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Democrats Singing ‘Suspicious Minds’

Posted on | June 30, 2024 | 1 Comment

Biden befuddled.

Democrats are caught in a trap. They can’t walk out. As much as they may want to dump Joe Biden, there are a few problems — perhaps insurmountable problems — with any scenario to replace him:

“We are monitoring the calls from across the country for President Biden to step aside, either now or before the election, and have concluded that the process for substitution and withdrawal is very complicated. We will remain vigilant that appropriate election integrity procedures are followed,” said Mike Howell, Executive Director of The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project.
The Heritage Oversight Project has identified three swing states — Georgia, Nevada and Wisconsin — where they believe removing Biden from the Democratic ticket would prevent anyone else from replacing him.
Wisconsin does not allow withdrawal from the ballot for any reason besides death, while in Nevada, no changes can be made to the ballot after 5 p.m. on the fourth Friday in June of an election year unless ‘a nominee dies or is adjudicated insane or mentally incompetent.’ In Georgia, if Biden were to withdraw less than 60 days before the election, his name would remain on the ballot but no votes would be counted.

So, even if the Powers That Be in the Democratic Party were able to persuade Joe (and Dr. Jill) that it’s best for him to step aside, and even if an “open convention” in Chicago were able to agree on some replacement candidate, the attempt to put the replacement candidate’s name on the ballot would be contested in court in multiple states. Not to mention the dreadful optics of such a move:

All those votes for Joe Biden in the Democratic primaries would be negated — treated as null and void, “the will of the people” rendered moot — by a move to replace him as the nominee, and how could Democrats then argue that it is Trump who is the “threat to democracy”?

So the mortification Democrats experienced on Thursday night, watching Biden stumble and mumble his way through the debate — a debate that Team Biden had arranged, according to their own rules, at an early date with their choice of network — cannot be cured. They’re stuck with Joe now, and will have to suffer the consequences. It’s beautiful, really.

UPDATE: Maybe I should have made this a separate post, but I’ll go ahead and add it here — Democrats are being gaslit by the Biden campaign, and they know it:

A sense of concern is growing inside the top ranks of the Democratic Party that leaders of Joe Biden’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee are not taking seriously enough the impact of the president’s troubling debate performance earlier in the week.
DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison and Biden campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez held a Saturday afternoon call with dozens of committee members across the country, a group of some of the most influential members of the party. They largely ignored Biden’s weak showing Thursday night or the avalanche of criticism that followed.
Multiple committee members on the call, most granted anonymity to talk about the private discussion, described feeling like they were being gaslighted — that they were being asked to ignore the dire nature of the party’s predicament. The call, they said, may have worsened a widespread sense of panic among elected officials, donors and other stakeholders.
Instead, the people said, Harrison offered what they described as a rosy assessment of Biden’s path forward. The chat function was disabled and there were no questions allowed.
“I was hoping for more of a substantive conversation instead of, ‘Hey, let’s go out there and just be cheerleaders,’ without actually addressing a very serious issue that unfolded on American television for millions of people to see,” said Joe Salazar, an elected DNC member from Colorado, who was on the call. “There were a number of things that could have been said in addressing the situation. But we didn’t get that. We were being gaslit.”


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