The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Everybody Keeps Indicting Trump, Without Regard for Consequences

Having already said what I had to say about the most recent indictment of the former president (“Banana Republic, U.S.A.”), I thought perhaps readers might want to know what liberals are saying about it. Trump’s surreal arraignment day in Washington augurs ominous days ahead That’s the headline on an “analysis” by CNN reporter Stephen Collinson, […]

The Taylor Lorenz-ing of Journalism

To explain what’s gone wrong with American journalism is a task so enormous that it’s hard to know where to begin. Whatever faults and failures the profession had back in the days of printing words on paper — yes, kids, that actually happened — there were nevertheless certain standards that were enforced, because you couldn’t […]

Don’t Believe CNBC’s Fake News

Last week, CNBC issued two lists — “These are America’s 10 best states to live and work in for 2023” and “These are America’s 10 worst states to live and work in for 2023” — and these lists have been cited in dozens of headlines across the country. Just quickly scanning the lists, however, I […]

Are YOU a ‘White Nationalist’?

When my wife and I were stuck at the Minneapolis airport for a nine-hour layover Monday, I had to come back in through the TSA security screening every time I went out to grab a smoke, and on my final trip through the line, I noticed a teenage girl in front of me removing her […]

CNN’s Idée Fixe

Every hour this morning, CNN has featured this story: Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville of Alabama on Monday doubled down on his comments on White nationalism, saying it was an “opinion” that White nationalists are racist. During an interview on CNN’s “The Source with Kaitlan Collins,” Tuberville repeatedly defended his previous comments. When Collins stated the […]

Anonymous Official: We May Never Know Who Had Cocaine at the White House

Politico gets the “inside” source: Law enforcement officials confirmed on Wednesday that cocaine was found at the White House over the weekend. But one official familiar with the investigation . . . (Who may be Merrick Garland, or maybe not. Who knows?) . . . cautioned that the source of the drug was unlikely to […]

Undertakers of Democracy: How the Washington Post Is Deliberately Burying the Hunter Biden Influence Scandal

When I first joined the staff of The Washington Times in 1997, a senior editor explained to me that the difference between how they covered the news and how the hated crosstown rival Washington Post covered the news was very simple: “selection and emphasis.” During more than a decade at the conservative Times, I observed […]

‘Five Passengers Set Sail That Day for a Three-Hour Tour … a Three-Hour Tour’

Why did the Gilligan’s Island theme song come to mind when I was watching TV report the loss of the OceanGate Titan? The U.S. Coast Guard has confirmed that the debris found of the Titanic tourist submersible Titan “is consistent with a catastrophic implosion of the vessel.” All passengers of the Titan are presumed to […]

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