The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Logic May Be Off The Table In ObamaCare Discussions, But Still…

by Smitty NewsBusters points to a WaPo correction where the WaPo had hammered Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) for “posturing” by bringing a copy of the subject matter at hand to the health care summit. That makes about as much sense as Yale’s craven refusal to publish the controversial Danish cartoon depictions of Muhammad in a […]

Meghan McCain: Chase Peterson Interviews the Great American Mind

From the Pasadena Patriots.

VIDEO: Yet More Evidence That Frank Schaeffer Is Off His Meds Again

Since being whacked upside the head with the Crazy Stick, Frank Schaeffer has descended into a cartoonish stereotype of prissy self-righteous liberalism. One symptom of being whacked upside the head with the Crazy Stick is that victims talk in deranged run-on sentences: “I’ve been looking at this phenomenon of the so-called ‘stalled’ Barack Obama presidency […]

Rule 5 Sunday

by Smitty Rule 5 needs to start off with an apology. The simple appreciation of loveliness has escalated into something called the “Boob Wars”. Miscreants who have become bogged down in this completely unnecessary war of choice include: The Classic Liberal The Camp of the Saints The Daley Gator Washington Rebel WyBlog Three Beers Later […]

11-Year-Old’s Mom Gets Upset About Middle School’s Online Dating Site

You’ve got to admit this could get kind of creepy: ELWOOD, Ind. – Most parents agree that matchmaking Web sites and surveys are games mainly adults should play, but some say Elwood Community Schools has been getting students in on the action. Parent Michelle Everett says her 11-year-daughter recently brought home a survey from school. […]

Après Moi, le Déluge

From the Brown University Spectator, hat tip to reader Philip Primeau.

She Just Digs Those New Media Guys

A minor uproar erupted Friday on Twitter when I sent this message: #FF Everyone should follow Steven Crowder @scrowder if only because his girlfriend is totally HAAAWWWTT! #FollowFriday The aforesaid girlfriend’s friend, Alyssa Cordova of the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute, took umbrage: @rsmccain #degrading Requiring me to offer the following defense: @LyssCordova I met Hillary […]

News From Southern Appalachia

When Instapundit featured the headline, “Knoxville girl wins regional spelling bee,” I sort of figured the Knoxville girl in question might be named Reynolds. But in fact the winner was Ameena Iqbal, a fifth-grader at Blue Grass Elementary School in West Knoxville, who edged out Nithya Kanagasegar, an eighth-grader at Homestead Elementary School in Crossville. […]

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