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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Flynn Won Twitter

by Smitty Oh, say, can u seeIn the General's back yardFor what those who are freeAre striving so hard?Tho' liberty's foesPeddle Socialist noiseAnd a Commie wind blowsAt our girls &our boys.Oh bring it, u sad littleAnguish of Karen shrews:No fascist lickspittleCan America bruise. — I came; I saw; I got over Macho Grande (@smitty_one_each) […]

Joe Biden’s Partisan Media Protection Bubble Has Finally Begun Collapsing

  Let’s be clear what’s going on here: If the liberal media really believed that Joe Biden could beat Trump in November, they would have stonewalled Tara Reade’s accusations forever. But as partisan as they are, they are not blind, and anyone who watched Biden stumbling in every media appearance the past two months can […]

‘They Always Blame America First’

  One of the decisive moments of the Cold War, in my opinion, was Jeanne Kirkpatrick’s speech at the 1984 Republican National Convention. In the post-Vietnam era, Democrats had adopted a “human rights” approach to foreign policy that tended toward a stance of moral relativism between Soviet-sponsored Marxist-Leninist regimes and their opponents. A sort of […]

The Case of the COVID-19 ‘Black Widow’: Police Are Investigating Wanda Lenius

  Last month, I told you about how Wanda poisoned her husband Gary in Arizona — allegedly, I hasten to add, because certainly I myself have no direct knowledge of the matter and wouldn’t want to deal with the hassle of a libel suit. I’m just repeating what Ace said, a defense that would probably […]

More Evidence That Lockdown Orders Are the Wrong Approach to COVID-19

Somewhere between 20% and 50% of all deaths from the coronavirus pandemic have been elderly residents of nursing homes. We knew, at the very outset, that the elderly were at highest risk from this disease, and one would think that measures to protect them would have been a high priority. Yet as Daniel Greenfield explains, […]

‘Nice Guys Finish Last’: Red Pill Truth About a Tennessee Murder Case

Abusive people tend to have keen sense of who will tolerate their abuse, and will not associate with anyone who stands up to them. Having extensive experience of dealing with sociopaths, my observations on this subject ought to carry some weight, and my advice to anyone would be: Avoid them, if possible, but never back […]

SHOTS FIRED: Feminist Jessica Valenti Supports Biden Accuser Tara Reade

Karma is one cold-hearted bitch. It was inevitable that Joe Biden would someday pay a price for his role in the smearing of Clarence Thomas. Oh, you think we forgot about that? No, baby, and we haven’t forgot Joe Biden’s role in the “campus rape epidemic” witch-hunt, either. All those college boys denied due process […]

COVID-19: Numbers That Really Matter

Among the dishonest games that the media have played with coronavirus is their habit of reporting cumulative totals of reported cases and deaths as if this is the only metric of the pandemic. Anyone with a functional brain, however, must realize that this is misleading and nearly useless in terms of understanding how the outbreak […]

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