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The Left’s New Political Judo Tactic Revealed!

Posted on | April 16, 2010 | 4 Comments

by Smitty

Gateway Pundit reports on the arrest of 25 SEIU demonstrators at a single event, as opposed to 0 people at Tea Party protests which numberd. . .a lot.

One sees that this is all really a double-secret head fake. If SEIU can just lure the Tea Parties into a game of one-upsmanship, then the Tea Parties themselves, striving to out-do SEIU, will magically all get arrested.

Tea Partiers can then all be tossed into big rolling cages drawn by unicorns.  They can be carted through the city streets as an example to all of the decent, non-bitter Klingon population.  All should know that the First Amendment, like the rest of the Constitution, is only to be mentioned when accusing Conservatives of hypocrisy.

What a great plan. I don’t know if there is anything on tap for Memorial Day. Certainly the Tea Party will muster for July 4th pretty much everywhere. Do link and tweet this post so that everyone is on guard. Don’t let those zany SEIU dudes head fake you into singing the Jailhouse Rock:

  • You might not sound as good as Stacy McCain, and
  • When that policeman and public sector union member realizes the degree to which he’s been robbed by the big bosses, he may not be quite the chipper person you’d expect.


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