The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Guess Who Reviewed ‘Game of Thrones’ Finale for Salon-dot-Com?

  Did you guess Amanda Marcotte? Yes, while everyone else was grumbling about the rushed and illogical wrap-up of the HBO medieval fantasy, everybody’s least-favorite feminist was proclaiming it “nearly perfect.” According to Ms. Marcotte, Game of Thrones was successful because it rejected the “repressive values” of “chivalric tradition,” which had previously been used by […]

Memo From the National Affairs Desk: Totalitarians Try to Suppress Dissent

Morning shift at the National Affairs Desk. LAKELAND, Florida Just as I finished my breakfast here at Burger King and was checking around the ‘net, Professor Glenn Reynolds called attention to the latest outrage from the Thought Police at Google: The Claremont Institute has been banned for “wrongthink,” as Ryan Williams explains: What Google is […]

CNN’s Ratings Fall Even Further

  How bad are CNN’s ratings? Lower than the Hallmark Channel, so low that their highest-rated show (“Chris Cuomo Primetime”) is 26th among all cable news programs, a smaller audience than most daytime hours on Fox News. A complete collapse for the trapped-in-the-airport network: CNN’s prime-time ratings dropped a whopping 26 percent in April compared […]

Nerd Prom Drama Queens: Employees of Minor Cable Network Are Pouting

  You may have never heard of this thing called “CNN,” an obscure cable TV network with lower ratings than the Food Network. Anyway, Jake Tapper and Brian Stelter are employees of CNN, and they are unhappy because the President of the United States doesn’t like their annual party: The White House has ordered Trump […]

Is Your Far-Right Anger Stoked Yet?

  According to the Washington Post, you are a far-right extremist if you think blowing up a church on Easter Sunday is . . . I don’t know, wrong or something. So apparently, it’s now OK to blow up churches, because only extremists would object. The headline here could have been: “Dead Christians? Totally Awesome […]

The Belated Admission of Media Error

  One of the things about media malpractice is, you may not notice it until the media begin reporting on a subject with which you are directly familiar. Like, have you ever seen a Nick Saban press conference? He obviously hates the media, because nobody knows Alabama football better than the coach, and their “spin” […]

Max Boot Is an Idiot

  Tucker Carlson opened his show Tuesday night by taking aim at one of the most overrated neocon gasbags in Washington: “Here’s a helpful hint about how your government works. We’re full of helpful hints on this show. If you ever see consensus forming in Washington, run — something awful is about to happen. For […]

Jeffrey Toobin Is Scum

  In the sidebar, Ace of Spades reminds us that CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin is an immoral scumbag who cheated on his wife with the 20-something daughter of his colleague Jeff Greenfield. When his young paramour got pregnant, Toobin pressured her to get an abortion, but she had the baby and a DNA test […]

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