The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

‘Jetpack Joe’ and the CNN Town Hall

There were many weird moments during this week’s CNN town hall event with Joe Biden in Baltimore, but the one that attracted universal comment was the “Jetpack Joe” episode. CNN host Anderson Cooper was asking Biden about inflation, which took about 20 seconds, during which time Biden stood with his fists clenched and his elbows […]

Biden Begging for Lower Fuel Prices?

The man who, on his very first day in office, signed an executive order revoking the permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline, is now desperate for help to do something about rising fuel prices? The White House has been speaking with U.S. oil and gas producers in recent days about helping to bring down rising […]

‘Let’s Go Brandon!’

Everybody knows what it means: Supporters of former President Trump and Americans dissatisfied with Joe Biden have turned the chant “Let’s Go Brandon!” into a massive social media viral trend that has shown up at sporting events, airports, memes, all the way to the former president’s Saturday rally in Iowa. It started as a profane […]

$3.5 Trillion = Zero-Point-Zero Dollars?

Look, I’m no expert in math, but you’re never going to convince me that the cost of a $3.5 trillion legislative package is zero: In recent weeks, the Biden administration has been slammed for claiming the $3.5 budget reconciliation packages “costs zero dollars.” On Monday, the president said once again that the $1.2 trillion infrastructure […]

The Biden Administration’s Blame Game and the Sad Fate of #NeverTrump

My colleague John Hoge points out that, no matter what goes wrong in the Biden administration, it’s never their fault. It is psychologically unhealthy to think of oneself as a victim of forces beyond one’s control. Good mental health requires a sense of agency — the belief that we are masters of our own fate, […]

‘Science’ Fact-Checks Biden Agenda: FDA Nixes Pfizer COVID-19 Booster Vax

There is a huge backstory to what the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) did Friday, but first the basic news: A Food and Drug Administration (FDA) panel voted Friday afternoon to reject a plan to provide Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus booster vaccines for most Americans, due to a lack of data showing that the additional doses are […]

The Post-Afghanistan ‘Pivot,’ as Predicted

Less than two weeks ago — Tuesday, August 31, to be exact — I warned that Biden’s White House speech about Afghanistan was the signal for the start of a media “pivot” away from the subject. What had caused Biden to arbitrarily choose August 31 as the final date for U.S. military withdrawal was, of […]

Jews Died, Biden Lied — Synagogue Says He Never Visited After 2018 Massacre

In October 2018, a 46-year-old truck driver named Robert Bowers opened fire at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, reportedly yelling, “All Jews must die!” He killed 11 people and wounded six others, using pistols and an AR-15 rifle. Now Joe Biden is lying about it: The Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, […]

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