The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

CNN Warns of Weather ‘Misinformation’

When did the concern about “misinformation” arise? Why and how did the news media become obsessed with this paranoid fear — once mocked in a popular cartoon — that “someone is wrong on the Internet”? We can leave aside the etiology of the “misinformation” obsession (as I’m contemplating this as the subject of a future […]

In Terms of ‘Owning the Libs,’ Nobody Else Even Compares to Donald Trump

Forgive me for not watching Wednesday night’s CNN town hall with Donald Trump, but he’s a known quantity — what could be learned from such an exercise? Exactly why CNN decided to give Trump this fat slice of prime-time programming, I can’t say. Even with Fox News melting down in the ratings after Tucker Carlson’s […]

Why Are the Media Playing Along With Biden’s Make-Believe Presidency?

That’s what we call a “rhetorical question,” because everybody knows the answer: Most journalists are Democratic Party Operatives With Bylines, and will do whatever they believe in the best interests of the party, even when it’s obvious that the Biden presidency is fraudulent: President Joe Biden brought a cheat sheet with him to a Wednesday […]

Major (and Also Minor) Media News

Today I was watching CNN (so you don’t have to) when, just after noon, they reported that Tucker Carlson and Fox News have “parted ways.” Then they brought on the despicable Oliver Darcy to engage in unsubstantiated speculation as to why Carlson — the top-rated host in cable news for the past six years — […]

Don Lemon Is on a Roll

So to speak: 2024 presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy angered “CNN This Morning” host Don Lemon during a debate on gun rights for Black Americans while on-air. In the heated exchange, Lemon took offense to Ramaswamy’s recent statements at an NRA conference last week about Democrats in the south instituting gun laws to prevent African Americans […]

Disaggregating Data on ‘Gun Violence’

One of the things that liberals love to do is to discuss trends without examining the relevant context. Suppose we’re talking about childhood poverty, and the liberal wishes you to be concerned about an increase in this problem. Would it be helpful to know how the data are different between, say, single-parent households and married-parent […]

Brain-Damaged John Fetterman Gets ‘Democrat Helper’ Served by CBS News

The best way to understand how liberal media bias operates is to think of it as a heavy wind, blowing into the faces of Republicans — at least a 10-point disadvantage from this hostile headwind — while providing Democrats with an equally powerful tailwind. Everything Republicans do is made to seem wrong and scandalous, while […]

‘Adult Film Actress’

The scholars and theologians assembled under royal commission to produce the official English translation we know as the King James Bible were working with Hebrew and Greek original texts, and when it came time to decide what word to use for women who have sex for money, settled on the word whore. If that word […]

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