: 01.18.17

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

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Why Lindsay Lohan Is a Muslim Now: Understanding 21st-Century ‘Oikophobia’

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Lindsay Lohan in 2010 DUI mugshot (left) and in Turkey, October 2016 (right).

Lindsay Lohan has made many bad decisions in her life, but her apparent conversion to Islam may be her worst ever, Robert Spencer explains:

Lindsay Lohan has sparked widespread speculation that she has converted to Islam by deleting everything on her Instagram account except for the Arabic greeting “Alaikum salam” . . . .
Lohan has fueled this kind of speculation in the past, saying in 2015: “My very close friends, who have been there for me a lot, in London are Saudi and they gave me the Qur’an and I brought it to New York because I was learning. It opened doors for me to experience spiritually, to find another true meaning. This is who I am.”
She didn’t say what “true meaning” she found in Qur’anic injunctions sanctioning wife-beating (Qur’an 4:34), devaluing of women’s testimony (Qur’an 2:282) and inheritance rights (Qur’an 4:11), allowance for polygamy (Qur’an 4:3), or mandate of warfare against and subjugation of unbelievers (Qur’an 9:29), but that’s just the beginning of the absurdity.
Is Lindsay Lohan prepared to venture out in public with everything covered except her face and hands, as per Muhammad’s injunction (Abu Dawud 4092)? Is she willing not to go out at all unless accompanied by a male guardian, as per Islamic law? Is she happy with being judged deficient in intelligence and religious commitment, as Muhammad said of women (Bukhari 304)?
Lindsay Lohan likely doesn’t know that any of this is in Islamic teaching. She probably knows about Islam only the things she has been told by her friends in Saudi Arabia and Dubai, who are no doubt anxious to add her to the list of celebrity converts to Islam.

Lindsay Lohan is a drug-addled celebrity dimwit from a broken home who was pushed into show business as a child. Like so many other former child stars produced by the Disney movie/cable-TV fame factory — including Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus — Lohan’s young adulthood seemed to be a constant trainwreck of public shame, played out in tabloid headlines.

Lots of teenagers who aren’t rich, famous and beautiful struggle with similar problems — drugs, alcohol, sexual promiscuity, mental illness — but we never read headlines about those troubled youth unless and until they commit some horrible crime. Ordinary adolescent trauma cases don’t fascinate us the way the Troubled Starlet does, because the celebrity trainwreck is so ostentatiously blessed with everything our popular culture values — youth, wealth, beauty and fame.


Here was Lindsay Lohan, who had captured America’s hearts as a wholesome freckle-faced girl in Disney’s 1998 remake of The Parent Trap and who, at age 18, became one of the most promising young actresses in Hollywood when she starred in the hit comedy Mean Girls. She had everything in the world going for her, it seemed, but by the time she was 21, her career and personal life were in disarray. She broke up with her boyfriend, That ’70s Show star Wilmer Valderrama, her movies flopped, and her substance-abuse problems escalated to the point that directors were no longer willing to work with her. Eventually, as it became obvious that she would probably never work again as an actress, the tabloids lost interest in Lindsay Lohan, and her brief stint in a “reality TV” show on Oprah’s network fizzled out in 2014, inspiring me to comment:

It’s wrong to say that Lindsay Lohan ever had a drug and alcohol problem. No, Lindsay Lohan had a Lindsay Lohan problem.

And so, in 2015, somebody gave her a Koran and she moved to Dubai and now, evidently, Lindsay Lohan is an adherent of Islam. Why? That is to say, why Islam, and not some other belief system? Why didn’t Lindsay Lohan move to Lynchburg, Va., and become a Southern Baptist? Or why didn’t she move to Dublin and return to her Irish-Catholic roots?

Oikophobia — a term that Roger Scruton has popularized to describe “the repudiation of inheritance and home”:

He argued that it is “a stage through which the adolescent mind normally passes,” but that it is a feature of some, typically leftist, political impulses and ideologies which espouse xenophilia, i.e. preference for alien cultures.
Scruton uses the term as the antithesis of xenophobia. . . . Mark Dooley describes oikophobia as centered within the Western academic establishment on “both the common culture of the West, and the old educational curriculum that sought to transmit its humane values.” This disposition has grown out of, for example, the writings of Jacques Derrida and of Michel Foucault’s “assault on ‘bourgeois’ society result[ing] in an ‘anti-culture’ that took direct aim at holy and sacred things, condemning and repudiating them as oppressive and power-ridden.”

This rejection of our own cultural inheritance has become widespread among the decadent elite in Western societies, where affluence fosters an alienation from the simple values of ordinary people. Oikophobia expresses itself in an attitude which, for example, considers the vile traitor Bradley “Chelsea” Manning deserving of presidential favor, but which disparages the loyal soldier who courageously does his duty.


The same liberal media that celebrates the cowardly traitor Manning, despises the genuine war hero Chris Kyle. Liberals hate real heroes because liberals hate America — this is oikophobia.

Likewise, after Lindsay Lohan destroyed her own show-business career, we could not expect that she would seek recovery by returning to any form of Christianity, especially not the traditional Catholicism of her Irish-American ancestors. Why not? Because to do so would be for Lindsay to admit that she was the source of her own problems.

Oikophobia is highly correlated to what Christopher Lasch called The Culture of Narcissism, a phenomenon I discussed in 2014:

What the narcissistic personality lacks more than anything else is an objectivity about the relationship between the Self and others. The narcissist is unrealistic about himself because he cannot step outside himself and view his own flaws and failures as they actually are. The gap between who he thinks he is and who he really is, and perhaps more importantly, the gap between how others see him and how he sees himself, creates an existential crisis which he attempts to evade through various rationalizations and psychological defense mechanisms. . . .
The narcissist’s devotion to self-image — what he thinks of himself, and what he wishes others to think of him — blinds him to his own faults and errors, so that he must always find scapegoats to blame for his failures. . . .
Feelings of entitlement and unrealistic expectations based on an inflated sense of superiority — this is classic narcissism. And when narcissists fail, their reaction is always predictably to engage in evasive blame-shifting and scapegoating.

The celebrity like Lindsay Lohan who wrecks her career through substance abuse has failed not only by the standards of show business, but she has also failed in terms of basic moral values. To return to Catholicism would require Lindsay Lohan to admit that she is the problem — “Mea culpa” — and because the narcissist is psychologically incapable of such an admission, instead she must turn to another belief system. Under the influence of oikophobia, the belief system she chooses must be exotic and foreign. Madonna turned to the Kabbalah, and some people turn to Buddhism, but Lindsay Lohan (who never seems to do anything in a moderate way) turns to Islam. If she continues down this path according to her usual immoderate habits, we may expect Lindsay Lohan to become a Islamic extremist. Comparing her to Bradley “Chelsea” Manning may be apt in another sense, i.e., the destruction of one’s own identity.

Because they are obsessed with their own self-image, narcissists tend to react badly when their self-image — their sense of identity — becomes associated in their own minds with failure. The narcissist’s typical grandiosity, a belief that he is an extraordinary personality, leads to cognitive dissonance when the negative feedback from reality does not match the narcissist’s overblown self-image of superiority. Transgenderism can be seen as the ultimate attempt to resolve this cognitive dissonance by destroying one’s own original identity. For example, after a rich white boy named John Walker Flynt drops out of college and squanders a small fortune in a failed business venture, he decides to destroy his identity and become “Brianna Wu.” (With typical narcissistic hubris, John/“Brianna” is now running for Congress.)

John Walker Flynt as a failed male (left) and after becoming ‘Brianna Wu’ (right).

One reason people like John Flynt/“Brianna Wu” become so enraged when their original identity is referenced is because they do not want anyone to discover any of the wrongdoing or failures of their past. By declaring themselves to be a new person of the opposite sex, transgender people claim that the person they once were never really existed. “Brianna Wu” claims to be an entirely different person, who cannot be held responsible for anything done by John Walker Flynt.

Not coincidentally, Westerners who convert to Islam also usually change their names: “Esteban Santiago, who opened fire in the baggage claim area of the Fort Lauderdale Airport on January 6, murdering five people, was a convert to Islam who took the name Aashiq Hammad.”

Narcissism, oikophobia, self-destruction, transgenderism — all of these are symptomatic of pervasive decadence in 21st-century America.



Late Night With In The Mailbox: 01.17.17

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

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The #WomensMarch on Washington: Like ‘Seinfeld,’ It’s a Show About Nothing

Posted on | January 17, 2017 | 1 Comment


The organizers of Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington are Democrats who are protesting that a Republican won the election. Period.

However, admitting their crudely partisan motives would sort of undercut their claim to speak on behalf of all women (e.g., a majority of white women voted for Trump) and they have had difficulty explaining what their march is actually about. The person who skewers them most effectively, I must say, is Canadian radical feminist Meghan Murphy:

Since the March was announced, many feminists have wanted to know more: What is the purpose of the March? Is there an agenda? It is called a “Women’s March,” but is it for women only? (No.) Is the March “anti-Trump? (No.) Or even a protest? (Also no.) For a short while, though enthusiastic, many wondered how and if organizers would even be able to pull it off. But a permit was issued and the event is not only going to happen this Saturday, but is expected to be one of America’s biggest demonstrations.
But claims that the March is a radical one don’t exactly mesh with the message put forth by organizers.
“It’s an affirmative message to the new administration that ‘women’s rights are human rights,’” Vox reported, adding that “the event is being promoted as a ‘march’ or a ‘rally,’ but emphatically not a ‘protest.’”
Organizers’ insistence that the March doesn’t protest anything in particular could be interpreted as an effort to bring together as many people as possible. . . .
It’s odd to call something a “Women’s March” when it’s not really just for women, but the problems with the event extend far beyond that. Saying a thing is “woman-centered” is one thing, but actually centering women is another. The Women’s March, in their efforts to be “as inclusive as possible” have avoided naming the problem, leaving feminists to wonder how exactly the problem will be addressed, if we can’t even speak it out loud.

According to Ms. Murphy, the problem is simply men or, rather, “male violence,” but this just tips you off to the fact that Ms. Murphy is Canadian, because if she was American — and prone to dig around a bit in federal crime statistics — she’d realize why a bunch of Democrat protesters don’t want to get too specific about this problem. To put it bluntly, “male violence” in the United States is disproportionately caused by men who vote Democrat. Or at least, they probably would vote Democrat, if they weren’t so busy killing each other over drug turf in places like Chicago, where 10 people were gunned down over the MLK holiday weekend. Well, “intersectionality,” as the feminists say, but it’s not Trump voters who are terrorizing the streets of Chicago and — call it a hunch — I’m pretty sure this guy isn’t a Republican, either:

A Worcester, Massachusetts man faced a judge for human trafficking and rape charges after police say he paid $5,000 to smuggle a 14-year-old girl into the country, held her captive and sexually assaulted her.
Twenty-two-year-old Luis Santos was ordered to be held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing by a judge on Tuesday following his arrest last week.
Police say the girl apparently began talking with Santos on Facebook from El Salvador. She arrived in Worcester last month.
Police say she was forced to live in Santos’ apartment and share his bed. The girl accused Santos of touching her on multiple occasions.
Police say she was locked in a room and wasn’t allowed to use a phone or attend school most of the time.

Meanwhile, a “Black Lives Matter” protester is under arrest:


Javier Tra Dunn, 25, 4362 Hollywood St., was charged by an East Baton Rouge Parish grand jury Thursday with two counts of aggravated rape and one count of first-degree rape.
The indictment, filed into the court record Friday, accuses Dunn of raping the same alleged victim during three different time periods, beginning in 2012 when she was 5 and ending in late June when she was 9.
Dunn was arrested July 10 near Baton Rouge police headquarters on Goodwood Boulevard in July while protesting the fatal July 5 police shooting of Sterling. He was booked on counts of obstruction of a highway and resisting arrest.

Elsewhere in Louisiana:


A Shreveport man accused of raping a 5-year-old girl has been arrested.
The Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office says 20-year-old Jaquayveon Malik McGee was arrested Tuesday on a charge of first-degree rape. Bond was set at $75,000. It was unknown if he’s represented by an attorney.
Sheriff Steve Prator, in a news release Friday, said McGee’s arrest followed an investigation by Detective Larry Pierce into an incident that allegedly occurred Dec. 30 at the victim’s home in north Caddo Parish.
A family member of the child learned of the alleged sexual assault, took the child to a local hospital and reported the matter to the sheriff’s office.

Meanwhile, in California:


A man wanted for kidnapping, raping, and selling a 12-year-old Watsonville girl into prostitution was captured in Mexico.
In October, William Ortiz Ruiz took the girl to a motel in Watsonville, raped her, and then sold her as a prostitute, according to police.
Ruiz forced the girl to stay at the motel under threats of violence, Watsonville police said.
Mexican authorities and FBI agents found and arrested 21-year-old Ruiz in San Bartolomé Coro, Michoacán, Mexico last week.

Probably not a Trump voter.

Maybe because she’s from Canada, this isn’t obvious to Meghan Murphy, but here in America, there’s an awful lot of “male violence” Democrats never complain about, because Democrats are committing most of it.



Shameless Lesbian Misquotes Bannon

Posted on | January 17, 2017 | 1 Comment

In a 2011 radio interview, when Steve Bannon was promoting his documentary Fire From the Heartland: The Awakening of the Conservative Woman, he pointed out that women like Sarah Palin exemplified a type of “women’s liberation” feminists never imagined:

“That, in fact, the women that would lead this country would be pro-family, they would have husbands, they would love their children. They wouldn’t be a bunch of dykes that came from the Seven Sisters schools up in New England. That drives the left insane and that’s why they hate these women.”

After Bannon joined the Trump campaign, his 2011 remark was spun into an expression of ignorant bigotry, which obviously it is not. The radical feminist movement indeed included a lot of lesbians from the elite “Seven Sisters” schools, e.g., Mount Holyoke College alumnae Joan Biren (Class of ’66) and Ginny Berson (Class of ’67), both founding members of the Furies collective. As a matter of fact, by the early 1990s, the town of Northampton, Massachusetts, was believed to have the highest per-capita concentration of lesbians in America, in part because it was home to Smith College, a Seven Sisters school, and only 15 miles from Mount Holyoke.  There certainly was a historical basis for Bannon’s description of New England “dykes” as prominent in radical feminism, but the distortions created by the liberal spin machine have a way of leaving a stain behind. And so “shameless lesbian” Jocelyn MacDonald, after quoting Andrea Dworkin, took this cheap shot at Bannon:

This is precisely why Steve Bannon, the neo-Nazi altar boy of our newly elected president, ridiculed women like Hillary Clinton — powerful, self-determining women — as a “bunch of dykes.”

That is such a complete misreading of what Bannon actually said as to be an almost 180-degree reversal of what he said. First, Bannon was praising the “powerful, self-determining women” of the conservative movement. Secondly, Bannon obviously wasn’t referring to Hillary Clinton in that 2011 interview. Although she attended a Seven Sisters school (Wellesley), Clinton had made her marriage to Bill Clinton the vehicle of her own ambition, and was perhaps in some sense less “self-determining” than Sarah Palin. The smear of Bannon as a “neo-Nazi” is just gratuitous character assassination, but the main point — which Jocelyn MacDonald for some reason wishes to ignore — is the extent to which “a bunch of dykes that came from the Seven Sisters schools” actually were influential in the feminist movement. It is remarkable that nothing makes feminists angrier than when someone tells the truth about feminism.


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