The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Golden Boy Jesse Angelo Lays Off Daily Staffers, Keeps $23 Million House

Being the Harvard roommate of Rupert Murdoch’s son is a great way to get ahead at NewsCorp. Murdoch agreed to invest $30 million in The Daily, with golden boy Jesse Angelo as editor. What could possibly go wrong, eh? The Daily, News Corp.’s attempt to create a digital newspaper for the iPad age, is laying […]

There Are Still 5 A’s in ‘RAAAAACISM!’

At least in English. The Polish translation, I’m not sure: Linda Wertheimer, National Public Radio: So today [Mitt Romney is in] Poland. Why is he stopping in Poland. What does he hope to accomplish with that? Cokie Roberts: Well, I think part of it was a desire to portray President Obama as something of a […]

DNC Endorses State-Sanctioned Sodomy

The Party of Official Perversity: A plank supporting same-sex marriage will be included as part of the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) draft platform, according to an exclusive report at the Washington Blade, which notes it was a unanimous decision. Fire, brimstone and further updates expected . . . UPDATE: We are supposed to believe — indeed, […]

The GOP School of Media Relations

Pioneered by Ron Ziegler during the Nixon Administration, the Republican Party policy of contemptuous mistreatment of the press corps produces yet another predictable “success” : WARSAW — A Mitt Romney aide told reporters to “shove it” Tuesday morning after the American press corps here shouted questions at the presidential candidate. As Romney was walking away from […]

In Which I Forgive @TheRealRoseanne Her Unrelenting Ignorance

by Smitty @joeyswinson @therealroseanne No darling, its called common sense and being married to a naval officer who deals with it. — Cindy Chafian (@CindyChafian) July 30, 2012 @cindychafian @joeyswinson i knew you were on the dole-as are all ppl who think like u! living off tax $ forever. — Roseanne Barr (@TheRealRoseanne) July 30, […]

Politico Story On Maine Leaves One Wondering: Why Dodge Andrew Ian?

by Smitty Seriously. Anyone who’s paid attention in the blogs or at CPAC the last couple of years has met Andrew Ian Dodge. Which was why I saw a Politico bit on Olympia Snowe with this teaser: Snowe has been at odds with Summers since he refused to endorse the 33-year Capitol Hill veteran over […]

The Times, They Are A-Faking

Imagine you’re a handsome young up-and-coming journalist with a Columbia University neuroscience degree. Imagine you write for prestigious publications — the Wall Street Journal, Wired, the New Yorker — and land a book deal that seems destined to make you the next Malcolm Gladwell. Imagine your third book starts with a chapter about Bob Dylan. Imagine you […]

LIVE AT FIVE: 07.31.12

— compiled by Wombat-socho TOP NEWS Inside Aleppo: Rebels Kill Loyalist Armor… …as civilians flee Loyalist artillery bombardment Holmes Charged With 24 Counts Of Murder Could be a year before Aurora shooting perp starts trial; courtroom full of victims and families Ted Cruz Poised For Texas Triumph Stench of defeat lies heavy on Dewhurst camp […]

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