The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

‘Sundown Joe’ Babbles Incoherently About Fracking in CNN Pennsylvania Town Hall

  The first thing you have to understand about this is, the question Joe got here was scripted in advance — from a union official, pitching an underhand softball question to the candidate he supports — and that Biden’s response was also scripted. But as Ed Morrissey points out, Biden was tripping all over himself […]

What’s Better Than CNN?

  Almost anything, actually. It is better to be uninformed than to be misinformed, and CNN is so hopelessly wrong about everything that the more you watch it, the less you know about current events, and most of what CNN viewers think they “know” is generally wrong. Today, I’ve had my office TV tuned to […]

A Little Chin Music for the NY Times

  Baseball fans are familiar with the term “chin music,” otherwise known as the “brushback” pitch. If a batter is crowding the plate, the pitcher brings a fastball “high and tight” — an inside pitch, aimed at about chin level — to convey the message, “Back the f–k up, buddy.” In the etiquette of baseball, […]

They’re Not ‘George Floyd Protests’

Look at this sentence: “NBC News is facing intense backlash for apparently influencing Google to punish two conservative news sites over what was deemed offensive coverage of the George Floyd protests.” What “protests”? You mean the riots that destroyed millions of dollars of property? You mean the vandalism of public monuments? You mean the looting […]

Bonfire of the Wokeness: Feminist Editor ‘Steps Down’ Amid Racism Accusations

  Ed Driscoll actually has a stack of headlines about this: Bon Appetit Editor Resigns After ‘Brownface’ Photos Surface — Daily Wire Refinery29 Editor Resigns After Former Employees Describe ‘Toxic Culture’ — New York Times Cancel culture was propped up by the media. Now, they’re suffering the consequences — Washington Examiner The situation at Refinery29 has […]

Courageous Social Justice Activists Vandalize CNN Atlanta Headquarters

    When they were rioting in Minneapolis, they were thugs and hoodlums, but attacking CNN? Civil rights heroes: A protest erupted at CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta Friday amid nationwide demonstrations following the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd, with many of the protesters seen vandalizing the entrance of the building in videos posted to […]

Anarchy in Minneapolis: Democrats Celebrate Rioters Who Burned Down City

  Anarchy is the worst of evils that can afflict a people. Societies can survive the cruelty of tyrants and the blunders of demogratic governments, but anarchy — the destruction of law — brings about a state of affairs in which no man’s life or property is safe. Minneapolis did not have to go up […]

‘Fact-Based Truth’: MSNBC Demonized Ron DeSantis; Where’s the Apology?

  Mike Barnicle, Morning Joe, Monday, March 23: “Joe, if you talk to a lot of experts — I was fortunate enough to spend most of Friday afternoon around one of the greatest hospitals in the world, Brigham and Women’s here in Boston — you find out their view of what they’re looking at and […]

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