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‘Young People … Taking an Interest in Peace and Social Justice’

Posted on | November 21, 2023 | No Comments

We now have a new synonym for rioters, coined by Maryland Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin, to describe the pro-Hamas mob that attacked the Democratic National Committee headquarters in D.C. last week:

Jake Tapper, CNN: But I want to ask you about the video this week of the pro-Palestinian protest outside the DNC that turned violent, outside the Democratic headquarters. . . . At another rally just down the street from here at Union Station, crowds were chanting: “From the river to the sea. Long live the intifada.”
What do you make of this, as a Jewish American, a proud progressive, a Democrat? There’s antisemitism in the Democratic Party these days.
Raskin: Well, I mean, there’s antisemitism everywhere these days, as we were discussing with Elon Musk.
Tapper: Yes.
Raskin: And, I mean, we’re talking about a problem that goes back thousands of years, obviously. I was very disappointed to see what happened over at the DNC the other day. I mean, I’m glad that there are young people who are taking an interest in peace and social justice. And those people, I encourage. But for those who are somehow tempted to engage in pushing and shoving, like Kevin McCarthy in Congress, but doing it outside, I’m totally opposed to that. They should study the history of nonviolent movements in America, like the women’s movement, the civil rights movement, the LGBTQ movement, the environmental movement, that have been the great civilizing movements of our time and of American history that have transformed things.
And that does work better than violence.

What’s interesting here is Raskin’s automatic reflex response — deflection and “whataboutism” — to point fingers at Elon Musk or Kevin McCarthy, when the question asked was about Democrats supporting Hamas. Keep in mind that Raskin was one of the top inquisitors on the J6 “insurrection” committee. He’s in favor of sending Republicans to federal prison for years, if they cause trouble, but when a left-wing mob riots at the DNC, these are merely “young people who are taking an interest in peace and social justice” in whom he is “disappointed.”

If you expected Jake Tapper to push back against Raskin’s evasion, you’d be — what was that phrase? — very disappointed.