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We Need Cassone To Rock @CPACnews

Posted on | January 31, 2014 | 4 Comments

by Smitty

We need Chris Cassone to play this in the main ballroom at CPAC in front of a the full house (including YOU!) somewhere on March 6th or 7th:
I just got off the phone with Chris, and he’s at the point of deciding if he’s going to attend at all. Apparently he brought the mighty Victoria Jackson two years ago and was maybe underwhelmed by the time slot he was afforded.

Thus, we need a two-pronged strategy. We need:

  • Everyone to gently hammer @CPACNews on Twitter and politely flog them with a feather to call attention to Cassone’s sublime coolness, and the need to give him a quality time slot ahead of a real hitter. Should they consider just ahead of Ted Cruz? Why, yes; yes, they should.
  • Everyone to buy a copy of his fine, rocking product, so that he can defray his travel costs:

Why do I love Cassone? Well, it’s not every artist who takes an email of lyrics from deployed military members and returns a submlime slab o’ blues:

And look at the results:

Mass Murderer Also Gay Pedophile?

Posted on | January 31, 2014 | 60 Comments

This might give gay pedophiles a bad reputation:

The state’s attorney report on the horrific murders at the Sandy Hook Elementary School by shooter Adam Lanza found no “conclusive motive” for his actions but did document unsettling facts about the 20-year-old killer, including computer files he kept on the rights of pedophiles, a movie about man/boy love, instant messages concerning “homosexual fantasies,” numerous mass murder documents, and a computer game entitled “School Shooting.”

Jammie Wearing Fools: “Well, this will probably be the last you ever hear about Adam Lanza from the mainstream media.” Indeed.

The complete report is now online.

Like I said in October: “You’re not praying hard enough.”


Save the Planet, F*** the Children?

Posted on | January 31, 2014 | 35 Comments

Weirdos are their heroes:

Environmentalists are rallying to the defense of an anti-fracking activist who has advocated pedophilia and incest after a Pennsylvania court barred her from entering any land owned or leased by a local oil company. . . .
“My new heroine is called Vera Scroggins,” one environmental activist declared. “Go Vera!” cheered another. . . .
Scroggins expressed her desire for parents to engage their children sexually at a young age in a series of messages in 2001 posted to an online message board called Peacelist.
“Are there cultures that mothers or fathers pleasure their children and teenagers sexually or genitally and also possibly initiate them into sexual expression at some point?” she asked.
“I have had intuitive thoughts that such would be a healthy way for parents to interact with their children and introduce their children to sensual/sexual pleasure and bonding and loving practices.”
“Who better to do it, than the parents first?” she wrote.

Scroggins now claims (of course) that she was “taken out of context,” but Peacelist was “dedicated to the advancement of the human species by restoring its natural peacefulness, through the means of affectionate parenting and sexual freedom.” The founder of Peacelist, Eric Moller, is a German who advocated the importance “of youth affectional sexual relationships for peaceful and loving behaviors.”  If that sounds familiar, it should:

In recent months, many in Germany have been discussing the extent to which the Green Party in the 1980s allowed itself to be manipulated by pedophiles. . . .
“The gay movement did not distance itself from men who acted on their desire for children; rather, it took them under its wing. . . . The gay movement helped pedophiles in entirely practical ways.”

During the final decade of the Cold War, the far left in West Germany went from being Reds to being Greens. Their interest in “peace” was anti-American — opposing the U.S. military build-up that helped bankrupt the Soviet Union — and so was their “environmentalism,” in that it was opposed to the free-market economies of the West, while ignoring the environmental degradation under Soviet rule. Their abnormal ideas about sex are consistent with Herbert Marcuse and other theorists of cultural Marxism.

UPDATE: The basic ideas of Peacelist were expounded on a site that states in all caps: “CULTURES THAT PUNISH INFANTS OR REPRESS SEXUALITY ARE VIOLENT.” You will perhaps be surprised — but then again, perhaps not — to learn that they derive these ideas from a Ph.D. psychologist, James W. Prescott, who is an advocate of abortion and whose curriculum vitae lists such works as “The Sensuous Infant” and “The Role of Physical Pleasure in the Development of Moral Behaviors: Towards A Science of Humanism.” Also, he once published an article in Hustler.


LIVE AT FIVE: 01.31.14

Posted on | January 31, 2014 | 10 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Attorney General To Seek Death Penalty For Boston Marathon Bomber

The scumball in question at the time of his capture

Three killed, hundreds injured by Chechen teen

Did Politics Play A Role In Atlanta’s Snowstorm Gamble?
Mayor Reed, Governor Deal embarrassed by winter storm gridlock

House GOP Unveils Immigration “Principles”
And if you don’t like those, they have others

Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) To Retire After Forty Years In Office

The latest architect of the Abominable Care Act to announce retirement

A crowded field, including “activist” Sandra Fluke, likely to ensue

IRS Rules Change Seen As Limiting Free Speech For Non-Profits

Sen. Mark Udall’s Son Busted For Heroin, Trespassing

White House Scrambles To Save Trade Agenda

Are Vulnerable Democrats Avoiding Obama?

Lawyers Complain Missouri Moving Too Swiftly On Executions

Brent Holds Near $108 But Prices Could End January On Down Note: NYMEX $98.00, Brent $107.80
Amazon 4Q Earnings Grow But Miss Expectations
Asian Stocks Slip, Yen Pushes Higher
Economy Grew 3.2% In Fourth Quarter, Fueling Hopes For Faster Recovery
Toy Maker Wins Super Bowl Commercial
Ford To Invest $80 Million In Kentucky Truck Plant
Google Making Run At Apple As Most Valuable Tech Firm
Facebook Introduces Paper For iPhone
Man Loses $50,000 Twitter Handle To Hacker
Windows 8.1 May Default To Desktop On Startup
Will The Wii U Survive 2014?

In Search Of Drama, NASCAR Alters Playoff Race Again

Chairman Richard France explains the changes

Drivers critical of new format, lack of input

Sabres Rally To Beat Coyotes 3-2

Michael Young Set To Retire With Texas Rangers

Habs Rip Lackluster Bruins

Reserves Announced For 2014 NBA All-Star Game

Flames Beat Sharks 4-1 For Fourth Straight Win

Johansen Scores Twice As Blue Jackets Clip Caps

Sens Thrash Lightning 5-3

Suns Hand Pacers Second Home Loss, 102-94

Fister: Nationals May Have Better Rotation Than Tigers

This Is The New Face Of Jim Beam

Mila Kunis. Awwwww yeah.

Chosen for love of bourbon, global relevance, and warm personality.

Christie Brinkley: Still Stunning At Sixty

Halle Berry Stuns In A Little Black Dress Just Four Months After Son Maceo’s Birth

Scarlett Johansson Quits Oxfam Over Sodastream Controversy

Rihanna Talks Body Image, Wants A Bigger Butt

Miley, Madonna Grind On Stage For “MTV Unplugged”

Sarah Jessica Parker To Run Vogue?

Lindsay Lohan’s $75K Fur Is Missing

Jerry Seinfeld: The “Seinfeld” Reunion Is Real

“Sharknado” Stars Ian Ziering, Tara Reid Returning For The Sequel

Bieber’s Toxicology Report Shows He Was Wasted On Weed And Pills

Rajan Warns Of Policy Breakdown As Emerging Markets Fall
NZ Exports To PRC Surge 45%
Figures Show Japan’s Economy Sharply Improving
Italian Court Reinstates Guilty Verdict Against Amanda Knox
Bangladesh Court Sentences Top Islamist To Death For Arms Smuggling
HK Magnate Gives Up Attempt To Buy Straight Husband For Lesbian Daughter
Thousands Of Police Deploy To Protect Polls From Anti-Government Protesters
Norwegian Politicians Nominate Snowden For Nobel Peace Prize
US Accuses Assad Regime Of Dragging Its Feet On Chemical Weapons Destruction
Goldman Deal On Danish Energy Splits Copenhagen Coalition
After Stunning Debut, AAP Scrambles To Dispel Doubts

Dead Republican Party: Awaiting Revelation 21
First Street Journal: The Gun Grabbers; also, Found On Facebook
Proof Positive: Sockpuppet Of The Union Speech
Valley Of The Shadow: Why Waxman Retired
The Looking Spoon: One Sentence Smackdowns For Liberal Propaganda
Michelle Malkin: Standing Up Against Wealth-Shaming
Twitchy: This Is How It’s Done! Michelle Malkin Leads Crushing Social Media Win Against MSNBC Smear
Live From The Catacombs: Yes, It Matters That Chloe Sterling Is 11 (h/t Jeff Quinton on Facebook)
Tammy Bruce: The Mama-San State, Coming Now To A California Sushi Bar Near You
Da Tech Guy: Amy Glass, The Epitome Of Decadent
American Power: MSNBC Takes Down Racist Hate-Tweet Attacking Conservatives Over New Biracial Cheerios Commercial
American Thinker: Spot The Black Dummies
Blackfive: Rules For Successful Platoon Leaders
Blackmailers Don’t Shoot: Nanny State Tool Henry Waxman Retiring
The Necropolitan Sentinel: Obamacare Watch – People Aren’t Taking Obamacare Deadlines Seriously
Conservatives4Palin: Governor Palin’s Response To The SOTU
Don Surber: Daily Scoreboard, January 30
Jammie Wearing Fools: Queen Mooch Shakes Down Hollywood Democrats
Joe For America: Abortion Activist On Twitter – “I’d Like To Rip The Uterus Out Of Cathy McMorris Rodgers And Eat It”
JustOneMinute: Send Better Phony Stats (Pre-K Edition)
Pat Dollard: Chick-Fil-A Feeds Hundreds Of Stranded Atlanta Motorists For Free
Protein Wisdom: SOTU Address Postmortem – A Nano-analysis
Shot In The Dark: Pay Me My Memorial Down
The Jawa Report: Notorious Hate Corporation Doubles Down On Its Hate
The Lonely Conservative: So, What’s Up With Obama’s MyRA Retirement Proposal?
This Ain’t Hell: Well, Now We Know Why COLAs Were Really Reduced
Megan McArdle: Amazon’s Bad Omen For The US Economy

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Deadline to submit links for Rule 5 Sunday is midnight tomorrow.

Brett Kimberlin Lies Again

Posted on | January 31, 2014 | 18 Comments

Brett Kimberlin could have been sentenced to 230 years in federal prison

“Kimberlin seemed to be the only one with a possible motive — to distract police attention from the Scyphers murder and delay or halt their quiet investigation of him.”
– R. Joseph GelardenIndianapolis Star, “Kimberlin case a maze of murder, deceit,” Oct. 18, 1981

“I have filed over a hundred lawsuits and another one will be no sweat for me. On the other hand, it will cost you a lot of time and money . . .”
Brett Kimberlin, Oct. 11., 2010, e-mail to Patrick Frey

John Hoge mentions that Brett Kimberlin has filed a motion for a preliminary injunction in the vexatious Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. lawsuit” and in doing so — as might be expected — Kimberlin lies. He asserts that I have “attacked Plaintiff’s daughter in numerous posts” and “harassed her,” although he provides no example of the attacks or harassment he claims because, of course, it’s not true.

Hitherto, the preliminary proceedings in the case have required us to proceed as if Brett Kimberlin’s allegations were true, but his motion for an injunction will require examination of relevant facts in the case. Anyone who thinks this will be to Brett Kimberlin’s advantage is unfamiliar with Kimberlin’s profound hostility to truth.




Mark Steyn vs. a Thin-Skinned Bully

Posted on | January 30, 2014 | 102 Comments

Lawsuits don’t make for interesting journalism. No tort has ever earned “Trial of the Century” status. So it is that even a defamation case involving a famed writer like Mark Steyn and a notorious “scientist” like Michael Mann gets relatively little attention.

Steyn’s recent column about the case doesn’t capture what is so outrageous about Mann’s lawsuit: A tenured academic whose particular hustle is the taxpayer-funded “climate change” racket ought to have the decency to pocket his ill-gotten cash and leave honest men alone, but Mann is evidently the shameless sort who thinks he deserves both government money and a good reputation.

Now a tedious douchebag says Steyn “specializes in whipping right-wing readers into a froth of know-nothing indignation”?

Absurd — that’s my job!


Police: Ex-Teacher Tonya Drueppel, 33, Had Sex With 13-Year-Old ‘Girlfriend’

Posted on | January 30, 2014 | 50 Comments

The headline at the Sioux Falls (S.D.) Argus Leader:

Former Sioux Falls teacher accused
of raping female student, 14

The headline is misleading because (a) the girl was 13 when the “relationship” began in 2012, and (b) it was “consensual.”

Or, as Whoopi Goldberg might say, “It wasn’t rape-rape.”

The quality of news coverage on this case ranges from confusing to inadequate. Evidently no journalist in Sioux Falls was able to find a mug shot of the accused perp, and the story of the alleged crimes is so badly told that you’d rather they just posted the police affidavit verbatim.

By reading multiple accounts — including those from KSFY-TV and KELO-TV — it’s possible to glean this narrative:

Someone became concerned after seeing Tonya Marie Drueppel together with the 14-year-old girl “in the corner of a bathroom” at the YMCA earlier this month.
On Jan. 22, Sioux Falls police began an investigation after receiving a referral from the Department of Social Services. On Jan. 23, police interviewed the girl at Axtell Park Middle School, where the girl “told officers her relationship with Drueppel was physical between October 2012 and December 2012″ when Drueppel was her teacher.
Drueppel, 33, had taught at the school since 2009, but resigned in May 2013 and was employed at a local daycare. Drueppel is a mother of three — two girls, ages 14 and 12, and a boy, 9 — and her husband filed for divorce in March 2013.
On Jan. 24, Drueppel did not show up for work and the girl did not show up for school. Police found them together in a room at the Nites Inn motel, where the girl said they had sex. When police entered the room, Drueppel was in the bathroom trying to hang herself with an electrical cord. According to police, the girl said she had at least five sexual encounters with Drueppel. The girl said “she performed oral sex on Drueppel” and also had sex with her teacher when she spent the night at Drueppel’s house twice. “The victim stated that she kind of looks at (Drueppel) as being her girlfriend. The victim stated that (Drueppel) feels the same way about her.”

An eighth-grade girl with a 33-year-old “girlfriend” — who are we to judge? Drueppel has been charged with three counts of fourth-degree rape and two counts of sexual contact with a child under 16. She is being held on a $500,000 cash bond.


Ted Cruz: Media Acting as ‘Palace Guard’ to Protect Obama in IRS Scandal UPDATE: Tom Perez Fails to Provide Information on Bosserman’s Appointment

Posted on | January 29, 2014 | 28 Comments

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said Wednesday the media have failed to do their job by demanding answers in the Internal Revenue Service scandal.

“The media should hold the administration accountable,” Cruz said. Instead of acting as watchdogs, however, the media are acting as a “palace guard” protecting President Obama from scrutiny, the conservative Republican told bloggers during a conference call.

Cruz’s comments came after a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in which he questioned Attorney General Eric Holder about the Justice Department’s investigation of the IRS scandal. In wake of reports that the investigation is being led by Barbara Bosserman, who donated thousands of dollars to Obama’s presidential campaigns, Cruz asked Holder: “I would call upon you to carry out the tradition of independence that attorneys general have honored that office with for centuries and protect the integrity of the Department of Justice, given the political sensitivities, given the fact that individual citizens believe they are being persecuted by the Department of Justice for partisan reasons. It would further Justice and further the integrity of the Department of Justice for you to appoint a special prosecutor with a meaningful degree of independence to investigate and find out what happened, and I would suggest that any special prosecutor should have integrity beyond reproach, and not be a major Obama donor.”

Holder answered: “I don’t think that there is a basis for us to conclude on the information as it presently exists that there is any reason for the appointment of the independent counsel. … The notion that somehow this has caused a loss of faith in this Justice Department is inconsistent with the facts.”

Holder said: “I don’t have any basis to believe that the people who engaged in this investigation are doing so in a way other than investigations are normally done. That is by looking at the facts, applying the law to those facts, and reaching the appropriate conclusion. I don’t have any basis to believe anything other than that is occurring.”

Sen. Cruz responded, “I would say a lot of American citizens have a basis to believe it, given 282 days have passed and no on has been indicted, 280 days have passed and many, if not all, of the victims have not even been interviewed. 280 days have passed and apparently the anger and outrage that both the President and you expressed has utterly disappeared. Indeed, in last night’s State of the Union address the President did not so much as mention the word ‘IRS.’ So the anger and outrage sees very little manifestation in actual action.”

Speaking to bloggers after Wednesday’s hearing, Cruz said “Holder accepted no accountability,” and said the Justice Department “has done absolutely nothing” in its investigation of the IRS scandal, which Cruz described as “abuse of power and lawlessness.”

UPDATE: In related news, on Jan. 14, House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa (R-California) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) sent a letter to Labor Secretary Tom Perez, who in his previous job as an assistant attorney general was Barbara Bosserman’s boss at the Justice Department until July 2013.

In their letter, Issa and Jordan asked Perez to provide documents related to Bosserman’s appointment to lead the IRS investigation: “Please supply this information as soon as possible, but no later than 5:00 p.m. on January 28, 2014.”

Just checked with a source at the Oversight Committee, who reports that Perez failed to comply with Issa and Jordan’s request.


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