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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Austin Mass Shooting: Media Won’t Describe Suspect Because ‘Stereotypes’

You might think that when 13 people are shot in downtown Austin, and the gunman is still at large, that it would be a public service to describe this murderous maniac. But you’re not “woke” enough: Police have only released a vague description of the suspected shooter as of Saturday morning. The Austin American-Statesman is […]

Leif Halvorsen: The Only Kind of Mugshot the SJW Media Will Let You See

Say hello to Leif Halvorsen, who was convicted for killing of three people in Kentucky “in a drug-fueled shooting rampage” in 1983. In order to fight “systemic racism,” the Social Justice Warriors who run the McClatchy newspaper cartel have developed a policy against publishing mugshots of criminals, because of the negative impact the publication of […]

Joe Scarborough Completely Loses His Mind in Bizarre Televised Breakdown

Before we get into the unfortunate news of a former Republican congressman’s descent into stark screaming madness, I just want to say to our readers: Are you feeling OK? Have you had any unusual stress on your job or problems in your relationships? Because our caring staff here at the McCain Institute for Abnormal Psychology […]

Why Do Democrats Want a 9/11-Style Capitol Riot ‘Truth Commission’?

They can’t quit him. Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) are unable to let go of their “Orange Man Bad” obsession with Donald Trump. That’s why, as I watched MSNBC this morning (so you don’t have to), they were headlining the New York state attorney general’s criminal investigation of Trump’s business organization. In […]

The Streisand Effect and the Results of Everybody Blog About Rebekah Jones Day

Three months ago, almost everyone had forgotten about Rebekah Jones, and so most people didn’t pay too much attention when Christian Pushaw published a 2,000-word exposé in Human Events: THE “FLORIDA COVID-19 WHISTLEBLOWER” SAGA IS A BIG LIE Pushaw’s article was published less than a month after the Jan. 6 Capitol riots, when the Biden […]

Mask Fetishists Mourn End of an Era

Joe Biden was having a terrible week and, I suspect, James Carville must have advised the White House that it was a bad look for them to be insisting that people keep wearing masks even after they’d been vaccinated against COVID-19. Also, what else could explain why the American Federation of Teachers — the radical […]

David French Gets Paid to Hate You

Ace of Spades points out that The Dispatch, “[f]ounded by conservative thought leaders Steve Hayes, Jonah Goldberg, and David French,” has been avidly defending Facebook’s ban of President Trump, without disclosing that The Dispatch “has a financial relationship” with Facebook. In case you’ve forgotten, The Dispatch was launched in late 2019 and, by early 2020, […]

Truth or Satire? It’s Getting Harder to Tell

January headline from The Babylon Bee: CNN Unveils New Format Where Hosts Just Watch Fox News And Yell At It This is awfully close to describing what’s happened to CNN in recent months. Once Biden was inaugurated, the network lost its raison d’être of producing anti-Trump propaganda. Ratings for CNN have evaporated since January and, […]

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