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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Mrs. Malkin Misapprehends: The Underside Of The Bus *IS* Your Healthcare Plan

Posted on | September 21, 2013 | 36 Comments

by Smitty

It’s kind of a bummer to see #OccupyResoluteDesk so misinterpreted:

See, you’re going to have a plan that you can keep. All of the angst hinges around you learning to LIKE the thing. And that’s where the American people have really let our no-talent rodeo clown down. For some strange reason, we have refused to internalize the concept of rank incompetence and thuggery as the new excellence. Clearly the problem lies with us.

Via Instapundit, the fact that numbers are all morally equivalent helps soften the blow that ObamaCare will only insure half of the number previously taped to the shuttlecock down at the badminton court on Martha’s Vineyard. Pay no attention that, as with unemployment numbers, the actual values will likely prove significantly worse, once the value of deceiving people has diminished to the point the truth leaks out.

And so Harry ‘the Cadaver’ Reid is going to defend ObamaCare as though it were Greece, and our federal government the EuroZone.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) declared Thursday that any government funding legislation that takes away money for Obamacare has no chance of becoming law.
“In case there is any shred of doubt in the minds of our House counterparts, I want to be absolutely crystal clear,” Reid said at a news conference. “Any bill that defunds Obamacare is dead. Dead.”

And if anybody in DC is intimately familiar with rigor mortis conditions, it’s Ol’ Harry.

But let’s have none of that scurrilous, old-fashioned equality-before-the-law talk:

On Tuesday Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) indicated on the floor of the Senate he was “open to having a vote” on Senator David Vitter’s (R-LA) amendment to eliminate the Obamacare exemption for members of Congress, according to a Breitbart source on Capitol Hill. [Friday], however, he and his Democratic colleagues are singing a different tune, and the lyrics come straight from that timeless phrase used by hypocrites throughout American history: “What’s good for thee is not good for me.”

My thought, given the state of the slow-motion train-wreck, is that after suitable theater, Congress delays the ObamaCare debacle a year, and tries to get some of the infrastructure more ready. I doubt that the Democrats have any regard for ObamaCare itself; it’s never been more than a stepping stone to Single Prayer, anyway. As long as it’s achieving its purpose of being a Cloward-Piven wrecking ball, why would the Democrats care?

The danger to the Dems, as the sleeping giant of liberty continues to awake, is that a delay permits drags the economy down, and more information about how diabolically false the entire undertaking to circulate. That could affect the 2014 vote.

Suggestion: hire John Cleese for a series of PSAs at NFL games, trying to sell “ObamaCareTross” and/or “CrapNados”:

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‘It Matters How You Say It’: Democrat Wishes Painful Death on Children

Posted on | September 21, 2013 | 96 Comments

“O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. . . .
“But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.”

Matthew 12:34, 36 (KJV)

Allen Brauer “has a lifetime of experience in political and social movements for change” and “is a longtime activist in the LGBT equality movement,” which is to say, he’s a hate-filled monster:

Twitchy blew up Brauer for his death-wishing on Amanda Carpenter’s children (Amanda, formerly of Townhall and the Washington Times, is “senior communications advisor” to Sen. Ted Cruz) and it took about five hours before Brauer was forced to resign as Communications Chair of the Democrat Party of Sacramento, California.

The motto at Brauer’s media agency? “It Matters How You Say It.”


Big Government

Today in “Twitter brings
out the best in people”

Legal Insurrection

Democratic Official Allan Brauer
Wishes Death on Ted Cruz Aide’s Children

Free Beacon

Oh, That Eliminationist Rhetoric
Ed Driscoll

Yes, “It Matters How You Say It,” and Donald Douglas says: “This is no aberration.  . . . It’s almost shocking, except it’s not. It’s SOP for these ghouls. Same demonic depravity. Different day.”

Indeed, Twitchy has assembled a collection demonstrating Brauer’s long history of hateful comments, including: “ is a sort of Buzzfeed for the spastic fascists who live in @michellemalkin‘s diseased cooter” (April 20, 2013). And let me ask if you think that it is a coincidence that a man who boasts of being “a longtime activist in the LGBT equality movement” happens to spew the kind of misogyny that appears to express a Freudian fear and loathing of the vagina?

No, of course it’s not a coincidence, nor is it a coincidence that Democrat Party officials think they can get away with hateful language.

See? It’s acceptable to Democrats to speak vile hatred, so long as you don’t distract from the message of how bad Republicans are.

No honest or decent person can support the Democrat Party.

Are a majority of Americans now indecent and/or dishonest?

Well, Barack Obama is president and Harry Reid is Senate majority leader, so if our nation’s people are not yet irretrievably corrupt, we’re certainly not far from The Point of No Return.

“O generation of vipers!”

Or, in the vernacular: “Pathetic little sniveling impotent bitches.”


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When ‘Shutuppery’ Fails

Posted on | September 20, 2013 | 103 Comments

Twitchy jumped on the story about Greg Flynn’s attempt to intimidate North Carolina blogger Lady Liberty, featuring Sister Toldjah’s story of how she was targeted by North Carolina Democrat activist Jeanne Bond and her “front group” Moving NC Forward.

When the Left’s attempts to silence dissent are exposed, the thugs who fail in their efforts inevitably claim victimhood: They are being “harassed.” They are being targeted by “death threats.”

They have done nothing wrong, they believe, because they are liberals and anything they do is acceptable, because . . . shut up!

#ShutUppery and the Drums of #WAR
Lady Liberty

Why The Doxing of LadyLiberty1885 and
Other Conservative Female Bloggers Matters

The Jawa Report

Noted douche nozzle @GregFlynn wants
Conservative blogger to “shut up”

– Daley Gator

Being described as a “noted douche nozzle” is just one immediate consequence of failed “shutuppery.” Secondary consequences include:

Democrats like Greg Flynn, Jeanne Bonds and John Burns evidently believe that no one should be permitted to criticize them. So when they try to “dox” bloggers and get caught, the people who expose them are then alleged to be engaged in wrongdoing: “How dare you describe my attempt to intimidate you into silence?”

This is exactly why Brett Kimberlin named me among five defendants in his lawsuit for “malicious prosecution, conspiracy to abuse process, defamation, false light invasion of privacy, harassment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and stalking.” 

My wrongdoing, according to Kimberlin, is to have described his attempted intimidation of Aaron Walker and others.

“If Brett Kimberlin hates you, he will do anything within his power to harm you — even though he derives no benefit from these destructive acts other than the sadistic vengeful pleasure of inflicting harm. Now that Kimberlin is engaged in legal warfare against his wife who left him, we can observe conclusive proof that (a) Kimberlin’s attacks on enemies like Aaron Walker were never really about politics, and (b) the “Accuse the Accusers” method is Kimberlin’s characteristic strategy.
“In an effort to discredit his estranged wife Tetyana, Brett Kimberlin had her taken into custody July 6, seeking to have her involuntarily committed for psychiatric evaluation. This vindictive strategy failed — Tetyana was immediately released by Montgomery County District Court Judge Patricia Mitchell — but Kimberlin has continued this destructive smear against her. In a hearing Tuesday before Maryland District Court Judge Barry Hamilton, Kimberlin claimed that Tetyana is mentally ill, off her medications for bipolar disorder.”

Robert Stacy McCain, July 18, “Brett Kimberlin’s Enemies List Expands to Include His Estranged Wife: ‘She’s Nuts!’”

That July 18 post is actually quoted in Kimberlin’s lawsuit as evidence that I have defamed and harassed him when, in fact, I have merely described his depraved character, habits and behavior.

Readers may have noticed that this post is datelined “Rockville, Maryland.” I have come here to begin preparing my legal defense against Brett Kimberlin’s baseless accusations, and one must wonder if Brett Kimberlin has contemplated the consequences — primary, secondary and tertiary — that may ensue when “shutuppery” fails.



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Posted on | September 20, 2013 | 7 Comments

– compiled by Wombat-socho

Rouhani Praises Obama’s Letter As “Positive And Constructive”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

Reiterates Iran’s lack of interest in nuke weapons
Israel Pushes World Not To Be Deceived By Iranian Charm Offensive

WaPo Factchecker Glenn Kessler Calls Out Obama On Debt Ceiling Lie
Assigns four Pinocchios for claim that non-budget items were never attached to debt ceiling bills

Pope Criticizes Church’s Emphasis On Abortion, Gays
Criticizes legalistic approach, calls for more compassion

Benghazi Investigators Gave Hillary Clinton Heads-Up On Findings

Admiral Mike Mullen, vice-chairman of the “independent” investigating board

Mullen warned then-SecState that an aide would be a “weak witness”

Groups Wage Grassroots Battle Ahead Of Obamacare Launch

Nancy Pelosi: GOP’s Tea Partiers “Playing With Fire”

Same Contractor Vetted Snowden, Navy Yard Shooter

Tom DeLay’s Money-Laundering Conviction Overturned By Texas Court

Ohio Clinic Touted By Obama Slashes Staff Due To Obamacare

Boehner Bashes Obama In Mocking Video, Notes That President Eager To Work With Putin But Not GOP

Rules That Could Kill: Safety, Cost Concerns Over EPA’s New Coal Regulations

Oil Headed For Weekly Loss On Partial Libya Return, Easing Of Syrian Crisis: NYMEX $106.19, Brent $109.20
India’s Central Bank Focuses On Inflation To Anchor Sagging Rupee
Housing Starts, Permits Miss Expectations
Gold Rallies To One-Week High
Dow Jones, AllThingsD Part Ways; Walt Mossberg Leaving Wall Street Journal
Japan Reportedly Plans Over $14 Billion In Corporate Tax Cuts
iPhone Shortages Frustrate Networks On Launch Day
Microsoft Execs Make “One Microsoft” Pitch To Wall Street
Nintendo Visionary, Mariners Owner Hiroshi Yamauchi Dies, 85
WinPhone Beats iOS In India
RSA Warns Developers Not To Use Algorithm With Suspected NSA Back Door

Dodgers Clinch NL West

Matt Kemp celebrates by drenching Hanley Ramirez

Rally to beat Snakes 7-6 on a pair of Hanley Ramirez dingers

Team New Zealand Near Victory In America’s Cup

Nick Saban Dismisses Texas Rumors: “I’m Too Damn Old To Start Over Somewhere Else”

Crisp’s Homer Gives A’s Victory Over Twins

Heat Forward Chris (Birdman) Anderson Cleared; Was Victim Of Internet Hoax

Red Sox Finally Beat O’s, Clinch Playoff Berth

Fielder Leads Tigers Past Mariners

Tribe Beats Astros 2-1 In Extras, Now 1/2 Game From Clinching Wildcard

Pirates Halt Skid With 10-1 Rout Of Padres

Harper’s 20th Homer Leads Nats Past Fish; Now Just 5 Games Back In Wildcard Chase

Snooki Looking To Have More Kids After Next Year’s Marriage

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi

And/or a boob job.

In Russia, Visa Denies YOU! Selena Gomez Concerts In Russia Cancelled After Singer Denied Visa – Gay Rights Stance A Factor?

Justin Timerlake Defends Miley Cyrus

The GQ Cover Story: Idris Elba

Mila Kunis Comforts Emotional Ashton Kutcher At Kabbalah Rabbi’s Funeral In Israel

Eiza Gonzalez Has Nothing To Say About Liam Hemsworth Smooches

Kristin Chenoweth Joins Jennifer Lopez In “The Boy Next Door”

Marvel Readying “Agent Carter” Series

Charlie Sheen Calls BS On Reports He Partied With Zac Efron

Tupac Shakur Biopic Gets New Momentum

British Police Arrest Eight In Alleged Barclays Cybertheft
Syrian Rebels, Jihadis Agree On Truce
Over 60 Killed In Yemen Army Base Attack
Nearly 100 Dead After Mexico Storms
Candidate’s Home Attacked Ahead Of Sri Lanka Poll
Egyptian Security Forces Hunt Down Islamists In Cairo Suburb
South African Panel Accuses Police Of Lying In Mine Incident
EU Not Budging On Release Of Jailed Ukraine PM Tymoshenko

First Street Journal: And Now We See How Vladimir Putin Snookered Barack Hussein Obama
Blackmailers Don’t Shoot: Marxism By Any Other Name
Twitchy: Sarah Palin Reclaims “see Russia from my house” Line With Brutal Caption
American Power: The Audrie Pott Suicide
American Thinker: No Compromise On ObamaCare
The Necropolitan Sentinel: Obamacare Watch – Ads! Ads! Ads!
Don Surber: Daily Scoreboard, September 19
Jammie Wearing Fools: What Could Go Wrong? Obamacare Exchanges In 36 States Can’t Calculate How Much People Will Pay
JustOneMinute: Nobody Saw This Coming
Pat Dollard: Typical Democat Professor Says “God’s Justice” Would Be NRA Members’ Children Shot To Death In Massacre
Protein Wisdom: Democrats Piss On The Families Of Benghazi Victims
Shot In The Dark: Late Breaking Good News
The Jawa Report: Why The Doxing Of Lady Liberty 1885 And Other Conservative Female Bloggers Matters
The Lonely Conservative: Bill To Cut Food Stamps Passes In House
Megan McArdle: Banking Without Risk Is Impossible

Deadline to submit links for the FMJRA is midnight tonight. DO IT.
Rule 5 posts sent to my main mailbox will be deleted.

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All ‘Bulls Hit’ VA Democrat Candidate

Posted on | September 19, 2013 | 17 Comments

by Smitty

Virginians weren’t supposed to glom onto the fact that Terry McAuliffe is a Tommy Boy candidate, hold the redemptive climax, until after the election:
Could it be that Barack Obama has brought an end to the era of the political no-talent rodeo clown? McAuliffe seems to be giving the bulls a workout based more on the out of state frogskins than any actual capacity to fill a public office.

Ken Cuccinelli for Governor

He’s much more likely to be sober while carrying out his duties

via Bearing Drift

Update: Breitbart brings some 2008 campaign news that calls into question this post’s “Tommy Boy” characterization of McAuliffe. Perhaps Bluto Blutarsky would be more apropos.

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The Colossus Of Colorado Springs

Posted on | September 19, 2013 | 24 Comments


As a lead-in to our main topic this week, I want to give a brief mention to a couple of things I read this week that are (at the very least) decent brain candy and might be worth your time. First, Marko Kloos’ Terms of Enlistment which right now is only available on the Kindle, but it looks like there’ll be a dead-tree edition come January. This book is awfully reminiscent of Jerry Pournelle’s CoDominium stories; Andrew Grayson joins the Commonwealth armed forces to get out of what amounts to a Welfare Island, and spends the first half of the book training for his eventual deployment to a Territorial Army unit (=Garrison Marines), one of whose duties is riot suppression in the huge poverty-stricken urban areas around the major cities. Our hero winds up being dropped into Detroit on a riot suppression mission that goes very bad and lands him in the hospital – and under investigation for excessive use of force. Fortunately, Grayson has a clout, and she bails him out by arranging for him to transfer to the Navy. The good news for him is that he’s reunited with his girlfriend from Basic; the bad news is that when they arrive at the first planet on their patrol route, something is waiting for them. A lot of reviewers complained about the shift, but I thought the story as a whole was okay – not great, but not a waste of three bucks, either. The other book you might want to take a look at is The Goliath Stone, by Larry Niven and Matthew Harrington, the latter of whom may be familiar to readers of the Man-Kzin Wars anthologies. The Goliath Stone is okay brain candy, and while it deals extensively with nanotechnology avoids the depressing “anything can happen” mood of Charles Stross’ Glasshouse. In fact, The Goliath Stone has a cheerful, almost bouncy feel to it, somewhat reminiscent of Niven’s Protector(in the happier parts of that) although a lot of the issues of free will vs. behavior modification through nanotechnology get handwaved away. There are some amusing subplots having to do with – among other things- a re-emergent (and VERY powerful) alliance of Indian tribes. Is it a really serious SF adventure involving nanotechnology, or a parody of shoddily-written disaster novels? Maybe both. Tasty brain candy, either way.

Also worth mentioning are the plethora of megapacks available for the Kindle, which collect works by Andre Norton, Ray Cummings , Reginald Bretnor , Mack Reynolds, and Robert Sheckley, to name but a few of the mid-list SF writers who may not have won any awards, but certainly spun their share of entertaining tales. Hard to beat the price, too.

The problem with chopping SF (and its authors) up into decade-long chunks is that it really doesn’t divide that neatly, as we saw last week with Poul Anderson -and, for that matter, with Isaac Asimov- but most particularly in the case of the author who has arguably had more influence on the genre than anyone since John W. Campbell dominated the field in the 1940s. He has had a plethora of critics, none remotely near his stature, and is the subject of an excruciatingly detailed biography.* I am speaking, of course, of Robert A. Heinlein. Heinlein is best known for his Future History stories (which I mentioned a couple of weeks ago), his juvenile novels (Have Space Suit – Will Travel, Citizen of the Galaxy, and Red Planet being the most notable), his controversial novels of the early 1960s which included Starship Troopers, Stranger in a Strange Land , and The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress. Everything after that, with the exception of Time Enough for Love (the capstone to the Future History series) and possibly Glory Road are occasionally considered his “seniles” as the solipsism (magical realism?) of the World As Myth gets completely out of hand in the last two novels and The Number of the Beast.

While Heinlein was cranking out a juvenile novel every Christmas for Scribners, though, he was writing SF for the grown-ups as well, and some of them were outstanding. Double Star tells the tale of a down-and-out actor hired to impersonate a famous politician at a critical point in human history, and tells it well enough to have been voted the Hugo for Best Novel in 1956. The Door into Summer may not have won any awards, but its tale of an engineer shanghaied into the future by his faithless fiance using cryogenics, and his eventual revenge, will keep you glued to the page. I’d be remiss if I forgot to mention the nightmarish The Puppet Masters and the equally disturbing Farnham’s Freehold. Don’t have time for a novel? Try some of his short fiction, collected in Assignment in Eternity and The Menace From Earth.

Heinlein also wrote a fair amount of nonfiction, much of which is collected in Expanded Universe, and a guide to building a political machine (Take Back Your Government), which allowing for technological changes, is still as relevant as it was when Heinlein (then a Democrat) wrote it in 1946.

Perhaps not as prolific as Asimov, Heinlein nonetheless arguably had a wider influence on not only SF but American society at large. He’s inspired legions of imitators (and the occasional parody) and driven socialists and Communists to apoplexy while providing entertainment and inspiration to conservatives, libertarians and neo-pagans. If you haven’t read anything by him, you’re missing some quality entertainment and food for thought besides; if you have, hopefully I’ve pointed you to a few things you haven’t seen before.

*Robert A. Heinlein: In Dialogue with His Century is very, very detailed and thoroughly footnoted; the second volume is due out next June.

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Catholic Education: C**ts & Communism

Posted on | September 19, 2013 | 156 Comments

Would you believe that this was part of the curriculum of a radical feminist workshop sponsored by a Catholic University?

Marquette University in Wisconsin hosted this “FemSex” workshop last spring and, while the university has announced it will no longer sponsor “FemSex,” the fact that the administration at a Catholic university thought this course was acceptable tells you something about how far the advance of radical leftism has gone in our nation’s educational institutions. From the course syllabus:

FemSex provides a safe space for exploration, encourages honest dialogue, and facilitates collective learning. . . .
Evolving from the long-running, student-led courses at UC Berkeley and Brown University, FemSex seeks to bring the values of empowerment, diversity, and community to the university setting. . . .
Themes include pleasure, health, gender, consent, boundaries, privilege, power, body image, communication, race, class, orgasms, masturbation, sex, kink, and sexual identities. . . .

Week 12: Empowerment, Final Projects, and Wrap Up
What is power and who has it? What does it mean to be empowered? What are the various sources of our personal powers? We will consider each topic in our curriculum as it relates to women’s empowerment. We will discuss community building and support amongst people, self-esteem, and confidence building.
Each FemSexy will present phe’s final project, a chance to either reflect on personal experiences of FemSex or further explore a top discussed throughout the season. In the past, some of these projects have taken the form of visual art, video, poetry, exploring a new source/form of pleasure, engaging in a difficult conversation around sexuality, and much more — whatever is most helpful to you in processing and concluding your experience. It’s up to you!
As we say goodbye to a season of FemSex, we will discuss where we wish to go from here, within our own lives and communities.
Take-Home Exercises may include:
• Cunt Coloring: Color an anatomical picture from The Cunt Coloring Book.
• Affirmation Assignment: Affirm someone in a manner of your choosing.
• Birth/Adoption Assignment: Talk to your parent(s)/guardian(s) about the experience of your birth, adoption, or how they came to have you.
• Erotica: Crate an anonymous piece of erotica exploring fantasy and desire.
• Pleasure Point: Find a new pleasure point or pleasurable activity, and write about (or express in another medium) the experience
• Empowerment Object: Bring in something that you find empowering to share with the group.

What is this about? It is about campus “Women’s Studies”/”Gender Studies” as programs as a political weapon, as an ideological indoctrination in radical feminism, as a lesbian recruiting operation, and as a campus base for gay-rights advocacy. Feminist leaders have been quite explicit about their belief that lesbianism is the ultimate form of women’s “empowerment”:

[University of California-Santa Cruz Women's Studies] Professor Bettina Aptheker is the daughter of a famous American Communist, the late Herbert Aptheker . . .
Professor Bettina Aptheker is by her own proud admission both a Communist and a self-described “lesbian activist.” . . . Aptheker’s course syllabus describes lesbianism as the “highest state of feminism” . . . In other words, change in sexual orientation is an inevitable final stage in the development of the socially conscious individual.

Feminism’s relentless demonization of males as unfairly benefiting from discrimination (“patriarchy”) and the celebration of perverse gynocentric fetishes (“a difficult conversation around sexuality,” hint hint) are all about teaching vulnerable women that heterosexuality is inferior, that men are the enemy and that lesbianism is therefore the only way to escape the oppression of “male dominance.” This is feminism as distaff Marxism, as a revolutionary ideology to destroy traditional culture. And this is not an accident:

Allison Jaggar is professor of philosophy and a former chair of the Women’s Studies Department at the University of Colorado, Boulder  . . . Integrating Marxism and feminist theory, Jaggar describes herself as a “socialist feminist” and “activist,” who seeks to combat “the male-dominant structure of everyday life.” . . .
“The political economy of socialist feminism,” writes Jaggar, “establishes that, in contemporary society, women suffer a special form of exploitation and expression. . . . The distinctive social experience of women generates insights that are incompatible with men’s interpretations of reality . . . The validity of these insights . . . must be tested in political struggle . . .”

To be true feminist, you must be a Marxist lesbian. It is difficult to say whether perversion or subversion is more essential to the radical project on America’s campuses, including Seattle University, a Catholic institution that has invited 1960s radical terrorist Angela Davis to speak to students there. Who is Angela Davis?

Angela Davis is the dangerous criminal who helped smuggle weapons into a courtroom, including the shotgun that was used to blow off the head of federal Judge Harold Haley. She is a lifelong Communist revolutionary who embraces America’s enemies and who — surprise! surprise! is also an outspoken feminist:

An online campaign has been launched by a conservative Catholic group to oppose the upcoming scheduled appearance of Angela Davis at Seattle University, a Catholic institution.
“It would be difficult to find a speaker who contradicts the teaching of the Catholic Church on more levels than Angela Davis,” writes James Bascom for TFP Student Action. “Stalin maybe? She is a notorious feminist, Marxist, communist, socialist who engages in pro-abortion, pro-same-sex ‘marriage’ activism.”

Angela Davis advocates abortion as necessary to feminist revolution:

“Birth control — individual choice, safe contraceptive methods, as well as abortions when necessary — is a fundamental prerequisite for the emancipation of women,” wrote Davis in her book Women, Race and Class.

Angela Davis is anti-traditional marriage, but pro-gay marriage:

At San Jose State University, Davis stated: “Even those of us who are critical of the institution of marriage should be able to say if some people have the right to get marriage, then everybody should have the civil right to get married.”

Hey, Catholics: You have a problem here. Excuse me for observing that the problem goes to the very top of the clerical hierarchy.

There can be no compromise between Marxist radicalism and Christianity. Marxism is committed to the destruction of Christianity.



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The Left Suppresses Its Own History

Posted on | September 19, 2013 | 65 Comments

Lee Stranahan has an excellent article about how the Left has attempted to hide the truth about its own ideological history, so that anyone who uses the phrase “Cultural Marxism” to describe the crucial influence of the Frankfurt School (Theodor Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, et al.) is accused of being a “conspiracy theorist” or worst:

The charge that discussing the Frankfurt School is anti-Semitic gets raised a number of times by those like the Southern Poverty Law Center wishing the bury the truth, so let’s dispense with it as soon as possible. In short, the Jewish heritage of the Frankfurt school is irrelevant. It’s equally true that the major figures at the Frankfurt School were all Jewish and also that some of the major figures exposing the Frankfurt School such as Andrew Breitbart and David Horowitz are also Jewish. Anti-Semitism is a false, collectivist view that has no more place in any legitimate argument than any other form of actual racism trotted out by tribal mentalities. However, in exactly the same way that it would be invalid to criticize the ideas of the Frankfurt philosophers on the basis of them being Jewish, it’s equally invalid to exempt them from any criticism for that reason.
The SPLC throws in the charge of anti-Semitism in its attempt to hide the truth about the Frankfurt School for one reason; it’s exactly the kind of politically correct smear that is the modus operand of the SPLC throughout their work. It’s no small irony that it’s the exactly the technique made possible by the Frankfurt School ideology.

You should read the whole thing. For the contemporary Left to stigmatize its opponents as Jew-haters is the exact opposite of truth. The Left — what used to be called “the far Left,” or “the extreme Left,” or simply Commies — has always been willing to exploit anti-Semitism when it suits their purposes. And in recent decades, as the Democrat Party has increasingly fallen under control of the Left, you see more and more Democrats aligned with the enemies of Israel, and using the term “neocon” as a sort of dog-whistle code word for “Jews.”

This what I mean when I refer to the “Sirhan Sirhan wing of the Democrat Party.” The increasing dominance of the Left — ideologues who share the dangerous views of extremists like Bill Ayers and Rev. Jeremiah Wright — shares less in common with Bobby Kennedy than they do with his assassin. But try asking anyone under 30 about who assassinated RFK (correct answer: a Palestinian nationalist) or who assassinated John F. Kennedy (correct answer: a pro-Castro communist named Lee Harvey Oswald) and you immediately discover that young people have been taught no facts about history.

The names and motives of Sirhan and Oswald are not obscure bits of trivia, but these facts are deliberately suppressed by the Left (whose control of academia, especially in the humanities and social sciences, is hegemonic) because if young people were taught the truth about history, they would oppose the Left’s worldview and oppose the Left’s policies.

Is it a “conspiracy theory” to say that the Left uses its influence within institutions to advance its own aims? Of course not. In fact, this is the exact opposite of the truth: The Left’s claims of how society works (e.g., that the rich become rich by defrauding and exploiting the poor) is itself a conspiracy theory, as are its constants charges that conservatives are secretly acting from corrupt motives or hateful beliefs.

The Left uses dishonest methods, including false accusations against its enemies, because the Left cannot win if people know the truth.

By the way, Lee Stranahan has resigned from, making him all least the third person (including Dana Loesch and Mandy Nagy) to exit that organization in recent months.

People have asked me about what this means, and I honestly am unable to explain this phenomenon except to say that this is how news organizations operate. People come and people go, and disagreements between journalists are nothing unusual. I’ve witnessed many a shouting match in the newsroom, and even participated in a few myself. It is probably a mistake to interpret these events as demonstrating anything other than human nature in a stressful industry where strong personalities and strong opinions are by no means a rarity.

So I don’t know what else to say, except good luck to Lee Stranahan, and good luck also to my many friends at



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