The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

BuzzFeed Is Democracy, or Something

  It’s hard to take seriously Farhad Manjoo’s claim that layoffs at BuzzFeed represent “a story of impending slow-motion doom — and a democratic emergency in the making, with no end in sight.” (Hat-tip: Instapundit.) As I explained Wednesday (“Who Keeps Paying BuzzFeed’s Bills?”), the company has devoured nearly $500 million in investment capital since […]

How Anti-Christian Bias in #FakeNews Media Is Encouraging Anti-Semitism

  This is a topic I am reluctant to write about, but in the wake of the Covington Catholic school story, the elephant in the room is now so large that it is more dangerous to ignore it than to mention it: It’s rare to see a major media outlet be so honest about its […]

‘An Important Discussion’

  Three weeks ago, the shooting death of 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes in Houston was all over CNN, but the story disappeared once police arrested two black suspects in the drive-by shooting (see “Media’s Anti-White Bias Makes Houston Drive-By Shooting National News,” Jan. 7). However, Ashe Schow offers this thoughtful update on the case: The family […]

Would You Hire @ChloeAngyal? (With Extra Special Bonus Schadenfreude)

  Following up on Friday’s post (“‘Learn to Code’ and the Collapse of the Millennial SJW Clickbait Bubble”), we come to the case of now-unemployed Huffington Post deputy opinion editor Chloe Angyal. Professor Reynolds reminds us of the fact that after Dr. Angyal undertook this job, she focused on increasing “diversity” in HuffPo’s opinion columns […]

‘Get It First, Get It Right’

The six-word slogan of The Washington Times under the editorship of Wes Pruden should be drilled into the mind of everyone who wants to be taken seriously in the news business. Mister Pruden hated blogs and was not an enthusiast for the concept of “citizen journalism.” (He hated the pretentious word “journalist,” and preferred “newsman.” […]

‘Their Precious Narrative’

  Years ago, Conor (With One “N”) Friedersdorf became a favorite punching bag around here because of his habit of making “conservative” arguments for the liberal agenda, not to mention his absolute lack of cynicism or humor. Friedersdorf craved recognition as a Serious Thinker in a way that struck me as eminently laughable — Mister […]

The Left Doesn’t Care About Facts: Why #StandWithCovington Still Matters

  Professor Donald Douglas summarizes the lesson we’re learning: Although these kind of lynch mob stories aren’t new, this whole thing for me has been extremely clarifying. Twitter is a radioactive dump of hatred and lies, and as the site’s run by leftists, it won’t get better. . . . If you’re a Trump supporter […]

Lessons From an Online Lynching (Why #StandWithCovington Is Going Viral)

  One of the basic rules of political journalism is, you don’t have to comment on every controversy that comes along. And you certainly don’t have to rush to become the first to publish such a commentary. What happened over the weekend with a viral video of Catholic school boys confronted by a protester in […]

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