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Happy Fourth of July, You Fascists!

Posted on | July 4, 2019 | 2 Comments


The Democrats are now a party of paranoid conspiracy theorists:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) said in a new interview that she believes the United States is heading in a fascist direction under President Trump.
“Are we headed to fascism? Yes. I don’t think there’s a question,” Ocasio-Cortez told Yahoo News earlier this week after she visited migrant detention facilities managed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).
“If you actually take the time to study, and to look at the steps, and to see how government transforms under authoritarian regimes, and look at the political decisions and patterns of this president, the answer is yes.”

They define fascism as “whenever Democrats lose elections,” and therefore when Ocasio-Cortez says we are “headed to fascism,” what she means is that Trump will be re-elected. After all, Democrats believe the Betsy Ross flag is a symbol of “white supremacy,” so we shouldn’t be surprised that they consider patriotism a synonym for “hate.”

Meanwhile, in the Pacific Northwest, where Republicans and journalists are brutally attacked by left-wing mobs in open daylight, liberals are becoming so paranoid, they’ve started gun clubs:

Liberals are notoriously loath to take their own side in a fight. But their reticence may well be changing in an age of vigilante, white nationalist terror—openly condoned and supported by an incumbent president who has suggested that his armed devotees won’t stand for his removal from office. Increasingly, the antifa left is arguing — and training — in response. They are worried not only about an armed reckoning following a contested election, but also about rising violence from the paramilitaries loyal to President Donald Trump. . . .
As a result, many leftists and even some liberals are beginning to reconsider their feelings about firearms, joining a loose amalgamation of gun groups, from John Brown Gun Clubs (which take their name from the abolitionist) to the Pink Pistols (an LGBTQ group), Liberal Gun Club, and Socialist Rifle Association. Some of these organizations are moderate and traditionalist, others radical and revolutionary. . . . Some of their members hope such efforts will at least make Republicans think twice before attempting a massacre. . . .
A third of the Socialist Rifle Association’s 2,000 members identify as LGBTQ, and 8 percent are transgender.

What is happening here? What explains the hysterical rhetoric coming from Democrats and their media allies this Fourth of July?

They’re living inside an imaginary universe where CNN is “mainstream” journalism, instead of an obscure cable TV channel with fewer viewers than HGTV and Nickelodeon, where Oberlin College is a reputable institution, where transgenderism is more acceptable than patriotism:

The Left’s hysteria over Trump’s victory in 2016 has escalated into something quite beyond mere hysteria. Now the leftists are well and truly dangerous. Antifa, the fascist organization that protests anything and everything with which it disagrees, is violent, very violent. These people show up with weapons, wearing masks, and attack anyone they perceive to be in opposition to their own warped ideology.
CNN has long defended the group as good guys, social justice warriors. That is how off the rails CNN is. Like Antifa, CNN is officially and openly anti-American.

In a nation with a two-party politicial system, where each party has roughly equal levels of core support, but where one party’s strength is concentrated in urban enclaves, we should expect this kind of derangement whenever the urban party loses elections. If you live in New York, San Francisco, or Portland, Oregon, you are immersed in a community where 80% of people vote Democrat, and where Republican voters aren’t likely to speak up about their political beliefs, since doing so would make them targets of hatred. This echo-chamber effect is compounded by the fact that most of the people who produce media — not just journalism, but also entertainment — are members of the same urban Democrat community. CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, whose father was the Democrat governor of New York and whose brother is New York’s current Democrat governor, doesn’t socialize with the kind of people who vote Republican. Nobody that Chris Cuomo considers a friend has ever served in the U.S. military, and he views members of the military as scum, unworthy of respect from elite people like himself.

Why do you think Democrats are freaking out because President Trump wanted some tanks in the Fourth of July parade? Because the U.S. military symbolizes everything they hate about America. They hate to be reminded that what happened on July 4, 1776, was the publication of our Declaration of Independence, but it was not the words on parchment which made America free. No, we are free because of the service and sacrifice of men whose names are not famous, who marched barefoot through the snow to Trenton, who suffered at Valley Forge, who died in battle against the “elite” troops of the British Empire. America is independent not because of the Declaration, but because courageous men were willing to fight and die for their freedom. When we celebrate the heroism of these brave patriots, it makes cowardly liberals like Chris Cuomo feel ashamed of themselves (as well they should).

(Hat-tip: Ed Driscoll at Instapundit.)

Today I’ll be working in a West Virginia fireworks store, where military members and veterans are eligible for a special discount. And I know what you’re thinking: I’m gonna get paid in fireworks. Unfortunately, however, my wife has insisted that I be paid in cash, so the only way I’ll be able to afford to buy any fireworks is if readers remember the Five Most Important Words in the English Language:


Thanks in advance, and God bless America!