The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

In The Mailbox: 11.30.16

— compiled by Wombat-socho Thanks to everyone who bought stuff through the Amazon links on my posts. Fees from those posts help keep your favorite wombat supplied with protein bars and fresh SF! OVER THE TRANSOM EBL: REPUBLICANS WIN BIG – Pelosi Stays On As House Minority Leader Michelle Malkin: Justin Trudeau – Baby-Faced Commie […]

War on Women: Democrats Ready to Throw Nancy Pelosi Under the Bus?

  The irony here is rather delicious: In the aftermath of Democrats’ demoralizing election defeat, Representative Nancy Pelosi’s bid to return as minority leader has been transformed into a larger debate about what has gone wrong with a party that eight years ago controlled Congress and the White House. Ms. Pelosi, a 76-year-old San Francisco […]

Notoriously Crazy Felon Barrett Brown Has Been Released From Federal Prison

September 2012: Barrett Brown calmly explains his intent to ‘destroy’ an FBI agent “You don’t need a lawyer, Barrett. You need a psychiatrist, or perhaps a priest to exorcise your demons. You are traveling a road to destruction, as harmful to yourself as to any of your chosen enemies. Get help.” — me, to Barrett […]

In The Mailbox: 11.29.16

— compiled by Wombat-socho OVER THE TRANSOM EBL: Tom Price For HHS Twitchy: Senator Kaine Shows Newfound Interest In War Powers Act Louder With Crowder: Baltimore Cop Rushes To Save Life Of Anti-Cop Protester’s Baby RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES Adam Piggott: Trust American Power: Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Laughing Stock American Thinker: The States’ Trump Card […]

The Intifada at Ohio State Proves the Immigration-Terrorism Connection

  William Jacobson describes Monday’s Islamic terrorist attack in Columbus in which a “Somali legal immigrant rammed his car into pedestrians on the sidewalk, then attacked with what is variously described as a butcher knife or machete.” NBC News reports: An Ohio State University student posted a rant shortly before he plowed a car into […]

Some Stereotypes Are True

One of the favorite pastimes of liberals is lecturing the rest of us about how ignorant we are. Every common-sense belief about human nature is a “myth,” liberals say, and any generalization about various human traits and patterns of behaviors is a prejudicial “stereotype.” These accusations of ignorance and prejudice are, in fact, a form […]

In The Mailbox: 11.28.16

— compiled by Wombat-socho OVER THE TRANSOM EBL: Geraldo Rivera, Asshat Of The Day Michelle Malkin: Flashback Monday – A Reminder of The RefuJihadis Who’ve Waged War On American Soil Twitchy: Sorry, Jill Stein And Friends – David Axelrod Rains On Recount Parade Louder With Crowder: KARMA – Pro-Castro Kaepernick Gets Booed, Slaughtered By Miami […]

Herbert Kornfeld Was Certainly Smarter Than Krugman, My Basset Hound. Also, The NYT Economist Dude. #TrudeauEulogies

by Smitty Those who’ve been on the net for a while may remember Herbert Kornfeld, tragically felled by a politically correct scythe right around the time Barack Obama rose from useless to famously useless, back in 2007. Apparently, the Northern Lightbulb is a little less dim for having been pilloried by pretty much the entire […]

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