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Jon Stewart: ‘Get on Board or Shut the F*** Up Is Not a Particularly Compelling Pro-Democracy Bumper Sticker’

Posted on | July 10, 2024 | 2 Comments

Question: When did Jon Stewart become a “MAGA extremist”?

Because, you’ll recall, prior to June 27, anyone who so much as suggested that perhaps Joe Biden was less than coherent was denounced as a MAGA extremist, a fascist, an enemy of “Our Democracy,” etc.

Before the June 27 debate, any and all criticism of Biden was viewed as helping Trump, and therefore you were a Nazi who wants to see Rachel Maddow shipped to a concentration camp — no, really, she said that — if you said anything negative about Biden. All critics of Biden were Nazis.

Oh, how quickly they changed their tune! Today, doing my duty as a MAGA extremist, I was watching CNN (so you don’t have to) and every hour was dedicated to emphasizing BIDEN MUST STEP ASIDE!

Yeah, every hour, on the hour, all afternoon, CNN was featuring the BREAKING NEWS that George Clooney (!!!) wants to dump Biden.

Less than two weeks ago, I repeat, this kind of talk was enough to get you labeled a dangerous extremist peddling “misinformation” (and maybe you were a Russian operative on Putin’s payroll, too). Every “mainstream” news organization was promoting the message that “democracy is on the ballot,” and only Joe Biden could save America from the authoritarian dystopia of Trumpism. “Get on board or shut the f*** up” has been the message to all of Biden’s critics for the past three-and-a-half years, but until two weeks ago, Jon Stewart didn’t seem to notice.

How goddamned convenient is this belated discovery?

There’s a guy on X (the social-media platform formerly known as Twitter) who goes by the name Theo Jordan. Is that actually his name or a pseudonym to protect himself from left-wing harassment? I don’t know, but Theo Jordan has been using the term “hatecraft” to describe the rhetoric of the Left in the Age of Trump, Hatecraft is “a wizard-like spellbook of language manipulation and weaponized empathy, emotional abuse propaganda,” he says, “a method of intellectual attack and coercion . . . You can’t speak against it [i.e., the Left’s policy agenda], or it’s ‘hate.'”

We have all witnessed “hatecraft” in action. Whatever the issue — climate change, transgenderism, “Palestine,” etc. — to disagree with the Left is to invite denunciation as a proponent of hate, complicit in “stochastic terrorism” and so forth. To dissent about The Current Thing is to be not merely wrong, but dangerous. What was the pretext, after all, for Taylor Lorenz doxxing Chaya Raichik? Because “LibsOfTikTok” was allegedly responsible for people getting death threats.

Question: Has any right-winger ever gotten death threats, or otherwise been harmed, because of online criticism? Yes, I have been harmed personally — doxxed and targeted for SWATting — and I know that many others could testify to similar harms they’ve suffered. The fact that liberals are intolerant of dissent (and are willing to do anything necessary to silence their opposition) is something that neither Jon Stewart nor any other Democrat ever noticed until, quite recently, they encountered the “get on board or shut the f*** up” response from those defending Biden against fellow Democrats. And now, conveniently, Jon Stewart realizes that this response is hardly a “pro-democracy bumper sticker.”

The boomerang of hypocrisy has circled around to whack Stewart in the back of the head, but not even that can cure Trump Derangement Syndrome. See, the reason Stewart (and George Clooney, and everybody on CNN) is now urgently demanding that Joe Biden step aside is because (a) everybody saw on June 27 that Biden is cognitively dysfunctional, (b) they know Biden will lose to Trump, and therefore (c) BIDEN MUST QUIT TO SAVE DEMOCRACY FROM TRUMP!

Never mind all those primary voters who voted for Biden — Democratic voters are a herd of stupid cattle, obediently doing whatever the media tell them to do, and their votes can be ignored if necessary. That’s not me saying that; I’m just paraphrasing Jon Stewart who, up until June 27, seemed perfectly OK with the stupid cattle nominating an 81-year-old incumbent for another four years. But now Stewart wants to dump Biden — you know, the guy who won all those primaries? — because that’s what is necessary to save democracy, and he doesn’t expect any of the stupid cattle to object to this scheme. Who am I to say that he’s wrong? You’ll never go broke underestimating the intelligence of Democratic voters.


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