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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Alabama Teacher, 39, Gets Five-Year Sentence for Sex With Boy, 14

Posted on | August 9, 2014 | 27 Comments

Summer is the slow season for teacher sex scandals. For obvious reasons, there are fewer teachers arrested for having sex with students during vacation months when kids aren’t in school. Yet the courts are still in session, and the trials and hearings continue:

A former Alabama high school teacher and cheerleading coach accused of having an affair with a teenage boy was sentenced Thursday to five years in prison.
In May, Jennifer McNeill, 39, pleaded guilty to three counts of second-degree rape and one count of second-degree sodomy.
McNeill said in court that she was sorry for what she had done, adding, ’I’ve lost so much… I’ve learned my lesson.’ . . .
Judge John Bush, who handed down the sentence this morning, called the defendant’s actions ‘absolutely abhorrent,’ adding that as a figure of authority she had betrayed the trust of the community, reported.
The victim’s mother also spoke in court, saying that not a day goes by that her son does not pay for what happened between him and McNeill — a long-time family friend and a Sunday school teacher. . . .
McNeill, a married sixth-grade teacher from Thorsby, was arrested last year and originally charged with six counts of rape and two counts of sodomy of a juvenile male — some of the alleged encounters took place on school grounds.
McNeill’s illicit romance with her friend’s son lasted from April 2012 to June 2013, during which time the lovers had sexual intercourse at least six times and on two occasions engaged in oral sex.

Let’s ask a few questions. In recent years, we have read case after case like this, in which female teachers are accused of illegal sex with underage students. At the same time, however, feminists have spent decades promoting theories in which male sexuality is condemned as inherently oppressive to women, where even heterosexual relationships between consenting adults are impugned as oppressive because of “male domination” and “male supremacy” within a partiarchal society. But where are the feminists addressing these sex crimes involving female predators like Jennifer McNeill?

How is it that popular feminist columnists like Jessica Valenti and Amanda Marcotte, who have been often willing to claim that there is “rape culture” which implicates all men in sexual violence against women, have nothing to say about predatory sex crimes when the perpetrators are women? Why aren’t the Women’s Studies professors and academic proponents of “gender theory” publishing journal articles and books that explain female sexual predators from the perspective of feminist ideology?

Isn’t it a reasonable suspicion that the reason feminists have noting to say about deviant sex crimes committed by women is that these crimes contradict everything feminism teaches about men, women and sex? Isn’t this collective silence from feminists really a guilty expression of shameful embarrassment, a tacit admission that feminism’s ideology of sex — i.e., anti-male theories that theorize women as victims whose oppression is rooted in collective inequalities of power — does not comport with reality?

There are facts which cannot be explained by feminist theory. When forced to choose between facts and theory, feminists will ignore the facts. They aren’t merely anti-male. They’re anti-truth.


What To Think Of Kevin Drum

Posted on | August 9, 2014 | 42 Comments

by Smitty

He ends his Mother Jones piece on abortion with:

So don’t tell me that all the conservative Christians in DesJarlais’ district believe that abortion is murder. They may say they believe it. They may even sincerely think they believe it. But they don’t.

I wouldn’t want to get all arrogant and presume to know what people in Tennessee think. Nor would I care to sound so certain about Drum himself: this is the internet, and people make all kinds of strong assertions due to sincere belief, to stir the pot, to vent, to laugh, to drive traffic.

For me, abortion is murder because there is no logically consistent point (as opposed to legally consistent) after a human’s DNA is complete at which to declare them “life”. The motives for allowing some legal fiction to creep in seem kinda fishy.

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Jay Cost, At Least, Agrees With Me

Posted on | August 8, 2014 | 26 Comments

by Smitty

Emphasis mine:

What, then, is the best response for the GOP? It is simply this: The party must wrap itself unabashedly in the garb of reform. If Hillary Clinton offers herself as the wise and learned hand who will rely upon her decades of experience to guide the ship of state, Republicans have to argue that her experience is exactly what the country doesn’t need at this moment. They need to convince the public that, by being in Washington for the last quarter-century, she is too committed to a broken status quo that is in desperate need of change. The party then needs to lay out a credible and salable agenda for that change.

This should sound familiar, for it is how Barack Obama defeated Hillary Clinton in 2008. A message of reform resonated six years ago, and it could very well resonate again (so long as it is carried by somebody other than Obama!). Now as then, the country is tired and frustrated with the status quo. The people appear to want a change in course.

The GOP will have two years to preview that reform agenda. The Republicans should saturate the media with news of Benghazi, the IRS, and ObamaCare between Labor Day and Election Day.

Make the election a pre-impeachment vote. Tell the voters: “Look, if you want to throw #OccupyResoluteDesk under the bus, you know how to vote.” If there isn’t a sizable GOP wave election, then such an undertaking is a dead letter.

Irrespective of that question, the GOP should be (a) confessing that Progressivism has run its course, (b) articulating how it intends to rebuild public confidence in our soiled institutions, and (c) charting the domestic/foreign aspects of what a new course would look like.

tl;dr: we’re baked. There is no way under the sun that the party of ancient warhorses like Roberts, Cochran, and J.S. McCain is going to re-orient their collective iron lung in any new direction. My hope is in the Convention of States.

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LIVE AT FIVE: 08.08.14

Posted on | August 8, 2014 | 9 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Jihadis Rout Kurds, Take Mosul Dam

Iraqi security forces and Shiite volunteers face Islamic State jihadis north of Baghdad

Intrigue continues in Baghdad as acting PM Maliki refuses to step aside
Obama authorizes “possible” airstrikes in Iraq
UN says Islamic State persecution of Yazidis is genocide
Iraqi Christians flee as Islamic State takes Karakosh

Liberia, Sierra Leone Take Drastic Steps Against Ebola
Soldiers deployed to seal off affected areas

Hamas Says No Deal With Israel On Extending Truce
Rockets fired from Gaza hours before expiration of cease-fire

Sen. John Walsh (D-MT) Drops Out Of Race After Plagiarism Scandal

File photo showing the senator and his son Michael

Montana Democrats to hold nominating convention, select new candidate

Lamar Alexander Fends Off Tea Party Challenger In TN Senate Primary

President Signs VA Health Care Overhaul

Records Show Obama Met Exactly Once With Secretary Shinseki During VA Scandal

Ringleader Of Crew Who Slew Border Patrol Officer Had Prior Immigration Violations

Key Obamacare Official Likely Deleted E-Mails Now Sought By House Investigators

Asian Crude Jumps After Obama Authorizes Airstrikes In Iraq: WTI $98.45, Brent $106.63
Red China July Exports Jump; Domestic Economy Still Problematic
Stocks Flop – Dow Hits Lowest Level Since May 20
CBS Profit Tops Estimates On Buybacks; Dividend Boosted
Fed Survey: One In Four Households “Just Getting By”
Market Basket Cuts Hours For Hundreds Of Part-Timers
Zynga Cuts 2014 Forecast, Delays Various Gaming Titles
Google Using Its Clout To Widen Use Of Encryption
Microsoft May Open First Store In NYC
For Sprint And T-Mobile, Separate Equals Better
IBM Unveils “Brain-Like” Chip

Howard’s Slam Caps Phillies’ Sweep Of Astros

Howard gets the star treatment from teammates after his game-winning, eighth-inning grand slam

Astros fall 6-5

NCAA’s New Rules Give More Autonomy To Big 5

ESPN Suspends Dan LeBatard For Billboard Stunt

MLB Whines About Dodgers’ Dugout Bubble Machine

Timbermutts Trade Kevin Love To Cleveland

Polanco, Volquez Lead Pirates Over Fish, 7-2

Guthrie Goes The Distance As Royals Crush Snakes 6-2 For The Sweep

O’s Edge Jays 2-1, Hold Five-Game Lead In AL East

Kevin Durant Pulls Out Of Team USA

Harper’s Sayonara Homer In 13th Quashes Talk Of Minors As Nats Beat Mets 5-3

Kristen Stewart Isn’t Smiling For The Paparazzi

September’s cover girl for Elle looking hot amidst the produce

Poses for glam fashion shots inside Fields Market

San Fran Man Busted For Insider Trading In Disney/Marvel Deal

Melanie Griffith’s Daughter Refuses To Let Her Watch “Fifty Shades Of Grey”

Everyone, Chrissy. Chrissy, Everyone. Have Fun.

“Real Housewives Of NYC” Star Ramona Singer Divorcing Husband Mario

Larry David Making Broadway Debut In “Fish In The Dark”

Lindsay Lohan Ignoring Texts From Sober Friends

Robert Downey Jr.’s Son Indio Busted For Felony Drug Possession

Jamie Pressly Opens Up About Mastectomy On “The Talk”

Two More “Lego” Movies Get Release Dates

Will Russia’s Western Sanctions Hit Shoppers?
Kerry Visits Kabul To Push For Fast Recount In Disputed Presidential Election
Prince William To Fly Again, This Time For UK Air Ambulance Service
Snowden Gets Three-Year Residence Permit From Russia
SecDef Hagel In India; Focus On Technology Transfer
Colombia President Starts New Term With Warning To Marxist FARC Rebels
Islamic State Occupies Churches, Sends Christians “Fleeing With Nothing But Their Clothes”
Chicoms Release Rights Activist Gao Zhisheng
In Wake Of Gaza Incursion, Anti-Semitic Attacks On The Rise In Europe
Chicom Police Investigate American Running Non-Profit Near Nork Border

The Camp of the Saints: On Vigilance And Means Of Redress
Doug Powers: FLOTUS Gives Up Self-Awareness For The Greater Good
Twitchy: James Woods Retweets Liberal Followers – “An Unending Stream Of Mindless Bile”
American Power: Almost 90% Of Uninsured Won’t Pay Penalty As White House Obamacare Waivers Surge
American Thinker: More Bad News For The Middle Class And Their Health Care
BLACKFIVE: White House Press Brief – Mr. Hanson In Charge
Blackmailers Don’t Shoot: Who’s Being Naive, Kay?
Conservatives4Palin: Why Did Our “Genius” President Screw Up So Many Things So Badly?
Don Surber: Political Scoreboard, August 7
Joe For America: Cops – If Obama Doesn’t Follow The Constitution, We Don’t Have To
JustOneMinute: The Next Crisis In Iraq
Protein Wisdom: Dear UN War Crimes Commission
Shot In The Dark: Saturday Breakfast
STUMP: Public Pensions Watch – Chicago Still Faces Doom
The Gateway Pundit: FLASHBACK – Obama Pledges Preventing Genocide Is “Core National Security Interest”
The Jawa Report: Meanwhile Near Mosul
The Lonely Conservative: Homeland Security Spends $450K On “State Of The Art” Gym Memberships
This Ain’t Hell: Limousine Liberal Sightings
Weasel Zippers: State Dept. Spokeswoman Marie Harf Says Iraqis “Have To Pull Themselves Together” And Stop Being Genocide Victims
Megan McArdle: A Streetcar Named Progress

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Brain Candy, Coyote, a Dragon and Zombies

Posted on | August 7, 2014 | 24 Comments

— by Wombat-socho

This week I want to talk about books that don’t necessarily have a Deep Message or Big Idea – or if they do, are well-written enough that the author and his characters aren’t beating you over the head with it every few paragraphs. One series of these books is Jack Campbell’s Lost Fleet series, which begins with The Lost Fleet: Dauntless and has since split into two spinoff series, Beyond The Frontier and The Lost Stars. I spent a few days this week with Beyond the Frontier: Invincible and Beyond the Frontier: Guardian, in which the legendary Admiral “Black Jack” Geary leads his weary fleet home through systems full of hostile aliens and Syndics seemingly determined to carry on the war with plausible deniability, only to find Alliance politics may prove at least as deadly as the genocidal aliens. I don’t want to give the impression that these are simple space operas; there are a mess of subplots and complications that in the hands of a lesser author (or lazier editor) could have bloated these books into doorstop size. As it is, they’re tightly written tales that will keep you engaged, yet at the same time qualify as fairly light reading.

Allen Steele’s Coyote Rising, on the other hand…not so much. This is a novel that wears its libertarian colors on its sleeve, which was pretty much guaranteed from the get-go since the struggle between the socialist rulers of Coyote’s biggest colony and the refugees from the Alabama who fled into the forests to escape them takes up most of the book. Steele does a good job allowing his characters to tell the story from their own, individual perspectives, and does a better job of it than in the original Coyote, for what my opinion is worth.

Long before Frank Herbert gained fame and fortune (and set upon us a seemingly endless parade of sequels, thanks to his son) with Dune, he wrote a chilling little Cold War psychological thriller, The Dragon in the Sea. In a different future from ours, the Cold War has turned hot, and to keep the war machine running, the US Navy has taken to stealing oil from the Eastern Bloc with submarine tugs – but the last twenty subtugs have all been lost. Ensign John Ramsey of BuPsych is put aboard the Fenian Ram as the electronics officer to find out if there’s an East Bloc sleeper agent in the crew, or something else betraying the subtugs. Herbert does an outstanding job conveying the claustrophobic nature of submarine operations, played out in an environment where not only the enemy, but the sea itself is trying to kill you. Most of Herbert’s novels I can take or leave, but I think The Dragon in the Sea is every bit as good as Dune – and a damn sight shorter. 🙂

As much as I liked its predecessor, John Ringo’s Islands of Rage and Hope is EVEN BETTER, and I say this as someone who, as you know, has a complete distaste for the whole zombie apocalypse genre. Perhaps this is because Islands of Rage and Hope, like its predecessors Under a Graveyard Sky and To Sail a Darkling Sea aren’t so much about the zombies as they are about how a ragged band of survivors, stiffened by a handful of military personnel, adapt, react and overcome despite the problems presented by the ad hoc nature of the “Navy” and “Marine” forces, and the arguably deranged teenage women leading those forces. Contains extremely graphic descriptions of zombie (and human) deaths, royalty, horrible ethical dilemmas, porn stars (well, the next best thing), spec ops legends in deep cover, royalty, massive maternity issues, ballistic missile submarines, Gurkhas, and Dutch Marines. Does not contain: dull moments, frothing about GLBTWTFBBQ issues, or anything else likely to get this book a Nebula nomination. Highly recommended if you like zombie stories, carnage a la John Ringo, or just plain good action. – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices

#ObamaCare River of Lies Rolls On

Posted on | August 7, 2014 | 9 Comments

by Smitty

So, after all the Individual Mandate faffing about, Hot Air reports that as many as 90% may not get nicked with a penalty (for now):

The Obama administration has provided 14 ways people can avoid the fine based on hardships, including suffering domestic violence, experiencing substantial property damage from a fire or flood, and having a canceled insurance plan. Those come on top of exemptions carved out under the 2010 law for groups including illegal immigrants, members of Native American tribes and certain religious sects…
. . .
Critics have assailed one exemption for people who “experienced another hardship obtaining health insurance” as too broad. That exemption asks for documentation if possible but doesn’t require it.

To summarize, Obama is taking your liberty and training you to accept being spared the whip as an ersatz liberty substitute.
In defense of Obama, if the American people are retarded enough to stand for this, then DOOM ON US.


Posted on | August 7, 2014 | 26 Comments

Today in Montgomery County Circuit Court, I watched convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin get away with lying about me, claiming that I had said and done things I have not done. Before the court was the defendants’ motion for summary judgment in the Maryland case Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. In the end, the judge denied the motion, so that we’re going to trial Monday.

This is madness, and the details will be discussed later. But long story short, I’ll spend the next four days preparing for trial. Your prayers are earnestly requested, and please remember the Five Most Important Words in the English Language:




UPDATE: John Hoge has more on the case at Hogewash.


LIVE AT FIVE: 08.07.14

Posted on | August 7, 2014 | 6 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Israel, Hamas Lay Out Demands On Gaza

Gazans take advantage of the truce

72-hour truce holding up as indirect talks begin in Egypt
Obama urges enduring ceasefire in the Gaza Strip
Israel Backs Extension Of Ceasefire; No Reply From Hamas

Liberia Declares State Of Emergency Over Ebola
WHO estimates death toll in West Africa now 932

Sixth Circuit Hears Four States’ Gay Marriage Cases
More appeals by states coming to Seventh and Ninth Circuits later in the year

Texas Reinforces Border Patrol With Its Own Police

Troopers from the Texas Dept. of Public Safety patrol the Rio Grande

Game wardens, Texas Rangers pressed into service to help seal a porous border

Government Watchdogs Unite In Letter Slamming Administration “Transparency”

Missouri Approves Right-To-Farm Amendment By Slim Margin

Speculation Builds Over Future Of Sen. Walsh (D-MT) As Campaign Nixes Events

Former Chief Of Staff Describes Maureen McDonnell’s Rages

MS GOP Won’t Hear McDaniel Runoff Election Challenge

Homeland Security Contractor Reports Computer Breach

Asian Crude Up Slightly From US Close On Inventory Info: WTI $97.08, Brent $104.80
Bank Of America Reportedly Nearing $17 Billion Mortgage Settlement
Feds To Sell $67 Billion In T-Bills, Notes Next Week
Euro Steady Ahead Of ECB; Aussie Slides On Weak Job Data
Wall Street Ends Flat As Russia Concerns Linger
Wheat Declines After Biggest Gain Since April
How Hackable Is Your Car?
Uber, Lyft, Sidecar Announce New Carpooling Services
Pew Study Shows Split Views On Whether Robots Will Cost Or Create Jobs
Checking Out The New Foursquare
YouTube Buys Directr App And Makes It Free

M’s Chris Young Gets Run Support For Once In 7-3 Win Against Braves

Teammates congratulate Logan Morrison (center) on his 3-run dinger in the fourth

Atlanta’s skid reaches 8

National Guard Ends Sponsorship Of Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Royals Edge Snakes 4-3

Red Sox Squeak By Cardinals, 2-1

Phillies Pound Astros 10-3

Fish Fall To Pirates, 7-3

Reds Rout Tribe, 8-3

Jays Snap Skid With 5-1 Win Against O’s

Fister Makes Quick Work Of Mets In 7-1 Rout

Katie Holmes Talks About Life After Tom Cruise

“I never really look back”

Trying her best to be a good mom for Suri

Warner Brothers Sets Dates For DC Films

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting Talks “Big Bang Theory”

Alexis Bledel, Vincent Kartheiser Secretly Wed

Mischa Barton Regrets Doing “The O.C.”

This Week, Kevin Spacey And Julia Louis-Dreyfus Swap POTUS Places

Christian Borle To Play Smee, Mr. Darling In Live-Action “Peter Pan”

“Teen Mom” Star Catelynn Lowell Pregnant Again

Benjamin Walker Scores Title Role In “American Psycho” Musical

“Kickboxer” Reboot Punches Up Cast With Scott Adkins, Tony Jaa

NBC, Sony TV Close Deal For Bill Cosby Comedy Project

Obama Says Ukraine Doesn’t Need US Military Aid
Cambodia Tribunal Sentences Former Khmer Rouge Leaders To Life In Prison
Russia Issues Sanctions Of Its Own Against The West
China Quake Toll Climbs To 600; Volunteers Told To Stay Away
Dutch Premier Calls Halt To Search For Remains At Malaysian Airliner’s Crash Site
Boris Johnson To Stand For Parliament
Five Teens Arrested Over Anti-Semitic Attack On Sydney Schoolbus
Tens Of Thousands Of Yazidi Refugees Trapped By Islamic State In Iraq
Rahul Gandhi May Get His Debate On Communal Violence, But Will He Speak?
Kurds, Islamic State Clash Near Irbil

Doug Powers: Honest Mistakes, To Be Sure – Government “Transparency” Website Missing At Least $619 Billion
Twitchy: Jesse Jackson Wants To Amend The Constitution Because You’re Racist
American Power: Illinois Professor Salaita Sacked For Anti-Israel Tweets
American Thinker: Corporations Fleeing Obama’s Notion Of “Economic Patriotism”
BLACKFIVE: Book Review – LTC Brad Taylor’s “Days Of Rage”
Blackmailers Don’t Shoot: Rudimenary Peni Radio Interview From 1988
Conservatives4Palin: Michelle Malkin – The Environmental Corruption Agency
Don Surber: Political Scoreboard, August 6
Joe For America: Minimum Wage – If Democrats Didn’t Have Double Standards, They Wouldn’t Have Any Standards
JustOneMinute: Back On The Border, What Price Compassion?
Protein Wisdom: Predator 3 – Sarah v. Jesse
Shot In The Dark: War, War, War
STUMP: Detroit Bankruptcy Watch – What, Exactly, Is Up? Down? Whatever?
Gateway Pundit: Jimmy Carter Bashes Israel, Calls On US To Recognize Hamas
The Jawa Report: The Price Of Honor
The Lonely Conservative: JournoList 2.0
This Ain’t Hell: Out – MARSOC, Back In – Marine Raiders
Weasel Zippers: Obama Defends His Use Of Executive Orders
Megan McArdle: Mr. President, You Can’t Do Whatever You Want

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