The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Joy Reid Is … Right?

Nearly all my fellow conservatives are shrieking in anger at MSNBC’s Joy Reid for saying something that is actually true: There is such a thing as “Missing White Woman Syndrome,” and we ought to call it out when — as in the case of Gabby Petito — it dominates the news cycle: MSNBC host Joy […]

Fake ‘Right-Wing Rally’ in D.C. Attracts Mainly Media, Undercover FBI Agents

Last week, I warned (“The Post-Afghanistan ‘Pivot,’ as Predicted,” Sept. 10) that because the Biden administration “desperately needs a distraction from their endless bungling,” people were justifiably suspicious that the “Justice for J6” rally was an entrapment scheme. Most people seemed to get that message — indeed, Donald Trump himself warned it was a “setup” […]

Journalism 2021: CNN Fact-Checks Rapper’s Claim About Testicles

Wow, I’m so old, I remember when CNN was actually a news organization, rather than a P.R. firm for the Democratic Party. In fact, I’m so old, I was old enough to be partying in discos when the first rap hit (“Rapper’s Delight” by Sugar Hill Gang) made it into the Top 40. Jimmy Carter […]

Atrocity Narrative in Action, or Why Is @BenMakuch Obsessed With Neo-Nazis?

Everybody was enraged Thursday when Vice published an article by Ben Makuch entitled “Why Are So Many Marines Neo-Nazis?” This on the same day 12 Marines and a Navy corpsman were killed in Kabul. The outpouring of indignation from conservatives overlooked the really important issue: Why is Ben Makuch obsessed with neo-Nazis? A sampling of […]

‘Mostly Peaceful’ Stabbing: Antifa Attacks Demonstration Against Vaccine Mandate

The news media playing their “both sides” game: One man was stabbed Saturday during dueling demonstrations in downtown Los Angeles over the contentious issue of mandatory vaccinations against the coronavirus, according to Los Angeles police. At least 500 demonstrators protesting against mandatory vaccinations and counterprotesters had gathered at the south lawn of Los Angeles City […]

The Magic ‘D’

The other day, browsing headlines at RCP, I noticed this one: Ohio special election: A good day for Democrats So I clicked on it and started reading then noticed the byline. Al Hunt? Is he still alive? The guy’s been around since I was in grade school. When I came to Washington 25 years ago, […]

Mass Murder in Texas: Can You Guess Why National Media Have Ignored This?

Jeffrey Jack “Jeff” Gerla was a 47-year-old psychologist who had taught at Kilgore College and more recently worked as a mental health specialist at Rusk State Hospital, which is about 15 miles from where Jeff lived in a trailer behind his mother’s house in New Summerfield: He was highly creative in everything he did. He […]

A ‘Surge’ of Media-Hyped Fear

Two graphics, courtesy of the New York Times. The first shows U.S. COVID-19 deaths dating back to the beginning of the pandemic: The second graph shows COVID-19 deaths during the past month: Notice that I’m showing you COVID-19 deaths, not “cases.” Because officials treat a positive test as a “case,” regardless of whether the person […]

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