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Ukraine Concedes Crimea to Russia

Posted on | March 19, 2014 | 83 Comments

Putin scores an easy victory:

Bowing to the reality of the Russian military occupation of Crimea a day after Russia announced it was annexing the disputed peninsula, the Ukrainian government said on Wednesday that it had drawn up plans to evacuate all of its military personnel and their families and was prepared to relocate as many as 25,000 of them to mainland Ukraine.
Thousands of Ukrainian soldiers and sailors have been trapped on military bases and other installations here for more than two weeks, surrounded by heavily armed Russian military forces and loosely organized local militia.
While the provisional government in Kiev has insisted that Russia’s annexation of Crimea is illegal and has appealed to international supporters for help, the evacuation announcement by the head of the national security council, Andriy Parubiy, effectively amounted to a surrender of Crimea, at least from a military standpoint.

The “crisis” is over, and we now have the fait accompli.


On ‘The View,’ @Belle_Knox Says ‘Most People’ Start Watching Porn at Age 12

Posted on | March 19, 2014 | 73 Comments

Three weeks ago, when I first started blogging about Duke University freshman Miriam Weeks — a/k/a “Belle Knox,” the teenage porn star — some readers probably thought, “Yeah, there he goes again, on a weird marginal tangent.” But then she was interviewed by Piers Morgan on CNN and just Monday she appeared on ABC’s The View and, as weird as it may be, this story isn’t really so “marginal” anymore, is it?

Here’s your Belle Knox money quote from The View:

“Well, I, like most other people, have been watching
porn since I was 12 years old. . . . I watched it alone
and, like most other females, there’s a stigma
against watching pornography, so I was not
open about watching pornography.”

This quote occurs at about the 2-minute mark of the video clip:

A few obvious problems with this quote:

  • Are “most” 12-year-olds watching porn? Really?
  • Does the “stigma against watching porn” apply only to females? Isn’t the creepy guy wanking to porn also stigmatized?
  • Is the problem with 12-year-olds watching porn that they are “not open” about it because of the “stigma”? Or does Miriam Weeks want us to believe it’s healthy for kids to watch porn?

Isn’t there something profoundly disturbing about the idea that your typical seventh-grade classroom is full of porn freaks? But never mind that, says Miriam Weeks/”Belle Knox” — one of The View ladies made her feel “judged”!

‘Belle Knox’, the Duke student-turned-porn-star, claimed today that Sherri Shepherd was very condescending to her during her appearance on The View on Monday.
Knox — whose real name is Miriam Weeks — said that Shepherd refused to accept her decision to star in pornographic films to fund her tutition at the prestigious college — leaving her feeling judged.
Speaking out [Tuesday] on HuffPost Live, the 18-year-old star of some 30 adult movies also revealed that she does in fact regret one particular sex scene she starred in because it was too rough.
Appearing on Monday’s The View, Weeks said that all the women on the panel of the long running topical show made her feel they were scornful of her porn-career, but in particular Shepherd.
‘Sherri Shephered — was incredibly condescending and totally ignored by sexual autonomy,’ said Weeks to HuffPost Live.
Discussing the reaction to her outing by a fellow student as a porn-star with the all-female panel, Weeks said that at least Whoopi Goldberg left her feeling that she wasn’t alone.
‘Whoopi gave me a hug afterwards,’ said Weeks about her appearance on the show in which she revealed she had been watching porn since she was 12-years-old.
Indeed, Weeks also gave details of her regrets in the industry — namely an appearance in a rough sex scene which she filmed in New York City.
‘I regret doing the rough sex scene,’ said Weeks to HuffPost Live’s Ricky Camilleri.
‘But when I did the scene, I was comfortable.’ . . .
‘I love rough sex — and I can do this. That’s what I saw the choice as being.’

The fact that one of her first porn videos showed Miriam Weeks getting slapped around and raped is one of those “empowering” things only a Duke University Women’s Studies major can understand.

Guys who enjoy watching a teenage girl being sexually brutalized on video? Well, certainly we wouldn’t want to them to have a sense of stigma, because they might feel judged or something.

Here’s The View on Tuesday, talking about “feedback”:




Gay Pedophile Elementary School Teacher Sentenced to 40 Years in Florida Prison

Posted on | March 19, 2014 | 66 Comments

Robert Bacca, convicted sex offender.

Last night when I used the phrase “gay pedophiles” in a headline about a child pornography ring, somebody on Twitter complained that it is politically incorrect to use “gay” and “pedophile” in the same headline, so I went hunting for another reason to do it again:

A former Teacher of the Year semifinalist for Duval County was sentenced to 40 years in prison [March 12] after pleading guilty to two counts of sexually assaulting one of his students.
Christopher Robert Bacca, 27, pleaded guilty to charges of attempted sexual battery on a child younger than 12 and lewd or lascivious molestation. . . .
Six other criminal charges against Bacca, a former Windy Hill Elementary Teacher of the Year, were dropped as part of the plea deal.
The victim told police he “showered with the suspect on more than one occasion while staying the night at his residence,” according to the fourth-grade teacher’s arrest report.
The report said the suspect touched the boy’s private parts repeatedly and performed oral sex on the boy more than once. . . .
Bacca has been in jail since he was arrested in July 2012. . . .
Bacca had been moved from his former school, Long Branch Elementary School, on recommendations by the state Department of Children and Families after the agency, along with police, investigated claims in 2009 that he had kissed a boy on the lips and had slept in the same bed with him.
[An attorney for the second victim’s family] said had the boy’s mother known about the 2009 investigation, she would not have allowed her son to be in contact with Bacca.

In order to be Fair and Balanced, however, I’ll now highlight recent reports of sex crimes by heterosexual school teachers:

Emily Nesbit, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania —  An 11th grade English teacher resigned last week after she was accused of having sexual relations with a student at a Pennsylvania high school.
Emily Nesbit, 31, was charged with institutional sex assault, a third-degree felony, on Friday. Police said Nesbit admitted meeting an 18-year-old male student for sex in a classroom after hours at Cumberland Valley High School in Mechanicsburg.
Nesbit is charged based on her position as a teacher, without regard to the age of the student. If convicted she could face up to seven years in prison, prosecutors told ABC 27 News.

Tanikka Queen, Las Vegas, Nevada — A substitute teacher is facing a laundry list of charges after allegedly having a sexual relationship with a teenage boy.
Ultimately a hickey on the boy’s neck and not keeping a secret, led to their undoing.
Now, 22-year-old Tanikka Queen is charged with multiple counts for allegedly having a sexual affair with the 15-year-old student
Queen faces a whopping 29 charges following her arrest last week. She is the Hyde Park Middle School substitute teacher accused of having a relationship with a teen.
She is facing multiple counts of kidnapping, statutory sexual conduct and luring a child with technology, along with one count of sexual conduct between an employee and a student. . . .
The arrest follows a relationship that police said began around Valentine’s Day and lasted more than two weeks.
During that time, there were 2,400 text messages from Queen’s cellphone and more than 100 phone calls and photos exchanged.
In one message, she wrote about her true feelings for the boy, “I’m serous. I’m putting my job on the line talking to you so how can I not be serious.”

Amanda Brennan, Las Vegas, Nevada — A former high school English teacher was sentenced Tuesday in Las Vegas to five years of probation for an inappropriate relationship with a teenage student almost a year ago.
Amanda Nicole Brennan, 25, has a chance to reduce her felony conviction to a misdemeanor if she stays out of trouble. But she also faces one to four years in prison if she slips and violates the sentence imposed after her Oct. 31 guilty plea to felony charge of luring a child with intent to engage in sexual conduct.
She also has to register as a sex offender. . . .
Police had said the former Foothill High School teacher told investigators she knew it was wrong to date the boy, who was 15 years old at the time, but she did it anyway.
The boy’s parents reported that Brennan picked up the teen against their wishes and returned him home past curfew. The teen’s mother learned Brennan’s name and age from the security guard at their gated Henderson community, where Brennan had come to pick up the boy.
The teen told police that he and Brennan loved each other and had kissed twice, but only cuddled in the back of her car the night he went out without his parents’ permission.
Officials also found about 1,000 text messages between Brennan and the boy in a nine-day period before Brennan’s arrest last May 10.

David Thompson, Dade City, Florida — A Pasco County teacher is under arrest in Miami after investigators say he booked a plane trip to Belize to have sex with two underage girls.
David Wendel Thompson, 48, is a social studies teacher at Centennial Middle School in Dade City.
According to a criminal complaint, Thompson used Facebook to contact and have sexually explicit conversations with a 13-year-old and 15-year-old female.
Investigators say he booked a flight to Belize City with a layover in Miami. They say he was refused entry to Belize and arrested at the airport.
Thompson has worked for Pasco schools since 1994, according to district spokesperson Linda Cobbe.
He is charged with enticing minors, and made his first appearance in court Monday morning.

Far be it from me to suggest that gay pedophiles are more common or more dangerous than heterosexual pedophiles.


Malaysia Mystery Continues

Posted on | March 19, 2014 | 9 Comments

The cable news morning shows were chattering on endlessly today about the missing Malaysian airliner, the volume of discussion evidently being inversely proportional to what is actually known. What we actually know is quite nearly nothing:

More than 10 days after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared, the investigation has become a full criminal probe, with attention increasingly focused on the flight’s two pilots, given the assessment by experts and officials that whoever disabled the plane’s communication systems and then flew the jet must have had a high degree of technical knowledge and flying experience. . . . .
As further confirmation that someone was still guiding the plane after it disappeared from civilian radar, airline pilots and aviation safety experts said an onboard computer called the flight management system would have to be deliberately programmed in order to follow the pathway taken by the plane as described by Malaysian authorities. . . .
“All right, good night” — Malaysia Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said Monday that “initial investigations show it was the co-pilot who spoke” those final words from the cockpit to air traffic control. But government officials did not say the speaker’s identity had been confirmed. Officials also revised the timeline for that final message, suggesting that it may have come shortly before the flight’s Aircraft and Communications Addressing and Reporting System, or ACARS, was shut off, rather than after. . . .
Police confiscated an elaborate flight simulator that one of the pilots, Zaharie, had built in his home and reassembled it in their offices to study it for clues. Citing a senior police officer with direct knowledge of the investigation, Reuters reported Tuesday that Zaharie’s simulator included programs for runways in the Maldives, Sri Lanka and other Indian Ocean countries, as well as runways in the U.S. and Europe.

So there’s your daily Missing Malaysian Airliner Update, and you can now safely ignore everything the cable news channels are saying about this story for the next 24 hours. They don’t actually know anything about what happened, but they’re under orders from their bosses to discuss this story on an hourly basis anyway.

Tune in tomorrow, when we still won’t know anything.


Gay Pedophiles Used ‘Multiple Fake Female Personas’ in Child Porn Ring

Posted on | March 18, 2014 | 66 Comments

Shocking report from the Department of Homeland Security:

Fourteen men operating a child pornography website on the Darknet’s Onion Router, also known as Tor, have been arrested and charged as part of a conspiracy to operate a child exploitation enterprise, following an extensive international investigation by ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and USPIS. Eleven have been federally charged in the Eastern District of Louisiana and three in other districts. All are in federal custody. . . .
So far, investigators have identified 251 minor victims in 39 states and five foreign countries: 228 in the United States and 23 in the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Belgium. Eight of the victims were female and 243 were male. The majority of victims, 159, were 13 to 15 years old. Fifty nine victims were 16 and 17; 26 victims were 10 to 12; four victims were 7 to 9; one victim was 4 to 6; and two victims were 3 years old or younger. . . .
The website’s primary administrator, Jonathan Johnson, 27, of Abita Springs, La., has been charged with operating a child exploitation enterprise. He admitted to creating multiple fake female personas on popular social networks to target and sexually exploit children and to coaching other child predators in his inner circle to do the same. Jonathan Johnson has been in federal custody since his arrest June 13, 2013, and faces 20 years to life in prison. . . .
The underground website was a hidden service board on the Tor network and operated from about June 2012 until June 2013, at which time the site contained more than 2,000 videos and had more than 27,000 members. The website shared webcam-captured videos of mostly juvenile boys enticed by the operators of the site to produce sexually explicit material. . . .
The investigation was dubbed ‘Operation Round Table’ and began with the arrest of Jonathan Johnson by USPIS and HSI. Further computer forensic analysis by HSI revealed Jonathan Johnson to be the creator and administrator of the underground website.  Ten additional individuals have been arrested and charged in the Eastern District of Louisiana as the primary operators, contributors and producers of material for the child exploitation enterprise:

  • Daniel Nolan Devor, 39, of Brunswick, Ga., charged with conspiracy to produce child pornography, distribution of child pornography and receipt of materials involving the sexual exploitation of minors
  • John C. Foster, 44 of Tipp City, Ohio, charged with conspiracy to produce child pornography, distribution of child pornography, and receipt of materials involving the sexual exploitation of minors
  • Aung Gaw aka Michael Gaw, 25, of Fremont, Calif.,  charged with receipt of child pornography
  • Vittorio Francesco Gonzalez-Castillo, 26, of Tucson, Ariz., charged with conspiracy to produce child pornography
  • Sean Jabbar, 32, of Minneapolis, Minn.,  charged with receipt of child pornography
  • Christopher Jamieson, 30, of Douglassville, Ga., charged with receipt of child pornography
  • Andrew Korpal, 29, of Granger, Ind., charged with receipt of child pornography
  • Nicholas Saine, 27, of Seattle, Wash., charged with receipt of child pornography
  • Christopher Schwab, 25 of New Orleans, charged with production of child pornography, distribution of child pornography, and receipt of child pornography
  • Stanley Zdon, III, 27, of Tuckerton, N.J., charged with conspiracy to produce child pornography

Roy Naim, 30, of Brooklyn, N.Y., was charged in the Eastern District of New York with conspiracy to produce child pornography, attempted sexual exploitation of a child, receipt of child pornography, and possession of child pornography. Minh Vi Thong, 30, of Denver, Colo., was charged in the District of Colorado with production of child pornography, distribution of child pornography, and possession of child pornography. Michael Eales, 24, of Westby, Wis., was charged in the Western District of Wisconsin with production of child pornography. He was sentenced Oct. 29, 2013, to serve two concurrent 30-year terms in federal prison, followed by a lifetime of supervised release, for manufacturing child pornography.

(Hat-tip: Sara Morrison at

UPDATE: My keen-eyed older brother called to tell me that DHS misspelled Douglasville, Ga., less than 10 miles west of where we grew up in Lithia Springs, Ga. The child pornography suspect there, Christopher Jamieson, was arrested in November:

The Department of Homeland Security assisted federal investigators on a raid of a residence in the Hunter’s Ridge subdivision on Douglasville’s north side Tuesday. At the time, authorities were unable to release any details. Residents say that the roads were filled with vehicles, most of which were unmarked and some were used to block the entry to the neighborhood’s main road for a short time.
Local law enforcement was not part of the operation and few were aware what actually happened in the raid. The raid began just before 7 a.m. and all signs of the operation were gone before 8:30 a.m.

And unless I am badly mistaken, this is Christopher Jamieson’s Facebook page, which lists him as a “Model Scout at Blue Media.”


Wow! @AmandaMarcotte Really Hates Babies: ‘Time-Sucking Monsters’

Posted on | March 18, 2014 | 84 Comments

How long have we followed the lunatic career of Amanda Marcotte? At least since 2007, when her anti-Christian ravings got her kicked off the doomed presidential campaign of John Edwards. (Mary Katharine Ham: “Vote for Edwards, Godbag Christofascists!“)

Marcotte’s bloodthirsty zeal for baby-killing is notorious, and so we aren’t really surprised when she makes statements like this:

“I don’t particularly like babies. They are loud and smelly
and, above all other things, demanding. No matter how
much free day care you throw at women, babies are still
time-sucking monsters with their constant neediness.”

Yeah, today I didn’t get much blogging done because I babysat my grandson while my daughter-in-law went to her college classes, but the phrase “time-sucking monster” never occurred to me while I was feeding him, changing him and rocking him to sleep.

So why does Amanda Marcotte hate babies so much? Because she is supremely and shamelessly selfish:

No matter how flexible you make my work schedule, my entire life would be overturned by a baby. I like  my life how it is, with my ability to do what I want when I want without having to arrange for a babysitter. I like being able to watch True Detective right now and not wait until baby is in bed. I like sex in any room of the house I please. I don’t want a baby. I’ve heard your pro-baby arguments. Glad those work for you, but they are unconvincing to me. Nothing will make me want a baby. . . .
I like not having a giant growth protruding out of my stomach. I hate hospitals and like not having stretch marks. . . .
This is why, if my birth control fails, I am totally having an abortion. Given the choice between living my life how I please and having my body within my control and the fate of a lentil-sized, brainless embryo that has half a chance of dying on its own anyway, I choose me.

Even the staunchest pro-lifer must consider she makes a point:  It’s probably best that such hatefully selfish people not reproduce.


More Malaysia Mystery

Posted on | March 18, 2014 | 17 Comments

The missing airliner drama doesn’t much interest me, personally, but the story continues dominating news:

The first turn to the west that diverted the missing Malaysia Airlines plane from its planned flight path from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing was carried out through a computer system that was most likely programmed by someone in the plane’s cockpit who was knowledgeable about airplane systems, according to senior American officials.
Instead of manually operating the plane’s controls, whoever altered Flight 370’s path typed seven or eight keystrokes into a computer on a knee-high pedestal between the captain and the first officer, according to officials. The Flight Management System, as the computer is known, directs the plane from point to point specified in the flight plan submitted before a flight. It is not clear whether the plane’s path was reprogrammed before or after it took off.
The fact that the turn away from Beijing was programmed into the computer has reinforced the belief of investigators — first voiced by Malaysian officials — that the plane was deliberately diverted and that foul play was involved.

Read the whole thing at the New York Times. Were there any teenage lesbian porn stars on the plane? That would be interesting.


BREAKING: Neal Rauhauser Named as Defendant in @Bullyville Federal Lawsuit

Posted on | March 18, 2014 | 104 Comments

Former Democrat political operative Neal Rauhauser has been named among the defendants in a federal lawsuit filed by the operator of the popular anti-bullying web site

In the lawsuit, McGibney v. Retzlaff, Bullyville founder James McGibney says his business was harmed as a result of online smears and harassment conducted by a Texas man, Thomas Retzlaff, a fan of so-called “revenge porn” sites targeted by Bullyville. McGibney’s lawsuit also names Rauhauser and a New York woman, Lane Lipton, as having assisted and promoted the attacks against Bullyville.

The lawsuit, filed Monday in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, charges Retzlaff, Rauhauser, Lipton and five unknown “John Doe” defendants with tortious interference with contractual relations, tortious interference with prospective economic advantage, intentional infliction of emotional distress, defamation, and public disclosure invasion of privacy.

McGibney’s lawsuit claims Rauhauser and Lipton used several online aliases, including the web site and the Twitter accounts @OccupyRebellion, @MissAnonNews and @BV_Truth, to make false accusations against Bullyville:

The very first post on is a small post asking, “Is McGibney a  pedophile?” . . . Defendants posted a picture of McGibney’s children under the Pedophilia comments with the caption “are these children in danger?”

Rauhauser, who was once a partner in the Democrat digital media consulting firm Progressive PST, has more recently been known as an associate of Brett Kimberlin, the Indiana “Speedway Bomber.” A convicted perjurer, forger and drug smuggler who gained notoriety for making unsubstantiated claims that he sold marijuana to Dan Quayle, Kimberlin created two non-profit “progressive” organizations after his release from prison in 2001. Several of Kimberlin’s critics have suggested that Rauhauser, a self-described computer hacker and ally of the so-called “Anonymous” hacking conspiracy, was paid by Kimberlin to harass them into silence. Kimberlin last fall filed a federal lawsuit accusing more than 20 defendants — including syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin, Red State editor Erick Erickson, and author James O’Keefe III — of engaging in a conspiracy to defame him.



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