The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Joe Biden Blames Crime Surge on Mythical ‘Rogue’ Gun Dealers

It’s a superstition, a snipe hunt, a pursuit of imaginary phantoms: President Joe Biden launched a new crime prevention strategy Wednesday in a push to take on soaring gun violence as Republicans blame a rise in crime on calls from progressive activists to cut police funding. In a speech from the White House, Biden announced […]

If You’re Worried About That Creepy Old Guy, It’s WHITE SUPREMACY!

When last we glimpsed Joe Biden, he was celebrating Memorial Day weekend by flirting with a little girl whose daddy is in Afghanistan. Ace has dubbed Biden “Grandpa Sundown Diddlefingers” — double-dog dare Tucker Carlson to put that on a chyron — while calling our attention to the president’s speech Moday in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in […]

Creepy Joe Gets Even Creepier

It’s a pity that Vladimir Nabokov isn’t alive to write an op-ed column about our nation’s Creep-in-Chief, who apparently can’t help himself, saying out loud the kind of things Humbert Humbert might have written in his diary. The occasion was a presidential visit to a military base in Hampton, Virginia, on the Friday before Memorial […]

Hunter Biden’s Beijing Honey Trap

Remember when the media spent three years chasing the “Russian collusion” narrative and then Democrats impeached President Trump because of what he said in a phone call with the president of Ukraine? If they were really serious about foreign interference in American politics, the media would be leading every broadcast with this story: Hunter Biden’s […]

Biden’s ‘Diversity’ Administration

We all know what “diversity” means, even if we’re not allowed to say it plainly. “Diversity” in hiring or college admissions would not be controversial if it were, as proponents claim, merely about finding qualified women and POC (“people of color”) for prestige positions. Instead, what “diversity” actually means in practice is a secretive system […]

Joe Biden’s Potemkin ‘Press Conference’

Let us be clear: What Joe Biden did Thursday was a superficial simulacrum of an actual press conference, a performance stage-managed as carefully as a Wagner opera, intended for the sole purpose of creating the illusion that the elderly fool is not yet completely senile. White House aides supplied Biden with a photo guide to […]

Joe Biden Can’t Even Walk Up Stairs

His Fraudulency is incapable of the simplest tasks: President Biden on Friday fell while walking up the stairs of Air Force One. The Democrat, who at 78 became the oldest president to assume the presidency, was caught on video repeatedly tripping on the staircase and catching himself ahead of a flight to Georgia. Biden was […]

‘Level With the American People’: Tennessee Senator Slams Biden

Last year voters in Tennessee elected Sen. Bill Hagerty to kick ass and chew bubble gum — and he’s all out of bubble gum: The Biden administration today is being urged to “level” with a nation growing anxious about the historic surge of illegal immigrants across the U.S.-Mexico border and the danger that they pose […]

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