The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

States Joe Biden Won’t Win

One of the ways the media mislead America is with polls. The old phrase, “Lies, damned lies, and statistics” should be amended to include public opinion polls, especially national polls in presidential campaigns. To state the fact as simply as possible, national polls are irrevelant in terms of projecting the final result, because what actually […]

Why the Panic in Bidenland?

  Here’s a question: Why did Joe Biden leave his Delaware basement and fly all the way to Pittsburgh to give a speech Monday with no crowd — no supporters in attendance — and not even answer press questions? He could have given the same speech from Delaware, but he flew to Pittsburgh. Why? Paul […]

‘I Also Hope to Keep a Steady High’

  Worrying about politics is a waste of time, and nobody who knew me when I was in college could ever have imagined that I would grow up to become a political journalist, wasting my time this way. My perspective on the political scene is idiosyncratic, simply because most people in this racket have been […]

The ‘Post Office Crisis’ Has Become the New ‘Russian Collusion’ for Democrats

  There is no “crisis.” What there is, apparently, is a paranoid delusion that ORANGE MAN BAD is trying to “steal” the election: Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democratic leaders are considering cutting short the August recess and bringing the chamber back into session to deal with the unfolding crisis at the U.S. Postal Service, […]

Democrat Concedes in CA-25 Special Election: Not Close Enough to Steal

  Even the amazing ability of California Democrats to manufacture votes through “ballot harvesting” were not enough to elect Christy Smith in Tuesday’s special election to fill the seat vacated by naked bisexual Katie Hill‘s resignation. Republican Mike Garcia won CA-25 by a 12% margin, 56-44, an advantage of more than 18,000 votes, and Smith […]

Clown Car Campaign Nears Its Sad End

  Early last year, Lawrence Person dubbed the Democratic presidential campaign a “clown car,” and by summer 2019, there were so many candidates it was difficult for the DNC to narrow the TV debate field down to 20. Does anyone remember anything Tim Ryan, John Hickenlooper or John Delaney said during their brief sojourns on […]

Sanders Wins California, Biden Wins Texas, Brokered Convention Looms

  As of 8 a.m., Maine remains “too close to call” — Joe Biden leads by about 2,200 votes with 83% of precincts reporting — but what matters more is the delegate count, and it will take another day or two before we have a complete total from Super Tuesday. Biden won 9 of 15 […]

SUPER TUESDAY: Joe Biden Sweeps the South, Bernie Sanders Wins VT, CO, UT

UPDATE 11:45 p.m. ET: OK, so far in California — about 15% of precincts reporting — it’s Sanders at 27%, Bloomberg 20%, Biden 18%, Buttigieg 12% and Warren 11%. You might say, “But I thought Buttigieg dropped out?” Yes, but early voting (an idea I’ve always opposed) means that many thousands of ballots were already […]

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