The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Raphael Warnock: Dindu Nuffin

It is arguably racist to invoke the “dindu nuffin” meme here, but because Raphael Warnock is a Democrat running for Senate, any criticism of him is therefore automatically racist, so it doesn’t matter. It’s probably just a matter of time until we are told Warnock could not possibly have abused his ex-wife because he was […]

Mathematical Analysis Documents ‘Strange Voting Patterns’ in Election

If you’re smart enough to understand all the statistical stuff in this lengthy report, perhaps you can explain it in the comments. Quickly skimming it, I understood that what they are saying is that, compared to expected results — based on previous elections, voter demographics, etc. — the reported results are significantly anomalous in five […]

SCOTUS Rejects Texas v. Pennsylvania

My podcast partner John Hoge says he is “not completely surprised, but disappointed” by the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear the lawsuit filed by Texas (joined by 17 other states) which argued that changes to election procedures in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia were unconstitutional. Jonathan Adler says the decision “should also put an end […]

How to Maintain Your Sanity

Some readers have noticed that I have barely commented at all about the legal wrangling over the presidential election. My post on Monday (“The Margin of Theft”) laid out a few points of circumstantial evidence pointing toward fraud in “battleground” states. If you believe Democrats stole the election, I’m totally with you, but the real […]

No More Mr. Nice Kruiser

Stephen Kruiser is normally a nice guy, a comedian, a joker. Humor is his natural métier, but yesterday he announced a new policy: “I didn’t used to be this mean-spirited about politics but after what they did for the last four years I find myself a bit bereft of any charitable feelings for the Democrats.” […]

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn Will Headline Saturday’s D.C. #StopTheSteal Rally

Just got this press release: WASHINGTON, D.C. — Jericho March and Stop the Steal will welcome a special guest speaker — Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn — and members of his family on December 12th at the “Let the Church ROAR!” Prayer Rally on the National Mall, in partnership with the “One Nation Under God” grassroots […]

The Margin of Theft

During our Election Night coverage on The Other Podcast, my colleague John Hoge kept referring to the reported vote totals in each state as either being inside or outside “the margin of theft.” What happened after Election Night — in the pre-dawn hours of Nov. 4, generally — was that tens of thousands of votes […]

The Devil Went Down to Georgia

What has happened to my native state? Last night on The Other Podcast with John Hoge, I discussed some of the numbers from the presidential vote in Georgia where, we are told, Joe Biden won by about 14,000 votes. How could this happen? Well, you can start by comparing this year’s election to 2016, when […]

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