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Election Fraud Never Happens. Election Fraud Never Happens. Election Fraud Never … Oh, Wait — Chicago?

Posted on | March 25, 2024 | 1 Comment

You’ll be denounced as an “election denier” if you dare suggest that Democrats are able to manufacture phony votes in order to “win” elections, but exactly what the hell is going on in Chicago?

The Chicago Board of Elections revealed on Saturday that more than 10,000 ballots hadn’t been included in previous vote totals by mistake, making unofficial counts lower than expected.
In a news release, a spokesperson for the CBOE explained that while adding up vote-by-mail ballots, he accidentally left out additional ballots that had been delivered by the U.S. Postal Service on Monday.
“I traded speed for accuracy in reporting out numbers this week as quickly as I could,” spokesperson Max Bever said in a statement, in part. “I truly regret this error on my part and for the confusion that it has caused the voters of Chicago.”
The 10,659 ballots in question were added to the unofficial vote count on Saturday, increasing the total of ballots cast in Chicago to 368,990. Voter turnout citywide was reported to be 24.44% out of 1,509,554 registered voters.
As of Saturday evening, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s race still had yet to be called, but judge Eileen O’Neill Burke’s lead over Clayton Harris III was narrowing slightly.

Oopsie! It was a mistake, an accident, an error!

You would be called a conspiracy theorist if you were to mention that this “accident” seems rather convenient for the State’s Attorney candidate who had been losing prior to the belated (but totally not suspicious) discovery of these 10,000 extra ballots. Both candidates are Democrats, but there is at least one important difference between them.

Can you spot the difference between Eileen O’Neill Burke and Clayton Harris III? If so, you’ll get hate-listed by the SPLC for suggesting that there is an obvious reason why Chicago officials are desperately trying to come up with enough fake votes to get Harris elected State’s Attorney.

OK, so you’re a racist, election-denying conspiracy theorist, just like Glenn Reynolds, who linked this from Jeffrey Carter:

I am in Chicago right now seeing my new grandson. While here, they had a primary election. The State’s Attorney’s race was the one to watch. It pitted a traditional liberal Democrat, Eileen Burke with a Chicago Teacher’s Union/Toni Preckwinkle socialist/communist Democrat Clayton Harris. . . .
Only about 20% of eligible voters voted, and it’s taking them at least six days past the election to count all the votes. Every single one of these people is responsible for making fraud easier.
But, the State’s Attorney’s race was closer. Lo and behold after all the ballots were practically counted they “found” another mail-in ballot dropbox full of 10,000 ballots that were not postmarked or dated. They are counting them now.
Amazingly, the lead that Eileen Burke had has shrunk to 1.8%, or 2000 votes. There are still enough ballots left to count to put her rival over the top.

The latest: “According to election officials, updated totals showed O’Neill Burke with 259,445 votes and 50.20% of ballots cast compared to Harris’ 257,430 votes and 49.80%. A total of 3,500 mail-in ballots still had yet to be counted – 2,500 in the city and 1,000 in suburban Cook County, officials said.” So now they’ve got the margin down to 0.4% of the “total,” and if the remaining ballots aren’t enough to elect Harris, I’m sure they’ll find a few thousand more. It’s the Chicago way, baby.


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One Response to “Election Fraud Never Happens. Election Fraud Never Happens. Election Fraud Never … Oh, Wait — Chicago?”

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